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Issue: 2370

Dated: 10 Sep 2013

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Osborne's rotten recovery

This week Tory chancellor George Osborne proclaimed the British economy is in "recovery". However, the grim reality for many in Tory Britain is unemployment, low pay, pensioner poverty, and an ever?growing class divide.

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Movement Against Xenophobia

Draft statement from Max, the new organisation to defend immigrants launched on 5 September

Disability activists stage week of action

Around 200 campaigners for disabled people’s rights protested at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) in central London on Wednesday of last week. 

A victory for Wigan Hovis workers

Wigan Hovis workers who struck for a week earlier this month against zero-hours contracts and the use of agency staff have won a victory.

Protesters keep EDL out of east London

Last weekend’s mass mobilisation shows what it takes to stop the fascists

New school strikes can beat Michael Gove

United strikes by teachers next month can defend workers’ conditions and children’s education—and hit the government hard, writes Sadie Robinson

Save the Grange campaigners force mayor to talk

Some 30 Unison activists, campaigners and parents protested at a youth event attended by Labour mayor Ian Stewart on Tuesday of last week.

New movement will Max resistance to Tories’ scapegoating of migrants

A new coalition to oppose the scapegoating of migrants, the Movement Against Xenophobia (Max), held its inaugural meeting in London on Wednesday of last week.

Join march in Manchester to take on the Tories

There are just two weeks until the protest at the Tory party conference in Manchester on Sunday 29 September. Activists are building for it across Britain.

Bus makers vote to strike

Around 900 workers at Britain’s largest, and Scotland’s only, bus makers could walk out in a dispute over pay later this month.

Anger at TUC Congress, but where's the action?

Anger and bitterness at the scale of the Tory assault flowed through the TUC Congress in Bournemouth this week. But frustration with the effectiveness of Labour’s opposition did too.

Protesters stage a die-in at arms show

Protesters staged a die-in to protest at an arms fair last Sunday.

TUC says no to union-bashing

There was unanimity at the TUC in opposition to attacks on employment rights and curbs on union organisation.

Health campaigners fight ambulance cuts

Some 50 health workers, trade unionists and NHS campaigners protested outside Yorkshire Ambulance Trust HQ in Wakefield on Tuesday of last week.

TUC Congress news in brief

Dave Prentis, general secretary of Unison, predicted a pay revolt by the end of 2014. 

Cambridgeshire NHS commissioning group lobbied

Trade unionists from the PCS, Unison, Unite, GMB and NUT unions, as well as community activists, lobbied an NHS Cambridgeshire CCG meeting last week.

Does Clegg care for charities?

Charities are unhappy that their political campaigning could fall under restrictions for the first time. 

Academy status schools favour the rich

Academy schools are increasing segregation between rich and poor children, according to a new report.

Document will be up for grabs

Unions with more than 10,000 members will have to submit an annual Membership Audit Certificate to the Certification Officer.

Diggers festival goers to march on the Tories

The third annual Diggers Festival took place last Saturday.

Lobbying: Secret Dinners here to stay

The one thing the lobbying bill won’t do is put any controls on lobbying. 

Taking on the payday loan companies

Campaigners protested against payday loan companies in a number of cities across Britain last Saturday.

Port workers vote to strike

Unite members working for Hutchison Ports in Felixstowe, Suffolk, have voted for strikes over pay.

Journalists fight job cuts

Journalists at the Herald, Sunday Herald and Evening Times have backed industrial action in a re-run ballot by 97 percent. 

Brewery workers set to strike

Workers at Kuehne and Nagel Drinks Logistics (KNDL) were set to strike for one day from 10am on Wednesday of this week.

Greek teachers begin strikes against new attack on public sector workers

Greek Secondary school teachers, outraged at a massive attack on wages and conditions, have announced a series of five-day rolling strikes.

Anti bedroom tax federation piles on the pressure

Even the United Nations is feeling the heat as bedroom tax campaign increases the temperature

Rally for Scottish independence

Campaigners are planning a major rally in Edinburgh on Saturday 21 September

Greek anti-fascist cleared of libel

The Nazi Golden Dawn are trying to criminalise activists in the anti-fascist struggle by using defamation laws

South African workers turn out the lights

Striking power workers put the lights out in Johannesburg, South Africa, for three days last week. 

One Housing strike is getting stronger

Workers at the One Housing Group in London began a five-day strike on Thursday of last week. The 150 Unite union members are fighting plans to slash their pay by up to £8,000 a year.

Post workers vote to walkout in Oxford, but Bridgwater action off

Workers at Oxford East Delivery Office have voted by over 75 percent to strike after two post workers were sacked. Bosses claimed they “wilfully delayed mail”.

TUC pledges day of action against blacklisting firms

The TUC has called a nationwide day of action against blacklisting on Wednesday 20 November. Among events across Britain there will be a protest and lobby of parliament.

A big vote for walkouts at the University of Liverpool

UCU union members at Liverpool university have voted for strikes against bosses’ plans to impose worse contracts on nearly 3,000 non-academic staff.

Leicestershire school strikes to defend jobs

Workers at Uplands school in Leicestershire struck on Wednesday of last week to defend jobs.

Chris Grayling makes a U-turn on Legal Aid

Justice minister Chris Grayling has dropped plans to hand legal aid contracts to the lowest bidder. 

Scottish Unison angry at below-inflation offer

There was anger among Unison union delegates at last week’s Scottish Local Government Conference. 

Unison pay consultation

The union Unison has sent a pay consultation document to local government branches. It asks them to consider two options that could become part of the union’s pay claim.

Port workers' strike vote

Unite members in Felixstowe are in dispute

Glasgow protest at 'Go Home' poster in immigration office

Around 100 people protested at UK Border Agency in Glasgow against giant posters inside depicting a destitute refugee last Monday. The posters read, “Is life here hard? Going home is simple”

Video of UN investigator Raquel Rolnik calling for bedroom tax to be abolished

Those hit by the Bedroom Tax told their shocking stories at the United Nations Bedroom Tax hearings held in Manchester last Saturday.

Protest planned as Birmingham Metropolitan College bans the niqab

Students at Birmingham Metropolitan College are organising a protest after the college banned its students from wearing the niqab

Tories left fuming after UN official says scrap the bedroom tax

A senior United Nations (UN) official has said the Tories’ bedroom tax must be “suspended immediately”.

Hovis workers strike again: ‘Zero hours, zero crumpets!’

More than 75 Hovis workers and their supporters joined a picket line in Wigan this morning, Wednesday. It marked the start of the workers’ second week-long strike against zero-hour contracts. 

Brewery workers defy bosses with 24 hour strike

Workers at Kuehne and Nagel Drinks Logistics (KNDL), members of the Unite union, held a 24 hour strike that ended at 10am this morning.

Whipps Cross workers pass no confidence vote in bosses - and call for action

Health workers and trade unionists backed a motion of no confidence in their bosses at a meeting at Whipps Cross Hospital in east London yesterday, Thursday.

Postal workers gear up for battle against Royal Mail privatisation

Thousands of CWU union reps meet to discuss national strike action

Students celebrate beating Birmingham college niqab ban

Plans to ban the niqab Muslim face veil at a Birmingham college were in tatters yesterday, Friday, after student campaigning forced management into a humiliating climb down.

Glasgow social workers stage unofficial walkout

A group of social workers in Glasgow walked out unofficially last Friday afternoon. All ten workers in the office walked out.

FBU union is 'finalising' plans to strike over pensions

The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) has announced that it is finalising plans to strike in England and Wales to defend workers’ pensions.


Obama's desperate measures to get support for Syria attack

Barack Obama is exposing the faultlines of US power as he goes all out to win a vote to attack Syria.

Syrian voices oppose Western intervention

A growing number of insurgent organisations in Syria have declared their opposition to a US strike on Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

Breivik's party is set to join Norwegian government

The Conservative Party has won Norway’s elections, with 27 percent of the vote. 

Disillusionment with Labor helps Murdoch's man win Australian election

Right winger Tony Abbott won Australia’s election last week. Rupert Murdoch’s papers enthusiastically backed the liberal party leader.


‘Chile showed that revolution is possible’

Mario Nain says new struggles are sweeping Chile—and that activists must learn the lessons from defeats in the 1970s

A class divided by money and power

THE G20 summit has been dominated by the divisions among the Great Powers over Syria. The line-up has been predictable. A joint statement signed by the US, Britain, France, Australia, Canada, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Spain and Turkey called for “a strong international response” to Bashar al-Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons.


40 years since the coup in Chile: lessons to learn

Augusto Pinochet’s neoliberal experiment began 40 years ago in Chile after a coup. He is celebrated by the right but workers could have beaten him, writes Ken Olende

The battle to determine what Allende's government in Chile represented

 After the 1970 election UP argued it found a new path to socialism bypassing old divisions between reform and revolution.

Tories' class war—march in Manchester Sunday 29 September

The government is waging war on workers and the poor—but their rich mates are booming Socialist Worker provides a few reasons to demonstrate at the Tory party conference


Peaky Blinders: A stylish story of struggles but with revolution as a backdrop

New TV series Peaky Blinders gives a glimpse of the revolutionary mood that gripped Britain in 1919 but puts family dramas first, says?Annette Mackin

Seamus Heaney: a poet who wasn’t part of the herd

Obituary for radical poet who died last week

Reviews round-up

Bristol short film festival | The Returned DVD | Reggae sound systems book

What We Think

TUC leaders dream of Labour concession

How can we stop the Tories’ assault? That was the question asked but not answered at this year’s TUC Congress in Bournemouth.

Sexual abuse overlooked when profile doesn't fit

The sexual exploitation of children has become a racialised crime. 

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Rosey Kirwan 1960-2013

Rosey Kirwan, a much-loved socialist, teacher, union activist, Irish rebel, fun-lover and Hackney SWP member, has died aged 52.


Letters on abortion rights; Bill Shakly;Puma helicopter danger and much more

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The week in quotes

Think tanks says Tories are too soft on cutting welfare

The TaxPayers’ Alliance (TPA), or the military wing of the Daily Mail as it should be known, is pushing for jobseekers to do 30 hours of unpaid work a week, or lose their benefits. 

A death ray from the Walkie Talkie scorchie

The Walkie Talkie building’s concave structure focused the sun into a 50 centigrade solar “death ray” in central London last week. It melted the inside of a car—tragically a sports Jaguar. It happened due to cost cutting during construction. Architect Rafael Vinoly has form. 

Stop bloody Whaling!

Warship HMS Brilliant torpedoed whales in Margaret Thatcher’s 1982 war over the Falklands. 

Bettison's secret perks worth £70,000

Troublemaker’s favourite top cop Sir Norman Bettison just can’t stay away. 

Ethical Lib Dems offer a new way to sell arms

Vince Cable’s business department is finding new ways to flog arms around the world. 

Free massacre with every trip

The Sri Lankan army bathed the Jaffna region in blood as it overran the separatist Tamil Tigers in 2009. Its problem now is what to do with the vast territory it forcibly cleared. So the army has decided to fill it with tourists. 

Toff of the week: Lord Levy

Former chief fundraiser for Tony Blair

Curry favour with a two-step

A graduate has told of his “humiliation” after being forced to dance during a job interview at 

Falklands forces torpedoed whales

Navy used warship and helicopter to kill whales

Tory bill targets unions, not lobbyists

The Tories new bill will make it harder for trade unions and campaigning groups to organise—and let lobbyists off the hook, writes Simon Basketter

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