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Issue: 1749

Dated: 26 May 2001

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'Put people before profit'

"I'M PROUD to be selected to fight in St Helens for public need, not private greed." So says Neil Thompson, a firefighter standing for the Socialist Alliance in the seat where New Labour has parachuted in Shaun Woodward, a millionaire ex-Tory with three servants...

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Coffee giants roast poorest

HAVE YOU noticed a change in the price of coffee? The answer is no, there hasn't been, for you and me. Yet the profits of the big coffee companies have soared...

Defiance at mad system

I JOINED with peace campaigners, Trident Ploughshares activists, anti-capitalists and many others in blockading Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment last week. The movement against nuclear weapon

Labour's great NHS betrayal

A HEALTH service run for the profits of big business. That's what New Labour's election manifesto promises. Tony Blair wants to let...

We've had enough say postal workers

A HUGE battle broke out in the post this week as tens of thousands of workers struck unofficially. As Socialist Worker went to press on Tuesday a national postal strike was beginning. The strike has...

Dudley hospitals strike ends

A GROUP of hospital strikers in Dudley who have fought an inspiring ten-month battle against New Labour's NHS privatisation voted last week to return to work...

Majority in Britain back asylum rights

TORY leader William Hague launched a racist attack on asylum seekers last week. It was a desperate attempt to pick up votes in the general election...

Where are our leaders?

THERE WAS an angry mood at a mass meeting of Wiliam Cook's foundry workers in Sheffield on Saturday. The workers know they need to step up their action

War, revolution and a dead king

BRITAIN'S PARLIAMENT is the result of a revolution. Of course, you will not hear mainstream politicians mention this during the election campaign for that parliament...

'People need hope, not prisons'

THIS IS the speech that JIM NICHOL gave when he was selected as the Socialist Alliance candidate for Blackburn earlier this month. Jim will be standing against Jack Straw, New Labour's home secretary...

Postal workers - how it started

THIS WEEK'S rolling postal strike began when thousands of postal workers struck unofficially across north west England from Friday of last week...

The man behind the theft slogan

A RECENT letter to Socialist Worker asked what is meant by the slogan "Property is theft." The man who made it famous was the early French socialist Pierre-Joseph Proudhon...

We're hitting the streets

THE MAINSTREAM media are trying to ignore the socialist election challenge-even though they have been forced to cover St Helens (see opposite) and the Scottish Socialist Party campaign in Scotland. Th...

The millionaire or the miner's son?

DO YOU want a millionaire ex-Tory, or a firefighter, miner's son and trade unionist as your MP? That is the question raging in the workplaces and council estates of St Helens...

In brief

THERE WAS an angry mood at a mass meeting of Wiliam Cook's foundry workers in Sheffield on Saturday. The workers know they need to step up their action

Bolshie lecturers

THE STRIKE by lecturers across further education on Tuesday was a huge success. They were demanding a 3,000 pay rise across the board. Everywhere lecturers new to striking joined the union, NATFHE...

Shake up election

TONY BLAIR and his supporters are horrified every time an ordinary person confronts a New Labour minister. Labour has even cooked up a mad conspiracy theory that the BBC is fixing up confrontations be...

This isn't what we really want

NEW LABOUR boasts of support from Thatcher-loving Gerri Halliwell. They should listen to senior nurse Sue Halliwell, who gave evidence at an inquest last week...

North Wales workers take on union-busting boss

"THIS IS a serious business. We're fighting for our rights and our jobs. This man's a dictator." That's what a worker at Dynamex Friction Dynamics in North Wales says...

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