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Issue: 1680

Dated: 20 Jan 2000

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Merger mania means job cuts

FIVE thousand workers in Britain will pay the price for boardroom celebrations over the merger of two of Britain's biggest drug companies.

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Citizens' Advice

WORKERS AT Citizens' Advice Bureaux held a one day national strike over pay and conditions last Friday.

UNISON election: Voting for resistance

VOTING IS under way in the election for general secretary of the 1.3 million strong public sector workers' UNISON union...


nergetic style of rock...

Councils roundup

WANDSWORTH: Workers in Tory-run Wandsworth council, south London, have voted by a four to one margin for more strikes against a savage attack on sick pay and annual leave.

Public Trust Office

THE LORD Chancellor, Derry Irvine, is planning to privatise the Public Trust Office, endangering a service for some of the most vulnerable individuals in society.

Greenwich NUT

ADRIAN TIERNEY, secretary of the National Union of Teachers in Greenwich, south east London, has been charged with gross professional misconduct and could be sacked.

Don't let them murder Mumia


Defeat for the right in Chile

"PUT PINOCHET on trial!" was the chant of the jubilant crowd which gathered in Chile's capital, Santiago, to greet Ricardo Lagos's presidential election victory on Sunday

Capitalism is wrecking our world

FOUR IN five people in Scotland support the recommendations of the Cubie report into student finance, according to a poll in the Herald newspaper last week.

Online for a crash?

LAST WEEK was a bad one for anyone bored to tears by the endless hype about the internet...

Rail strike next week

"MANAGEMENT are trying to stop our strike," says a Connex train drivers' rep. "Last week every train driver at our depot was interviewed. When each driver entered the room he was cautioned by three ...

Postal workers: Reject this deal

POSTAL WORKERS are about to start a vote on the "new" "Way Forward" agreement backed by their bosses and union leaders.

Health SOS

Socialist Worker sellers were out last week campaigning over the crisis in the health service. At Paisley's Royal Alexandra Hospital 40 papers were sold, while 17 were sold at Homerton Hospital

Dave Carr

DAVE Carr, UNISON union branch chair at London's UCLH hospitals, has been threatened with derecognition as a union rep by management. This is the latest attack on the union by the NHS trust's bosses....

Poll backs Cubie

MORE ACTION is being organised in defence of Mumia Abu-Jamal, the award winning black US journalist

Glasgow schools

THE GRIM reality of Labour-led Glasgow City Council's plans to privatise all its secondary schools is becoming clearer.


Lecturers strike over tea breaks...

Don't bosses create wealth?

"BUT WHAT would we do without capital?" They were the words of London mayor hopeful Glenda Jackson last week.

NHS crisis - patients and doctors hit back

TONY BLAIR has been forced to promise to spend more money on the NHS. He says he will bring Britain's health spending in line with the average in the European Union.

NHS pay

"OUR WORK is vital to healthcare. Are we supposed to survive on fresh air?" That was the response of one hospital porter to the new three year pay offer

The good, the bad and NATO's lies

Obscene denial of Nazi death camps

A LIBEL case which began in the high court last week centres on the greatest crime in history, the Holocaust - the Nazis' murder of six million Jews.

London mayor

AROUND 100 people attended a hustings for London mayor organised by the GMB union Heathrow airport last week.

Mood against corporations

ABOUT 150 people gathered in London last Saturday to discuss building on the victory against the World Trade Organisation in Seattle last November.

Blair's backyard job cuts

WORKERS AT Schott Industrial Glass in Newton Aycliffe have been left reeling by the surprise announcement of 54 redundancies


Scottish CND picket

Inside the system

NEW Labour has repeatedly told us that private money is the best way to finance services like the NHS


ITN NEWS could be blacked out next week after journalists and technicians voted 80 percent for strikes. The vote by members of the NUJ and BECTU unions was over proposals which will disrupt workers' ...

Bosses' pensions let off

Global warming is melting the frozen bedrock on which the Alps rest, scientists have found.

Straw Protest

HOME SECRETARY Jack Straw was heckled when he arrived at Edge Hill University College in Ormskirk, Lancashire, last Friday.

Poison plant

THE GOVERNMENT has changed its plans for stakeholder pensions to favour employers.

A servant of the powerful... An enemy of the weak

WHAT DOES Jack Straw know about justice?

There's a left way to take

TONY BLAIR'S popularity is on the slide.


SUPPORT IS growing for 11 east London firefighters suspended on New Year's Day

Leaks, dragons and stitch ups

ON 6 May 1999 New Labour managed the impossible - it lost the Rhondda, a Labour heartland for most of the last century, to Plaid Cymru.

ER without a miracle cure

BRINGING OUT the Dead follows Frank, a New York paramedic, over three consecutive nights at work. He feels burnt out from working long hours and has not saved anyone for months

Bus baron funds bigots

SCOTTISH BUS tycoon Brian Souter is to bankroll a bigoted campaign to keep the anti-gay Section 28 law on the statute books in Scotland.

Ecuador: 'People want total change'

THE LATIN American country of Ecuador was in crisis this week as protests and strikes erupted against the government. The protests were headed by indigenous Indian groups.

Manic anger

THOSE WHO are already fans of the Manic Street Preachers will love their latest release. Their single, The Masses Against the Classes, is a return to their earlier raw and e


FORD MOTORS could be set to face its first ever official strike by white collar staff.

Who's behind da reel Ali G?

ANYBODY WHO has watched Channel 4's 11 o'Clock Show will know that its only redeeming feature is the slot given over once a week to Ali G.


I HAVE been working in a non-unionised call centre for about four years. For the last year I have been pinning up union notices and articles from Socialist Worker

They destroyed our jobs... Now they're going to bulldoze our homes

NEWSPEAK WAS a term coined by writer George Orwell in his bleak vision of the future, 1984. Big Brother and his regime used words to mean the opposite of their real meaning.

Bus workers

BUS DRIVERS on Plymouth Buses have rejected a pay offer for the third time

'Where is the justice?'

"I THINK it is important to emphasise, particularly to the Metropolitan Police - which has had a difficult time after the Lawrence inquiry - that the stop and search powers are there and should be use

Injustice and racism

THE JUSTICE for Harry Stanley Campaign put the Metropolitan Police on the spot when they attended a meeting of the Hackney Community Police Consultative Group on Thursday


WHEN A group of students decided to organise a "charity strip show" on campus last week it was the straw that broke the camel's back

Cook restarts arms sales

WORKERS AT a secret government chemical plant in Cornwall were poisoned by leaks of a deadly nerve gas

What is so special about the English?

JACK STRAW'S comment on a Radio 4 programme that the English were "potentially very aggressive" set the Tory press raving in defence of "the English".

Campaigns roundup

A 50-strong meeting in Camden, north London, last week slammed the Labour-controlled council's plans to demolish an old people's home





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