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Issue: 2368

Dated: 27 Aug 2013

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Don't bomb Syria - Western intervention will make things worse

David Cameron wants Britain to join Western bombing raids but that will only bring more bloodshed.

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Mass sackings stop here, say striking train guards

Guards on London Overground trains struck for two days over the bank holiday weekend, against plans to sack them all.

East London workers refuse to sacrifice their jobs to PFI vultures

Hospital workers and NHS campaigners are gearing up to defend jobs and services at east London’s massive Barts Health Trust.

Post Office workers strike against cuts

Some 4,000 Crown Post Office (CPO) workers struck for two days over the bank holiday weekend last week against office closures, job cuts and pay freezes.

Historic postal strike in Plymouth on the cards

Some 500 postal workers could be on strike in Plymouth, south Devon  next month. Across the six offices in the city average turnout in an industrial action ballot was 70 percent, with 85 percent voting to strike. 

Rochdale care workers set for five day strike

Over 100 care workers at Future Directions in Rochdale are set to begin a five day strike on Thursday of this week.

Furious postal workers strike in Coventry

Post workers struck for one day at Coventry North delivery office on Tuesday of this week. 

Mass meeting of post workers to decide where next in Weston-Super-Mare dispute

A mass meeting of postal workers and union officials was set to be held outside the Weston-Super-Mare mail centre on Thursday 29 August.

Thousands fight to save Luton library

A campaign to save Wigmore Library in Luton, has collected an astonishing 10,000 signatures.

OCS cleaners strike for a living wage

Sixty nine GMB union members employed by cleaning contractor OCS are set to strike on Tuesday 27 August as Socialist Worker goes to press.

A London Gateway to union rights

Activists in the Unite union protested at the Uniserve depot outside the port of Tilbury, Essex, on Thursday of last week.

Gurkhas strike over job losses and zero hour contracts

Former Gurkha soldiers who are employed to train army recruits are set to strike for four days over job losses and zero-hour contracts.

Balcombe anti-fracking protest camp grows

Hundreds of people continue to protest against Cuadrilla Resources’ drilling operation in Balcombe, West Sussex.

The regime and the West are both threats to Syrian Revolution

Western powers are using the horrific gas attack on Damascus suburb of East Ghouta as an excuse for military intervention in Syria

Firefighters vote on national strike to save pensions

Firefighters could strike across Britain against Tory attacks on their pensions.

Council workers' strike in Stirling and Brighton

Workers at Stirling council in central Scotland struck against a 4.5 percent pay cut on Monday of this week.

Statement from Syrian revolutionary socialists: ‘Our revolution has no friend but the people’

The Revolutionary Left Current in Syria issued a statement after the East Ghouta massacre. This is an edited extract.

Family of Sean Rigg hold memorial to mark five years since his death in custody

Marcia Rigg, family, and supporters at a vigil for her brother, Sean Rigg, on Wednesday of last week outside Brixton police station in south London, he died in custody here in 2008

Police harassment and raids can’t crush the spirit of Notting Hill Carnival

Special police officers who call themselves “super recognisers” were deployed to trawl the crowds at this year’s Notting Hill Carnival. 

Jordan Begley death—did cops hit ‘wrong man’?

The mother of Jordan Begley, who died after he was tasered by police in Manchester, said last week that she believes the officers thought they were dealing with someone else.

Pressurising staff doesn’t improve grades—but funding certainly does

The mainstream press focus around recent exam results doesn't consider the impact of government cuts to education funding and the deregulation of schools through Academies and Free schools argues Sara Tomlinson

Anti-racists organise after attack on mosque in Essex

Arsonists tried to burn down Harlow Mosque, and their plans don’t end there. That’s why we must march against the racists in London, says Annette Mackin

Racist EDL loses 2-0 in Bolton and Luton football protests

Racists from the English Defence League (EDL) failed to disrupt the Goals for Gaza charity events held in Bolton and Luton last Monday.

News in brief round-up

Charities slam benefit tests | LGBT people face bigotry at work | Child poverty worse than 1960s

Tenants set to fight bedroom tax evictions

People are being hauled into court over the bedroom tax—but there’s resistance.

Bedroom tax victims decide to sleep on it

 Tenants affected by the bedroom tax and their supporters slept out in more than 50 towns and cities on Saturday of last week. They were highlighting the threat of people losing their homes.

Landlords grab £1.5 billion

The amount of housing benefit paid to private landlords is set to go up £1.5 billion in the next year, thanks to rising rents and the bedroom tax.

Council hypocrites attack the poorest

Councils are now policing tenant's lifestyles to see if their "worthy" of help when in bedroom tax arrears

Chelsea Manning sentenced to 35 years in jail for whistleblowing

The US army whistleblower who leaked over 250,000 documents to Wikileaks has been sentenced to 35 years in jail.

Thousands march for jobs and civil rights 50 years on

Up to 100,000 people joined the March on Washington on Saturday of last week to mark 50 years since Martin Luther King gave his “I have a dream” speech

Fukushima alert level raised

The growing crisis at Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan is at its most dangerous point since the reactor cores melted down in 2011.

Workers killed in Super Puma helicopter crash paid a deadly price for big oil's profits

Oil bosses ground Super Puma helicopters after latest crash kills four workers, reports Sarah Ensor

Hovis workers strike against zero-hour contracts

Workers at the Hovis bakery in Wigan are on strike against the imposition of zero hour contracts. The Bfawu bakers’ union members walked out today, Wednesday, on the first of three planned week-long strikes.

'Don't Bomb Syria' protesters block Whitehall

Up to 1,000 people blocked Whitehall and stopped traffic in central London yesterday evening, Wednesday, against David Cameron’s threat to bomb Syria.

Firefighters could strike for their pensions after resounding 'yes' vote

Firefighters have voted resoundingly to strike over Tory attacks on their pensions.

Cameron's defeat is proof of protest power

David Cameron's humiliating defeat in yesterday's parliamentary vote on bombing Syria was the result of a decade of anti-war struggle

Victory for campaigners as council backs off from bedroom tax evictions

Campaigners in Viewpark, Uddingston, scored a massive victory against the bedroom tax yesterday, forcing North Lanarkshire council to back off from threats to evict tenants.

London demonstration keeps up pressure against attack on Syria

Up to 5,000 people marched through central London today, Saturday, on a demonstration to oppose military intervention in Syria. Another 300 joined a demonstration in Glasgow


Egypt's army cracks down on the gains of the revolution

The hated former dictator Hosni Mubarak has been released from prison, though he will remain under house arrest and faces charges of corruption and killing protesters. The Revolutionary Socialists held a demonstration.

Greece could need another bailout as workers go on offensive

The crisis in Greece was back at the centre of European politics last week—just as workers began a new round of mass strikes.

International round-up

Anti-Nazis resist attacks on Roma in Czech Republic | Car workers hit production in South Africa | Nigerian health workers strike | Farmers fight back in Colombia


Anger returns to the streets of Tunisia, the birthplace of the Arab Spring

Protests in Tunis confront the government over its inability to challenge neoliberalism, writes Jaouhar Bani

We Stand Behind the Syrian People's Revolution - No to Foreign Intervention

Statement by Revolutionary Socialists (Egypt), Revolutionary Left Current (Syria), Union of Communists (Iraq), Al-Mounadil-a (Morocco), Socialist Forum (Lebanon), League of the Workers' Left (Tunisia)

Syria ‘response’ is a dangerous gamble for the West

Whatever the extract truth about the chemical weapons attack east of Damascus on Wednesday of last week, it seems to have been on a huge scale, writes Alex Callinicos


‘Ain’t nobody gonna turn us around’: 50 years since the March on Washington

Fifty years ago this week hundreds of thousands of Civil Rights activists marched through Washington in a demonstration that climaxed with Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech. Socialist Worker looks at the protest and its impact

Paris was liberated by revolt in August 1944

Striking workers and the French Resistance rose up to free Paris from Nazi occupation in 1944—before allied troops arrived, author Matthew Cobb tells Sarah Ensor


Red or Dead: David Peace interviewed on his new novel about Bill Shankly

Acclaimed novelist David Peace tells Pete Dwyer why he has brought the story of football manager Bill Shankly to life in his new book, Red or Dead

Linda Lovelace's tragedy exposes gruesome industry of porn

Recent debates about the effects of pornography say little about the experience of performers. This harrowing film could change that.

The Legend of Mike Smith

Jazz and hip hop fans in Birmingham are in for a treat. Mercury Music Prize nominee and two-time Mobo award winner Soweto Kinch is taking to the stage with The Legend of Mike Smith.

Under The Dome

A small town finds itself completely isolated by the appearance of a mysterious dome in this new series, adapted from a recent Stephen King novel.

What We Think

Syria needs solidarity not imperialist war

Ever since the first day of this revolutionary upsurge the Western imperialists have been regrouping so they can get back in control of the region. Declaring plans to attack Syria is the latest and most dangerous threat.

March on the Tories

The richest people in Britain represented by Cameron’s cabinet of millionaires are attacking the very poorest and vulnerable.

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Palestine, power in the workplace, stop-and-search and revolting postal workers

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The week's news in their own words

The Blair Rich Project which brings peace, love...and cash

Tony Blair's efforts to become even richer, and set up a political dynasty. Jack Straw's son and his dodgy support. Dodgy royal goings on.

Punishing whistleblowers is a very British tradition

Criminalising those who reveal state secrets comes naturally to the security services—because the state sees us all as enemies, says Raymie Kiernan

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