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Issue: 1753

Dated: 16 Jun 2001

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Human cost of Blair's 'reforms'

CARE FOR the elderly in Britain is in a state of near collapse. That is the devastating conclusion of the authoritative King's Fund charity.

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NEPAL IS in crisis, perhaps on the edge of revolution. Last week somebody shot dead King Birendra, his queen and eight other members of the royal family. The new king, Gyanendra, is the old king's u...


THE CONFERENCE of the GMB union took place last week, in the run-up to the general election. On the surface it appeared to be a simple display of loyalty to New Labour...

Opposition to the EU

ONE OF the many things wrong with the Tories is that they give opposition to the European Union (EU) a bad name...

Diary - Upcoming events


Indonesian police attack anti-capitalist protests

INDONESIAN POLICE brutally smashed up a conference on globalisation last week. The conference in Jakarta was aimed at building resistance to neo-liberalism...

Fighting racism


IMF challenged on streets of Colombia

THE CONFERENCE in Indonesia gives the lie to those like New Labour cabinet minister Clare Short who have argued that protests against globalisation and neo-liberalism are the preserve of the richer industrialised countries...

Anti-Bush demos in Spain

THOUSANDS OF people marched though the Spanish capital, Madrid, on Sunday to protest against this week's visit of US president George W Bush...

'Be active, build on what we achieved'

AFTER THE election Socialist Worker spoke to Liz Davies, former member of the Labour Party national executive, about her views on what socialists should do next

The battle lines in Blair's second term

"THE SECOND term will be bloody." That's what an unnamed cabinet minister told Observer journalist Andrew Rawnsley in the middle of the election campaign. They are certain to be right...

Behind the New Deal

THIS IS what the New Deal means to me as an 18 to 25 year old. Option one was 60 for up to seven 12-hour shifts per week for an employer who refused to pay after two months work...

Postal union conference

JUST BEFORE the election around 50,000 postal workers stuck unofficially and illegally-and won. They were protesting at their bosses' demands for "flexibility", ever harder working, more competition ...

MSF says no privatisation

DELEGATES TO the MSF union conference in Eastbourne delivered their verdict on Blair's plans for a second term last weekend. They voted overwhelmingly to oppose New Labour's privatisation of the NHS...

Union leaders warn of clashes with government

"IF LABOUR think that they have been given a mandate to go ahead with further privatisation of public services then they had better think again." So said Dave Prentis-the leader of Britain's biggest u

Shock and anger across Oldham

THE NAZIS' electoral success in Oldham has sent a hardcore of racists in the town onto the offensive...

In brief

SIR KEN Jackson, leader of the engineers' and electricians' AEEU union, spoke out this week. He made headlines when he called for no-strike agreements for public services,..

Interview with French anti-capitalist Jose Bove: 'Globalise hope for a future'

Jose Bove is one of the best known figures of the anti-globalisation movement which has spread across the globe since the great protest against the World Trade Organisation in Seattle in November 1999. He is in Britain this week, along with Francois Dufour, a fellow leader of the radical French small farmers' organisation. They are speaking at meetings to push a message of resistance to the corporations and governments which do their bidding: 'The world is not for sale!'

HIV on increase in Britain

MORE PEOPLE in Britain are becoming infected with the virus that causes AIDS than at any time since the disease was first discovered 20 years ago. The shocking news comes despite signs in recent year...


"THIS HAS been a long time coming. What else can the police expect when they treat people like this?" This was the response of Aftab, a local resident, after 300 people fought running battles with the

Message from missing millions

"NEVER BEFORE has a party had so much command over the House of Commons yet so little over the electorate. That appears to be the stark contrast that now faces British politics over the next four or five years."...

Bargain brands?

READERS OF Socialist Worker will be pleased to know that Bulgari Collection Internationale has just revealed its latest range of jewelry...





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