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Issue: 1727

Dated: 16 Dec 2000

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Xmas jobs massacre

"THIS COMES totally out of the blue. I'm really upset. We've been bending over backwards to increase productivity. Now what are we going to do?"...

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Warrant sales date scandal

LABOUR MEMBERS of the Scottish Parliament have given fresh life to the barbaric procedure of warrant sales. At these sales people in debt can have their possessions dragged onto the streets...

Shut down incinerator

"WE DON'T want our lungs turned brown, shut the cancer factory down," chanted around 100 people as they marched through Edmonton in north London last Saturday...

Choice between two evils

THE OUTCOME of the US election was still hanging in the balance as Socialist Worker went to press. The US Supreme Court was deliberating about whether or not to allow a recount in the state of Florid

Pill cost

THE government's announcement that the "morning after pill" is to be sold over the counter at chemists was widely welcomed this week...

Bloody conquest for god, gold and glory

THE recent TV series Conquistadors told the story of the Spanish conquest of America at the beginning of the 16th century...

Nurses slam government

THE ROYAL College of Nursing (RCN) says the NHS staffing crisis is threatening "to undermine the effective delivery of healthcare"...

100,000 fought for our interests

A TIDE of workers flowed through the streets of Nice on Wednesday of last week in the biggest demonstration by trade unions from across Europe yet seen...

Nice sales

Nice sales

Lives wrecked to boost profits

THE SHOCKING news of the closure of Vauxhall's Luton car plant came after a week of swingeing job cuts announcements across Britain...

In brief

WORKERS AT Alexander's bus factory in Falkirk voted last week to accept a new pay offer from the company...

Strikes force bosses to climb down

BRITAIN WAS on the verge of a national postal workers' strike last week, entirely driven by rank and file pressure, militancy and organisation against management's attacks...

EU grave train

DELEGATES TO the European Union summit in Nice had a great nosh up. In the interests of Europe the 2,000 delegates gorged themselves on 10,000 bottles of the finest champagne...

Short's cure is the disease

"SELF INDULGENT" and "intolerable". That's what Labour's development secretary Clare Short says about people who protest against globalisation and the killer policies of the International Monetary Fun

Prisoners' 54 days on hunger strike

OVER 200 left wing political prisoners in Turkey and their supporters were continuing their hunger strike as Socialist Worker went to press. Many had been refusing food for 54 days...

Community fights family deportation

TWO HEADTEACHERS in schools in Greater Manchester are campaigning to stop the deportation of Lian Hu Su and his family back to China...

Making sense of Nice splits

IT'S HARD to get worked up about all the manoeuvring at the European Union (EU) summit in Nice...

Keeping profit out of schools

WALTHAM Forest council recently called a public meeting for parents, teachers and local people. It was supposed to "inform" us of their plans to privatise education in the borough...

Tommy faces threat of jail

TOMMY Sheridan, the socialist Member of the Scottish Parliament, faces jail for protesting against nuclear weapons. Tommy was arrested in February when he was part of a peaceful blockade...





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