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Stop Israel’s war: solidarity with the resistance
George Bush has given Israel the green light to tear Lebanon asunder and to destroy the resistance forces of Hizbollah. By Tuesday, Israeli forces had killed some 400 people, the vast majority civilians, and driven up to one million Lebanese from their homes.

Israel is the terror state
In An unequal conflict - Israel’s war on Lebanon eyewitness reports from Lebanon show the madness of trying to equate events in Lebanon with those in Israel. Respect MP George Galloway writes on why Blair is Israel’s ally.

Afghanistan: get the troops out
Tony Blair has ordered 900 more troops to Afghanistan, bringing the deployment in the country to 4,500. Six British troops, and untold and uncounted hundreds of Afghans, have died there in the past three weeks.

End Israel’s assault on Palestine
"There are F-16 planes and helicopters hovering over me as I speak. There are large numbers of tanks throughout Rafah and Gaza. Fear comes with the night. The sonic booms of Israeli warplanes are terrifying the population in Gaza."

Palestine under siege: Israel holds a nation hostage
Every inhabitant of the Gaza Strip knows what it is like to be held hostage by the Israeli state. It is the daily reality for the Palestinian population in one of the most densely inhabited places on the planet.

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