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Issue: 1722

Dated: 11 Nov 2000

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Brown has let Fat cats off the hook

inside Global warming - BIG BUSINESS IS WRECKING THE ENVIRONMENT - pages 8 & 9 Green light for Ford workers' fight - page 14 NEW LABOUR'S LIES OVER 'FREE CHILDCARE' - page 5...

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How big business is wrecking the weather

Across the world the impact has been even more severe, with devastating and deadly floods from Bangladesh to Vietnam in the last month. This weekend world leaders will gather in The Hague in the ...

Don't let Dudley stand alone

Joint UNISON branch secretary Angela Thompson said, "How? There'll be 70 fewer beds! "He says it's a sound deal for staff. How? Privatisation means we'll be employed by five different private ...

Four years of handouts for the rich

Big oil firms are laughing BP 1.3m profit an hour, Shell 1m profit an hour

Can violence be justified?

On the same day Israeli soldiers killed two Palestinians. Yet there were no pictures showing the bloody scene or photographs of the victims. Israeli lives are more precious than Palestinian lives, is...

How green is Blair's ally?

TONY BLAIR outlined his green credentials, just before the worst flooding the country had seen in 50 years, on the platform of the Green Alliance. Blair spoke about the need for partnership with ...

New Labour versus fuel protesters

The New Labour government has been mounting a concerted media campaign to soften up the fuel protesters in advance of the expiry of their 60-day deadline. Jack Straw's apparent gaffe in encouraging ...

Support protests in Nice on 6 Dec

NICE, IN the south of France, looks set for one of the biggest mobilisations yet against "globalisation" and its associated "neo-liberal" free market policies. Trade unionists, protesters against r...

Help us raise 200,000


I'm proud to be biased in favour of Palestinians

* DAVE GOODFIELD, CoventryIn fact Trans Action is an association for small employers trying to represent the commercial interests of owner-drivers and haulage operators. Their number has spiralled ...

Direct action for our demands

IF NEW Labour really cared about pensioners it would immediately give back what the Tories robbed from them. It would restore the link between pensions and earnings, backdated to 1979 when Margaret Th

Pushed to the very bottom

The government, however, did issue some criticism of the hated Ofsted head, keen as it is to get teachers' votes at the next general election. One of the disasters Woodhead left behind him is the way...

To the fore

In Leeds, campaigning against PFI, 9 papers were sold at Leeds General Infirmary, 6 at Seacroft Hospital and 4 at St James Hospital. In Nottingham 5 papers were sold at the Inland Revenue office and ...

Militant tactics smash Tory laws

These aren't the events of France today but Britain in 1972. A new book, Glorious Summer: Class Struggle in Britain 1972, by Ralph Darlington and Dave Lyddon, shows the British working class,...

It is worth just 21/2 hours a day

This is clearest over childcare. It is the bedrock service for parents who work. Labour launched its National Childcare Strategy in May 1998. Since then it has made regular announcements claiming ...





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