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Issue: 1708

Dated: 05 Aug 2000

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Poverty-the issue they can't spin away

BRITISH BANK bosses celebrated massively increased profits this week-the result of job cuts, branch closures, excessive charges and forcing debt payments from the Third World...

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SEVENTY people packed out a brilliant meeting of the Brent Committee to Defend Asylum Seekers in Willesden last week. Asylum seekers, Labour Party members, socialists, trade unionists and local resid

New Labour give way to the right

MPs HAVE packed their bags. Their luxurious three month long summer holiday has begun. But although "official politics" may now go quiet, the run up to the next general election is under way in earne


TENS OF thousands of people joined protests in Peru last week in opposition to the inauguration of Alberto Fujimori as president. Fujimori "won" re-election as president earlier this year in a poll t

Blair pays up 'blackmail'

CAR manufacturer Nissan has blackmailed 50 million from the government but it could still destroy thousands of jobs. Nissan bosses had warned that they would cut spending on British components by 2

Mass protests shake Peru


Will our rulers open borders?


The spirit of Seattle blows through the US election

THE TWO main political parties in the US are gearing up for this November's presidential election. The Republican Party's national convention took place in Philadelphia this week. The Democrats' conve

MANDY'S golden 11,000

00 million

Parade defies Nazi threats

THE NAZI National Front was halted last Saturday in its attempt to attack Leicester's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade. Local campaigners vowed that a city centre march would go ahead after the orig

What is real democracy?

NEW LABOUR boasts that introducing the minimum wage has lifted one and a half million workers out of poverty. But a new report, Winners and Losers, by the Citizens Advice Bureaux (CAB)...

Cash not vouchers for refugees

CAMPAIGNERS WERE outside supermarkets in nearly every major town and city across England and Wales last Saturday to protest against the government's inhuman treatment of refugees. Protesters targeted...

Workers get ripped off by stingy bosses


Support grows for Prague demo

MOBILISATION for Prague is taking off. Prague collectives are being set up all over Britain to get people to the demonstration planned against the IMF and the World Bank in the Czech Republic on 26 Se

Is it time to 'dump the pump'?

CAMPAIGNERS FOR lower petrol prices launched a nationwide protest to "dump the pump" this week. The campaign is backed by the Tory party, the right wing press and the truck business lobby...

Protest against nuclear base

THE US government wants the World Trade Organisation to outlaw labelling which identifies food with genetically modified (GM) ingredients. The US is ready to make a complaint against the European Uni

Boom time

PETER MANDELSON is refusing to return the 11,000 "golden handshake" he received when he resigned in December 1998 as trade secretary after his secret 373,000 home loan was revealed...

Getting active!

In York comrades are involved in demanding that York City signs up to Kick Racism out of Football. They joined others on Saturday petitioning and collected several hundred names-including two City pla

The US did this to rule world

FIFTY FIVE years ago this Sunday the US state committed one of the greatest crimes in history. It detonated an atomic bomb half a kilometre above the Japanese city of Hiroshima at 8.15am on 6 August 1

Inside the system

BRIAN SOUTER, the millionaire head of the Stagecoach transport firm, had an example of the anti-gay bigotry he supports brought close to home last week. Souter spent 1 million on an unsuccessful camp

If Concorde crashes, how safe are others?

BRITISH AIRWAYS' fleet of seven Concordes has suffered 12 blown tyres since 1988. That is the disturbing figure quoted by a BA executive in the aftermath of the tragedy that saw 114 people killed ...

Fed up with being worked like robots

"THIS PLACE is hell on the hill. We want our lives back." That was how one worker at Peugeot's plant in Coventry explains the massive feeling behind their strike which has forced bosses into a humilia

WTO has to go

THE VALUE of share bonuses for top executives has doubled over the past year, says a new report. Chris Gent of Vodafone has just pocketed 10 million and Bob Ayling received 2 million..





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