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Issue: 1703

Dated: 01 Jul 2000

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While we work harder than ever

RICH PARASITES like those pictured above lived it up at Royal Ascot last week. Summer for this lot will consist of an endless whirl of such events...

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It's not all in the genome

SCIENTISTS this week announced they had "cracked the code of life". The culmination of the Human Genome Project was hailed as a revolutionary breakthrough...

TUC report

THE NUMBER of ballots for industrial action has doubled in the last year, according to a new TUC report. The Trade Union Trends survey found that unions organised 983 ballots between June 1999 and May...

The global market place: in whose interest?

WE PRINT extracts from a recent debate between campaigner and author SUSAN GEORGE, and FLEMMING LARSEN, the International Monetary Fund's European director...

Have a break?

MORE THAN six out of ten workers fail to take their full holiday entitlement. Workers lose an average of 3.6 days holiday a year because they feel pressurised by their bosses...

Pay fight looms

ADMIN AND support workers in universities and colleges could be heading for a clash with employers over pay. The Universities and Colleges Employers' Association has advised universities and colleges ...

Labour and Tory uniting to attack vulnerable

The centre is a nursery for special needs children and is a well established Barnado's-run project which has been operating for 20 years...


AROUND 40 lecturers and other staff, members of NATFHE and UNISON at Teesside Tertiary College, Middlesbrough, walked out last week over health and safety. Some asbestos dust had been released during...

'Bring us boss's head on a plate'

"FORD WORKERS united will never be defeated." That was the chant of over 700 workers from Ford Dagenham last week as they staged a brilliant lobby of a meeting between the company and the unions...

Us and them

A FINANCIAL adviser plunged 150 feet to his death from a multi-storey car park because he feared he wouldn't make his monthly sales target...

Wealth welcomed, the poor shut out

IT IS hard to pick up a newspaper or watch the news without hearing the words "global economy". Politicians and the press agree that we live in a global system...

Vote shows workers clamour for change

PRESIDENT ROBERT Mugabe has just held off a massive challenge from the opposition in Zimbabwe. But the election results also demonstrate that workers are clamouring for fundamental change...

Strike over safety is put on hold

SIGNAL WORKERS across Britain have narrowly voted for strikes. Union leaders have responded by putting on hold any action. The 4,000 signal staff are employed by the privatised Railtrack company...

Denied justice for ten years

"GUTTED." That was the reaction of the campaign spokesperson as the M25 Three were led down to the cells of the appeal court on Tuesday...

World Development Movement

"PEOPLE POWER behind campaigns by people like Jubilee 2000 has changed the substance of how world institutions go about their business." This admission by World Bank representative Andrew Rogerson tha...

We CAN beat the bigotry

KEVIN OVENDEN argues we need a fighting response to stop the recent offensive against gays and lesbians

Where now after union leaders' retreat?

LEADERS OF the teachers' unions in England and Wales have abandoned effective opposition to New Labour's performance related pay scheme which is now being imposed on schools. The retreat is a huge be...

Rights won

WORKERS AT the Wells Hinton plastics factory in Amersham, Buckinghamshire, were celebrating victory this week in their fight for trade union recognition. The shopfloor workers, all of whom are Asian, ...

SWP News

ON SATURDAY'S London demonstration in defence of asylum seekers 48 people registered for Marxism 2000 and 38 joined the Socialist Workers Party. 8 copies of Socialist Worker were sold last week outsi

Tottenham vote shows desire for alternative

THE BY-ELECTION in Tottenham, north London, last week was another sign of the crisis of New Labour. It also showed that socialists who argue for a fighting left alternative can win a sizeable audienc





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