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Issue: 1715

Dated: 23 Sep 2000

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Tax the oil companies


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Was fuel protest like Chile 1973?

Those were the words of TUC general secretary John Monks last week, at the height of the fuel blockade. His conclusion was that the unions should give "full support" to Tony Blair's government.Allend

Crisis fuels sales

THE FUEL CRISIS Who is to blame, who won and who lost? All branches of the Socialist Workers Party are holding public meetings on the fuel protests this week. Phone 020 7538 5821 for details. ...

Sixty days to take initiative

WHO IS going to benefit from the anger amongst ordinary people that the haulage owners and farmers tapped into last week? The blockades acted as a wake-up call to the media. It finally discovered ...

What we demand from Brown

CHANCELLOR GORDON Brown is to make his "autumn statement" on tax and spending in November. Businesses, small and large, will be using the coming 60 days to demand measures on fuel and transport to be...

10 years of free market disaster


Will Tories benefit from the crisis?

LABOUR'S VANISHED lead over the Tories in last weekend's opinion polls will have sent a shiver of fear through millions of people around the country. It will also have reinforced the view widely ...

Should police curb protest?

They will march to a conference centre that was once a symbol of Stalinist rule and has now been revamped to celebrate the free market. The Czech government is promising to mobilise 11,000 police ...

The men who run Britain

IN THE middle of last week's fuel blockades Tony Blair met the oil company bosses in a desperate effort to get them to resolve the crisis. He virtually admitted to them that it was up to the oil giant...

Europe's 'Wise Men' betray Austria fight

The EU's "Wise Men" say that Austria has a normal democratic government. In fact there has been a sharp lurch to the right. The minister of justice was, until his appointment, the far right Freedom P

Sun was Dome's number one fan

"FEW PEOPLE realise just how fantastic the Dome is going to be. The prime minister, Mandelson and the team who built the Dome will be vindicated." That is what the Sun said in December of last year. ...

Seize chance to save Dagenham

Around 1,000 workers in the Paint, Trim and Assembly plant (PTA) stopped work for two hours on Monday before the meeting took place. The ballot decision is a big step forward....

5 days that shook Blair

THE FUEL blockades and the massive public support for them lifted the lid on the deep bitterness inside British society. That bitterness against New Labour does not exist just among workers. There are...

Why we march against IMF

Those going, especially with trade union sponsorship, found people intensely interested in the issues surrounding the protest. Many going to Prague have pledged to report back to workmates, and schoo





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