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Issue: 1724

Dated: 25 Nov 2000

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The great privatisation disaster

inside GLOBAL WARMING - PROFIT COMES BEFORE PLANET - page 5 Issues at the Nice summit - Plans to sell off a continent - pages 8 & 9 Israel allowed to murder - Page 4 Ford - LET'S START THE BATTLE page...

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Profit comes before planet

The United States has 4 percent of the world's population but is responsible for a quarter of the total emissions of carbon dioxide. Its leaders are against any real restrictions on US firms' rights ...


SOME 400 workers at the British Gypsum factory in East Leake and Newark in Nottinghamshire held a one-day strike on Thursday of last week. The workers, members of the GMB union, are fighting for a pay rise.

Israel is allowed to murder

WHILE THE world looks on, the Israeli state is unleashing barbarity after barbarity against the Palestinian people.

Boom and battle for workers' share

* Train signallers were set to bring train services to a halt with a two-day strike for more pay.* Pilots at Ryanair are set to strike for the day on Friday against attempts by bosses to impose longer...


WORKERS IN the newsroom of the BBC's World Service have voted 66 percent in favour of a strike after management refused to negotiate over night shift working conditions.

Heat on US over Chile

The incident that best summed up this campaign came a fortnight ago. Three Israeli helicopter gunships attacked a four wheel drive vehicle in the Christian suburb of Beit Sahour in Bethlehem. If any ...

It's one damn case after another

Roger died after being "restrained" by eight police officers on his own doorstep in January 1999. But the CPS says there is not enough evidence to bring charges against the eight officers. They were ...



Help us raise 200,000

Help us raise 200,000 -to build the fight against capitalism-"I think it is important that a fighting socialist newspaper has the funds to keep on fighting, and I'd encourage other trade unionists to...

Partners in crime

THE HATED Margaret Thatcher was forced to resign as prime minister ten years ago this week in the aftermath of the Trafalgar Square poll tax riot. In 1997 Tony Blair won a landslide when millions vot...

Resistance halted US's brutal war

Instead, mainstream commentators sought to present both countries as victims of misguided government decisions. The Vietnam War was no battle of equals. To make sense of the slaughter you could do no...

Small business, a better option?

That description of how business spreads right across the world was written by Karl Marx in the Communist Manifesto over 150 years ago. It is an accurate picture of the world we live in today. A handf...


ROUND 70 members of the Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees held a protest outside Sainsbury's in Glasgow city centre last Saturday against the supermarket's support for the refugee voucher scheme.


WORKERS IN the newsroom of the BBC's World Service have voted 66 percent in favour of a strike after management refused to negotiate over night shift working conditions.

A voice of resistance

JELENA SLJIVAR is a member of Otpor!, the student resistance movement that played a key role in overthrowing Slobodan Milosevic in Serbia. She will be speaking in colleges across Britain as part of a ...

Socialist Alliances

COUNCIL HOUSE repair workers in Birmingham have begun a battle over pay after the Labour-run council reneged on a 4.5 percent offer.

Protest and pickets

Protest and pickets

Cash will keep our voice loud

It is a heaven for a tiny minority, hell for the vast majority. My father has always voted Labour. He fought in the last war against the Nazis, worked hard all his life and brought up seven children.*...

-Action for union rights

FORTY PEOPLE attended the Waltham Forest London Socialist Alliance public meeting last week. Speakers included Mike Marqusee from the LSA and a campaigner from the local Parents Action Group against the privatisation of schools.

The bosses' plan to sell off a continent

The issue that nobody highlights is that businessmen are on the rampage, seeking to cut down the meagre obstacles that remain in their path. They love international agreements which escape democratic...

25,000 march

People travelled from as far away as Aberdeen and Plymouth to join the protest. A group of 21 young black and Asian students from west London had skipped school to come. The students on the demonstra...


SOME 150 low paid hospital workers at Stobhill in Glasgow walked out of work for three and half hours on Friday of last week.


NEATH AND Port Talbot college staff have won the pay rise owed to them thanks to direct action.

British Gypsum

MORE MEETINGS have taken place to organise opposition to Manchester City Council's plans to shut 14 local housing offices.

What next after the dictator runs away?

His departure is welcome news to the left, trade unionists and the poor. There is still a vital battle to be fought over which way the country goes. The coalition that got rid of Fujimori is made up ...





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