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Issue: 2373

Dated: 01 Oct 2013

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Punish the Tories not the poor

As Cameron's Tories launch another assault on benefit claimants we need more protests like last Sunday in Manchester and national strikes to get rid of them.

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Pictures of teachers' strike Tuesday 1 October

Pictures from Sheffield, Norwich, Wakefield and Birmingham

Justice for Sale: lawyers organise against legal aid attacks

Over 400 lawyers came together this week in London to organise action against the government’s latest attack on legal aid.

George Monoux teachers strike to defend union rep

More than 20 people joined the picket line outside George Monoux College in Walthamstow, east London, on Thursday morning. Teachers in the National Union of Teachers (NUT) came out on a one day strike against the sacking of a health and safety rep.

Crown Post dispute won't just fade away

Postal workers walked out over the last week to save post offices and defend workers in Burnley, Stanmore and Oxford

Strike vote at Ineos oil refinery

Workers at Grangemouth oil refinery have voted by more than 80 percent in favour of strikes against the victimisation of union rep Stephen Deans.

End offshore privatisation of government personnel

The PCS union’s Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) executive is recommending strikes to stop privatisation plans. 

Stop the Nazis in Liverpool and Bradford

Unite Against Fascism (UAF) is calling on its supporters to mobilise on Saturday 12 October in both Liverpool and Bradford.

Women fight back on pay

Council workers in South Gloucestershire took part in a solid and defiant strike last Saturday.

City Link workers protest over wage cuts

The RMT union held protests last Saturday over City Link’s attempt to slash wages with new contracts.

Underground train drivers' strike suspended

A planned strike by London Underground Victoria Line drivers on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week over compulsory overtime was suspended for negotiations.

Network Rail jobs assault

Network Rail last week announced plans to cut payroll cost for all management grades by 15 percent.

Mass march to save Stafford Hospital

Up to 15,000 health workers and campaigners marched against Tory cuts at Stafford Hospital last Saturday (pictured, right).

Care workers' strike is solid in Rochdale

Care workers at Future Directions in Rochdale are continuing a ten-day strike until Saturday of this week to defend their pay, terms and conditions. 

College to strike over victimisation

NUT union members at George Monoux college in east London were set to strike on Thursday of this week.

Throw out freeze in university pay

Workers in universities across Britain are balloting for strikes over pay.

Back occupation Wallsend Memorial Hall and People’s Centre

An occupation at Wallsend Memorial Hall and People’s Centre (The Mem) in North Tyneside by workers, volunteers and users is continuing. 

Workers win pay rise after strikes

Metal workers at King & Fowler in Liverpool have won their first pay rise in five years after a series of one-day strikes.

UK Uncut to block roads for legal aid

The UK Uncut group plans roadblock protests across Britain on Saturday of this week.

Bus workers out in Warrington

Workers at Network Warrington buses struck on Sunday of last week in a continuing dispute over wages.

We need bigger walkouts to win, say striking firefighters

A national strike by firefighters last week won huge support—and showed that workers want to take on the Tories, writes Sadie Robinson

Cops grilled over Mark Duggan’s shooting

Inquest hears from Mark’s mother and officer who ran gun unit that shot him, reports Simon Basketter

World is getting dangerously warmer, whatever the climate ‘sceptics’ say

New international report from top climate scientists weakens climate sceptics' arguments

The Paul Robeson Art is a Weapon Festival 2013

This month long series of lectures brings together activists, academics and historians to talk about anti-racism and black history.

Sudan protests defy dictator

The Sudanese dictatorship has been shaken by the biggest protests since it took power 24 years ago. 

Revolutionaries in Egypt take a stand against army repression

Revolutionaries in Egypt have set up a new organisation in response to the imposition of a government controlled by the military. 

Obamacare row shuts down the US

The US state had to shut down non-essential services on Tuesday as Congress failed to agree the new budget at the start of the financial year. 

Rebellious teachers walk out on school bully Gove

Tens of thousands of teachers struck on Tuesday of this week. The walkouts by NUT and NASUWT union members shut schools across the Midlands, Yorkshire and Eastern regions of England.

Nine charged with A4e fraud

Nine former employees of A4e have been charged with 60 offences including fraud.

Guantanamo prisoner to sue

Shaker Aamer, the last British resident held in Guantanamo Bay, is to sue British intelligence. 

Miners strike in South Africa

South African platinum miners at Amplats mines around Rustenburg came out on strike on Friday of last week against 3,300 planned redundancies.

Wage protests in Bangladesh

More than 200,000 textile workers across Bangladesh protested for higher wages last week, forcing hundreds of factories to close.

Tories unveil new plans to bully the unemployed

Plans trailed at the Tories’ annual get together show we have to step up the fight


Protests force Greek government to turn on fascist Golden Dawn

The arrest of Nazi leaders is an opportunity the left can use to its advantage, says Panos Garganas

Good times are over for the liberal government in Poland

Andy Zebrowski says workers’ opposition to austerity is growing in strength as the economic crisis puts rulers in trouble


Syria deal exposes Obama’s weakness

A few weeks ago the US looked poised to launch a military attack on Syria. Now a deal on Syrian chemical weapons appears to be sealed—and a historic thaw in relations with Iran has been thrown in for good measure.

A conspiracy against justice for Shrewsbury strikers

A conspiracy could be as subtle as a “nod or a wink”. So said the judge in the 1973 trial that saw six workers jailed for their part in the builders’ strike of the year before. There was indeed a conspiracy going on—but in the corridors of Whitehall. 


Black Panthers for unity

The Black Panthers didn’t stop at fighting racism. Ken Olende looks at their evolving line on sexism, homophobia and class


Australia show scratches the surface of rich art history

A Royal Academy exhibition is a rare opportunity to see leading Australian artists, but it wastes the chance to explore Aboriginal art, says John Baker

The Pride looks at prejudice

The Pride contrasts the lives of middle class gay men in 1958 to today. 

Filth: McAvoy hogs the limelight as a wallowing pig

When Edinburgh detective Bruce Robertson is chosen to help solve a brutal murder, he has other things on his mind.

Orgreave Truth and Justice Gig

This gig aims to raise awareness and funds for ex-miners and others campaigning against the cover-up of police violence against pickets at Orgreave in 1984. The line up includes Thee Faction, Quiet Loner and local socialist band The Hurriers.


This alternative history tells the story of resistance fighters in Nazi-ruled Britain against a puppet regime led by Lord Beaverbrook, Oswald Mosley and Enoch Powell.

What We Think

We cannot wait for a Labour government

Labour may be making some good noises as the party conference season ends but we can't wait until the next general election to fight austerity

Turn the anger into action

Workers at the sharp end of the Tory attacks need the union leaders to lead a fight that can offer the real chance of winning.

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Greedy energy bosses are trying to hold us to ransom

Ed Miliband announced that he will secure affordable energy for Britain’s households. This has caused an uproar from the rich companies who currently sell it to us at rip-off prices.  

The things they say

‘Essentially the argument Karl Marx made in Das Kapital’ 

In death Thatcher still brings cheer to the Tory conference

Margaret Thatcher is as helpful to business in death as she was in life.

Debt, stress, no jobs—the reality of student life

As students return to universities and colleges, Raymie Kiernan looks at how the Tories’ austerity is affecting them—and the continuing battles against it

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