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Issue: 1714

Dated: 16 Sep 2000

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Bitterness explodes in Blair's face

Why won't trade union leaders act?

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Face of Australia they want to cover up

"THE PEOPLE'S games welcome the world." That is the message from Australia's politicians for the Sydney Olympic Games opening on Friday. Australia's Liberal [Tory] government wants to project the imag...

A 900 million waste of space

IT IS a bit rich to hear William Hague calling for the Dome to be closed when Labour has simply copied the Tories' plans. It's also a joke for Lord Falconer to claim that the Dome has brought jobs an...

Is struggle a threat to democracy?

Comment Is struggle a threat to democracy?THE ENTIRE political establishment accused the fuel protesters of holding the country to ransom this week. They never talk of multinationals blackmailing wor...

The Dome resounds

The Dome resounds

Demonstrate against the IMF in Prague

Demonstrate against the IMF in Prague Tuesday 26 September E-mail* SHEFFIELD Assemble 12.30pm, Fargate, by Cathedral tram stop* BIRMINGHAM Assemble 4.30pm, Barclays Bank, Colmor...

How to rebuild the trade unions

"UNIONS NOW find themselves in the most favourable political and economic context for more than 30 years." These were the words of John Monks, leader of the Trades Union Congress, last week. He welco...

His week of discontent

"THE PROTEST blockades we've seen in France can never happen in Britain." That was the media's message at the end of last week. Within two days they were happening here. The bitterness that caused t...

Toxic cost of free trade

THE ORGANISATION in charge of American free trade has backed a US company's right to pollute and fined the Mexican government a staggering 17 million. The innocuous-sounding North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is charged with regulating trade agreements between the US, Canada and Mexico.

Bosses' new offer goes up in flames

HEALTH WORKERS on strike across Dudley hospitals in the West Midlands have now held 13 days of strike action. Around 600 workers are battling against a clutch of private firms in the consortium Summi...

Insanity of the market

IN THE space of less than 12 months the price of oil on the world market has more than tripled, from $10 to almost $35 a barrel. This comes after a long period of low and falling oil prices. With the ...

'We've had our battle of Seattle'

MELBOURNE exploded in mass anti-capitalist protest on Monday. Ten thousand protesters, the equivalent of 50,000 in Britain, successfully laid siege to the World Economic Forum (WEF) being held in Melb...

Nightmare Tory vision

TORY LEADER William Hague last week proudly unveiled some of the most right wing policies ever put forward by a mainstream party. He walked in to the music of the band Massive Attack-appropriate because his plans are a massive attack on us all.

Marxism and Anarchism

THE GREAT revolt against capitalism in Seattle last year, and similar demonstrations since, have attracted diverse groups of protesters. Anarchists, amongst others, have taken part in all of those pr...

Who profits from high fuel prices?

WE ARE not "all in the same boat", suffering from high fuel prices, as the protest leaders pretend. High fuel prices hit many ordinary people hard. Pensioners pay more in the shops as the supermarkets...





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