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Issue: 1872

Dated: 11 Oct 2003

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Wave of anger at Bush visit

Join the protests

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75,000 to strike

POSTAL WORKERS and council workers will strike together in London next Thursday.

London strikers shake Royal Mail

"A BRILLIANT strike day last week. Now let's strike alongside the council workers next Thursday and go on to give management a real hammering."

Einstein would find claim forms tough

THIS NEW system will lead to means testing for over 5 million pensioners.

Fear of debt deters many, argues study

NEW RESEARCH reveals that working class students will be four times less likely to go to university than those from better off families if top-up tuition fees are introduced.

Stop the killer coming to Britain

IT'S OFFICIAL. US president George Bush will make a state visit to Britain in just over five weeks time, on 19, 20 and 21 November.

North eastern formula that blocked BNP

THE NAZI BNP failed to make an electoral breakthrough in a region it had put at the top of its target list last week.

Ballot over pensions robbery

AROUND 20,000 workers at Rolls Royce aerospace plants across Britain are set to ballot on strikes over an attack on pension rights.

Live debate in Thirsk

SOME 100 people attended a Peace Forum in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, to commemorate the life of the left-wing Labour MP Joan Maynard, who was a resident of the town.

Amicus elections

LEFT WING candidates for the Amicus national executive elections are gaining support. The Amicus Unity Gazette slate is out to make the new, merged union a fighting democratic one.

Heathrow Express: Digging in to fight for union rights

"PEOPLE ARE prepared to dig in a bit. The gloves are off. We felt good about what we were doing. We felt like we had some control over our lives."

Carlisle group

TRAIN CLEANERS on many of Britain's major railway lines are balloting on strikes over pay.

Bus workers

BUS WORKERS in Warrington took strike action on Thursday of last week. It was the fourth time they have taken action in their dispute over pay and conditions.


THE 550 WORKERS at Appledore Shipbuilders in north Devon were sacked on Tuesday of last week when the receiver took over the firm.


SHIPYARD WORKERS on Tyneside have won a significantly pay rise following their recent strike.

TGWU elections

THE ELECTION for deputy general secretary of the TGWU union, one of Britain's most important unions, is taking place.


THE CWU postal workers' union held a national meeting for mail processing (sorting) reps on Friday of last week.


Italy - Anger is growing

THE THREE major trade union federations in Italy have organised a four-hour general strike for Friday 24 October.

Gas protest ignites

TWO OF Britain's biggest multinational corporations are at the centre of protests gripping Bolivia.

Prices fuel strike

MILLIONS OF workers in Nigeria were due to begin a general strike on Thursday this week.


Private care homes are past caring

Earlier this year I dropped out of university after a period of illness and found myself in this new era of "near full employment" working in the private service sector.


Problems for US as Israel attacks Syria

ISRAEL'S ASSAULT on Syria last weekend has ratcheted up the tensions in the Middle East.

'My child could die but I can't bring her home'

Khadijah is three and half years old. Five weeks ago she was diagnosed with a life-threatening brain tumour.

A brief history of futility

"WE CAN reclaim Labour."

Pravda: the spark that lit a revolution

Pravda (Truth) was a key part of the great wave of upheaval that swept Russia before the First World War. It was also important in taking forward the Russian Revolution of 1917.

Black people who fought for every worker

OLAUDAH EQUIANO "The first object which saluted my eyes when I arrived on the coast was the sea, and a slave ship waiting for its cargo. I was carried on board."

Guns and crime: more police powers a recipe for injustice

I remember the night Roger Sylvester died in January 1999.


The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists: laying bare the system

The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists is no ordinary novel.

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Mike Riley 1957-2003

Mike was the son of a Liverpool docker and while at school and university he was a committed Labour Party supporter.


Brilliant march – and now for Bush visit I was one of eight socialist students and Scottish Socialist Party members from Dundee on Saturday 27 September’s brilliant demo. We were amazed at the scale and diversity of the march.

Labour's conference of shame

IT WAS a truly stomach-churning sight. The massed ranks of Labour Party conference delegates were on their feet for Tony Blair's speech, cheering away. Blair had deliberately echoed Thatcher's famous phrase "The lady's not for turning", claiming he didn't have a reverse gear.

Nine months - the price of two lives?

WHAT IS the normal penalty for killing two people?

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