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Issue: 1713

Dated: 09 Sep 2000

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Get the French spirit

THE PRESS and politicians went into hysterics last week over the French fishermen's successful blockade of major ports. The Daily Telegraph was terrified that British trade unionists...

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Angry lecturers set for all out

LECTURERS at Sheffield College are set to start an all-out strike on Monday 18 September-less than two weeks time...

Bloody Polluter

A Citizens Advice Bureaux report has found that thousands of workers across Britain are being denied their legal right to at least four weeks annual paid holiday...

10 reasons to protest against IMF

1. THE INTERNATIONAL Monetary Fund (IMF) squeezes billions from the poor...

No room if your face doesn't fit

"MOST POPULAR minister quits-driven out by a bunch of jealous, selfish, paranoid, less able and far less popular colleagues."

Bosses grab 20 percent


Union backs Nader

Nader is standing as the Green Party's candidate in November's election, and speaking out against corporate greed, long working hours, lack of healthcare, and anti-union laws...

Colombia - US plan to start new war

TRADE UNION and student protests greeted US president Bill Clinton when he flew into the South American country of Colombia last week. He was there to push his Plan Colombia....

More victims of press hysteria


Firms defy the law on holidays

ews of the World's naming and shaming campaign over paedophiles last month is continuing to bring vigilante attacks against innocent people...

Inside the system

CRIMEWATCH, the anti-crime TV programme, will not be showing CCTV footage of police officers breaking the la

Toll of the dole

OVER 180,000 manufacturing jobs were lost in Labour's first three years of office, according to research presented on Monday by Tony Blair's favourite think tank...

Hospital cuts

UP TO 300 people packed a public meeting held in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, last Friday...

Straw loses in court

AIR POLLUTION kills twice as many people in Europe as traffic accidents. This was the conclusion of research carried out by the World Health Organisation (WHO)...

'3 percent is not enough'

"THIS IS a great day for us. I'm proud to be part of this." That was the reaction of the union works convenor...

Get Galbraith!

Get Galbraith!

Dying from the filth in the air

UNIVERSITY tuition fees are driving people away from education. Applications for full time university places have fallen by 2 percent since fees were imposed. Mature students are hit hardest...

Hit Ford while they are down

RARELY HAS Ford looked as vulnerable as it does now. A debacle which began in the US in early August is still unfolding over the recall of some 6.5 million defective tyres...

Can the UN be reformed?



THE UNISON union was set to call further strikes across councils in Scotland in its fight for a pay increase of 5 percent or 500, whichever is greater...

Care betrayal

Company directors' salaries rose by a staggering 21.2 percent last year...

Slurs cause staff crisis

BP, The multinational oil company, which is attempting to redefine its image to that of an eco-friendly firm, is bankrolling the US senators with the worst voting records on environmental issues

Monkey business in Lyons case

PUPILS RETURNED to school in England and Wales this week to find the worst shortage of teachers for a decade...

Thousands of doctors not used by the NHS

EVERYONE KNOWS the NHS is crying out for doctors. So why the hell is the government stopping 2,000 fully trained doctors in Britain from working?...

Costed out of college

CHRISTINE Hancock, general secretary of the Royal College of Nursing, has attacked New Labour's plan to charge elderly people for care in residential homes...

Asylum seekers

Demonstrate and rally in support of asylum seekers Saturday 30 September...


UP TO 300 people packed a public meeting held in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, last Friday...

Ready to shake up Melbourne

THOUSANDS OF protesters are gearing up for the "S11" demonstrations in Melbourne, Australia. On 11-13 September government ministers, bankers, the multinationals and the super-rich are due to gather...

The strikers were complete masters

So wrote the editor of Milan's most important newspaper on 31 August 1920. He was describing the takeover of the city's Alfa Romeo plant.


WORKERS AT Floplast printers in Kent are to ballot for strike action in defence of six sacked workers...

The IMF, globalisation resistance

1.50 from your Socialist Worker seller, or to order your copy send a 2 cheque/PO (payable to Socialist Review) to Socialist Review, PO Box 82, London E3 3LH. Phone 020 7538 3308 for credit card orde...

Sack the man who failed us all

CHAOS OVER school exam results in Scotland has grown into the biggest political crisis since the Scottish Parliament was formed over a year ago...





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