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Issue: 1918

Dated: 11 Sep 2004

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Generals fear army revolt

"I THINK what’s happening in Iraq is terrible. I don’t think any of the young ones should be there."

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We need a union, so what does that make our boss?

The spray-painted banner on the picket line at Soapworks in Easterhouse, Glasgow, carries a quote from Anita Roddick, founder and director of the Body Shop. The Body Shop is the major shareholder in Soapworks.

News in brief

Serviceair ballots over victimisation WORKERS AT Gatwick airport company Serviceair are balloting for industrial action over the victimisation of a senior steward they are convinced is being targeted for the sack.

Sacked workers demand full backing from unions

MUSIC AND fireworks greeted Tony Blair and David Beckham as they joined bosses from the Football Association and multinational construction firms to celebrate the raising of the landmark arch above the Wembley Stadium site last week.

Stop this victimisation

BRIAN MUNRO, secretary of the RMT union’s London Transport Region, is under threat of disciplinary action from London Underground management, with the threat of losing his job.

Civil service workers

THE NATIONAL executive of the PCS civil service workers’ union was meeting as Socialist Worker went to press.

Computer action is beginning to byte

STRIKING IT workers in Swansea are in confident mood as their indefinite action begins to bite.

University lecturers

OVER 380 lecturers face dismissal because London Metropolitan University management have decided that, whatever the cost, it will impose a new contract on academic staff.

'We must act to stop this sacrifice for oil'

ROSE GENTLE, the mother of 19 year old Gordon Gentle who was killed in Basra in June of this year, was pictured outside 10 Downing Street having just left a meeting with the deputy prime minister in disgust.

Demonstrators defy US police crackdown

SOME 500,000 demonstrators took to the streets against George Bush on Sunday of last week. Three activists sent us reports of the whole series of protests that took place.

After Chechen Beslan siege: 'More hatred is no answer'

Millions of people across the world watched in shock the horror and tragedy in Beslan. Everyone will feel deep sympathy with the families of those who have died so terribly.

Who says?

"If this report had been written by the Socialist Workers Party, it couldn’t have been more condemnatory of the man."


Strike against the diamond empire

DIAMOND MINE workers in Botswana, southern Africa, have been fighting a bitter battle over wages which has seen mass dismissals, forced evictions—and great solidarity.


Democracy — the US way

FOR LIBERALS in the US, the Anybody But Bush virus creates more hostility towards Ralph Nader than towards George Bush himself.

25 years and deeper in debt

IN 1977 my partner and I had a child, and we were living in someone else’s flat.


Why do the Chechens hate rule by Russia?

THROUGH A history of sustained violence against Chechnya, Russia sowed the seeds of the Beslan tragedy.

The 1917 revolution gave an all too brief glimpse of national liberation

For a few brief years after the October revolution of 1917, relations between Chechens and Russians changed dramatically.

Peter Mandelson knows he can’t ignore Respect

PETER MANDELSON asks me directly if I am comfortable in the company of "the soon to be ex-MP George Galloway".

The drive for profits at all costs is ruining the service, say postal workers

IT CAME as no surprise to those of us who work in the industry that the figures showed Royal Mail has, once again, failed to meets its service targets.

Prising the truth from the hands of the elite

KEN LOACH started making films for TV in the 1960s including the groundbreaking Cathy Come Home, which shook up the establishment and forced a change in the homelessness laws.

Dissecting the heart of the beast

Your new book is very ambitious in terms of its scope. What prompted you to write it?

‘Bread or bullets’ was the slogan in the streets

Revolutions are generally presented as the work of minorities. But history shows that during revolutions, even defeated ones, the mass of working people display the creativity and capacity for organisation normally crushed by the realities of everyday life.


Striking a chord with classic film

When did all this begin?

Country’s bitter portraits of a sick America

Steve Earle’s new album is called The Revolution Starts Now. It’s country music, recorded in Nashville.

What We Think

The 'war on terror' makes us less safe

THREE YEARS on from 11 September 2001, three years after the declaration of George Bush’s "war on terror"—and the television screens are full of the horrors of Beslan.

Other Categories

Stan Ogston

ACTIVISTS in Telford were sorry to hear of the death of Stan Ogston at 78.

The suffering the press ignores

The suffering that the press ignores THE RIGHT wing media has scrambled yet again to demonise the Palestinian people as terrorists, but we should stop and evaluate the truth of the situation, whether it has been reported or not.

New Labour plans to phone its friends

IF YOU love big business and privatisation, New Labour’s forthcoming party conference in Brighton is the place for you.

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