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Issue: 1763

Dated: 25 Aug 2001

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Multinational profits from Britain's dirtiest hospital

Filthy wards, carpets soaked in urine Multinational profits from Britain's dirtiest hospitalThe Commission for Health Improvement has produced a devastating report about the dirty conditions at the E...

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protest @ new labour' s conference called by globalise resistance, green party, socialist alliance STOP PRIVATISATION DEMONSTRATE, MIDDAY, SUNDAY 30 SEPTEMBER, BRIGHTONGlobalise Resistance counter-con...

Witch hunter general

THE DAILY Express has been crusading against asylum seekers. For seven issues in a row it ran headlines designed to appeal to the most bigoted ideas about refugees...

Does violence mean protests must stop?

To demobilise street protests now would be to deliver a victory to the police thugs and the politicians who stanD behind them. They have tried to batter protest off the streets because it has turned t...

Bringing the NHS to a halt

The argument is over which corporate logos are on the new wheelchairs. What patients who need the wheelchairs are supposed to do while this branding fight goes on is not clear.The union also says that...

Heresy in the house of Blair

In fact the writer was one of the luminaries of New Labour, Matthew Taylor. Two years ago he was made head of its think tank, the Institute of Public Policy Research, on the personal recommendation o...

No 'truce' in Exeter

Management wanted to fill these posts with temps recruited from outside the business. The union wanted to keep three of the vacancies open for workers presently at the mail centre. After lengthy nego...

Creating waves at Brighton

The union wants its lorries to be at the front of the protest. This GMB branch led a successful occupation against private firm Sita which led to the company losing the refuse collection contract in ...

Want to work but no chance

I went to the job centre to see what was available. I was told there was a basic admin job at the job centre, but they only take you on a 13 1/2 week contract.

Can the left rely on human rights laws?

That act of parliament incorporated European human rights legislation into domestic law. It has given rise to a wave of claims by individuals, campaigning groups and trade unions. For example, refuge...

Anti Nazi League Join the weekend of ANTI-NAZI ACTIVITY

Anti Nazi League Join the weekend of ANTI-NAZI ACTIVITY 1 / 2 September, Burnley, Oldham and BradfordMore on page 16 Phone the Anti Nazi League on 020 7924 0333 for more details or go to

They benefit from privatisation Fat cats who get PFI cream

They benefit from privatisation Fat cats who get PFI cream* Taylor Woodrow, whose chairman is Dr Robert Hawley. The firm made 201.5 million profit last year and gave Hawley a salary of 181,000. * Ba...

'The only chance the dead have to speak'

Yet police officers involved in their deaths have issued threats of legal action to venues scheduled to show the film. Officers have even turned up at screenings and banged on the doors to stop Injus...

Poll blow for Blair and Unionists

Yet the government's approach to the Northern Ireland peace process still rests on caving in to every attempt by the Unionists to throw up obstacles to peace. The Unionists can only shore up support ...

BURMA The struggle against military repression

CHRISTINA FINK was an anthropology student who went to study on the Thailand-Burma border. There she became involved in the struggle of ordinary people against military rule in Burma. She has now publ...

Opposition blooms in autumn protests

And we have, it's true, had the weary saga of the Tory leadership contest. But the issues that are set to dominate over the next few months have not been far from the surface this summer. The key tes...





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