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Private firms to grab the NHS
THE GOVERNMENT claims that its "National Plan", launched this week, will save the National Health Service. But behind the talk of "modernisation" and "reform" New Labour is embarking on the biggest privatisation programme in the history of the NHS...

Handouts for cops and generals
CHANCELLOR Gordon Brown was forced to announce new money for public services in his spending review on Tuesday. But this follows three years of slavishly following Tory spending limits...

A generation sentenced to death
THE AFRICAN children pictured here are just some of the 12 million whose parents have already died from AIDS. Twenty five million more Africans now face death from AIDS.

Public sector investment is collapsing
NEW LABOUR is investing less in Britain's crumbling schools, hospitals and transport system than even the last Tory government. That is the disgraceful state of affairs revealed by...

While we work harder than ever
RICH PARASITES like those pictured above lived it up at Royal Ascot last week. Summer for this lot will consist of an endless whirl of such events...

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