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Issue: 1705

Dated: 15 Jul 2000

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A generation sentenced to death

THE AFRICAN children pictured here are just some of the 12 million whose parents have already died from AIDS. Twenty five million more Africans now face death from AIDS.

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Cambridge Two freed!

THE TWO Cambridge charity workers who were wrongly jailed in an outrageous miscarriage of justice seven months ago were released from prison on Tuesday.

Scrap new labour's vicious voucher scheme

SUPERMARKETS ACROSS the country are being targeted by campaigners in support of refugees. Stores like Tesco and Sainsbury's profit from New Labour's voucher scheme for refugees...

Why prison does not work

BOTH LABOUR and the Tories say they are tough on crime. They say prison works. "JOSEPH" disagrees. He was on remand in Wormwood Scrubs in 1997 for breaking and entering a house.

'We back Kingsland staff'

"IT IS not often you see school students fighting to get into school. But this is our school. We should have a say in what happens. Instead the school is being run down. We are called failures and the people with power are talking about sacking our teachers. We aren't having it any more."...

Plan will mean elite colleges for the rich

FOURTEEN THOUSAND pounds. That is what it could soon cost you to go to university. And that is the cost of tuition fees alone, never mind your overdraft and your bank loan...

Orangemen and Loyalists target Catholics

NAKED SECTARIAN bigotry has been on open display at Drumcree in Portadown over the last week. Hardline Loyalist thugs want to destroy the peace and terrorise the whole Catholic population...

In brief

LABOUR'S Policy Forum, which met last weekend in Exeter, was entirely out of touch with the feeling in the party and in the unions...

'We've had enough,' say Peugeot workers

"THE WORM is turning." That's how car workers at Peugeot's plant in Coventry were joking to each other last week-about themselves. The 3,000 workers at the plant threw out a deal on working hours...

A kicking for us all

GUILTY UNTIL proven innocent. That reversal of the official description of the workings of the law has always been the reality for many working class people...

Debt or health?

Many African countries spend four times as much on debt as they do on health...

Sick to stomach

The Downing Street spin machine realised it could not kill the story of Euan's binge. So it decided to encourage the papers to bury it with humour instead.

Inside the system

CHIEF EXECUTIVES of building societies which boast of their "mutual" status are grabbing handfuls of cash for themselves. These fat cats condemn people who seek windfall payouts..

What a disgrace

THE DISGRACEFUL behaviour of Roger Lyons, general secretary of the MSF trade union, has emerged in an unfair dismissal case. The case was brought by a former employee of the union...

Cash not vouchers! Scrap the scheme!

Organise a protest outside your local supermarket...

How organisation makes us strong

ONE OF the most impressive features about the upsurge of anti-capitalist protests, such as Seattle, Washington and most recently Millau two weeks ago, has been the level of self activity...




The Mexican Revolution 1910-1917

'Better to die on your feet than live on your knees' - Emiliano Zapata


What We Think

Marxism 2000: success is a sign of the mood against capitalism

SOME 6,000 people gathered at the Marxism 2000 event in central London this week to discuss resistance to global capitalism...

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