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Issue: 1919

Dated: 18 Sep 2004

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'Blair wants to dump us on the scrapheap'

MORE PRIVATISATION and further attacks on working people are what lie in store from a third term Labour government.

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Exclusive interview with Mordechai Vanunu

"THE ISRAELI government have put a restriction on me not to speak to the foreign media. But I am speaking. I have the right to express my views and demand my human rights."

Bitter silence for Tony Blair

IT WAS billed as his most "union friendly" speech since he became Labour leader ten years ago—and still it fell flat.

Bloodbath in Baghdad as US army lashes out

THE US occupation is losing its grip on Iraq—and it is lashing out with ever greater brutality in response. At least 110 Iraqis died at the hands of the US military last Sunday.

Vigil for Iraqi victim of racist murder

HUNDREDS attended a vigil in Swansea last Saturday for Kalan Kawa Karim, victim of a racist murder. The vigil was held at the site of the murder, outside a pub in the city centre.

New army torture claims

US SOLDIERS in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul beat and stripped detainees, threatened them with sexual abuse and forced them to listen to ear-splitting music, according to Iraqi prisoners.

Who says?

"Well, it doesn’t seem to be an entirely unanimous vote."

Respect grows, Labour withers

‘LABOUR FACES catastrophe at election, warn MPs". That was the headline in the Independent on Sunday last week. Last Saturday’s Daily Mirror, reporting the result of the Millwall by-election, also described Labour’s crisis.

'Ford want it so if your face doesn't fit you're out'

"I’VE WORKED here 25 years. Now Ford want to take away everything we’ve gained." So said one Land Rover worker at the Solihull plant last week.

Wembley walkouts unite the nations

PROTESTS BY locked out steel erectors at Wembley stadium continue to grow. Workers demonstrated outside the incomplete stadium last week holding a giant metal chain and padlock.

Landfill protest

AROUND 50 protesters blockaded the entrance to a landfill at Path Head, Gateshead, last Saturday. Four truckloads of waste were turned away from the site.

Council workers

SOME 150 social workers in the Unison union are continuing their indefinite strike action in Liverpool. We have been getting good support from Unison, branches and other unions such as the PCS and FBU.

Postal workers

POSTAL WORKERS at Peterborough’s Werrington sorting office walked out unofficially last week over the effects of Royal Mail’s new once a day delivery system.

Stop this deportation

NEW LABOUR immigration minister Des Browne MP was confronted by the human reality of his policies when the Aftab family stopped him at an integration conference in Manchester last week.

Education and black students

OVER 2,000 people attended a conference on black education held at the Queen Elizabeth II conference centre in London at the weekend.

Demo that closed down whole town

MORE THAN 300 people marched through the small South Wales town of Pontypool last Friday to protest at the proposed closure of Trevethin Community School.

‘You can get told off for sucking a throat lozenge’

OVER 60 TGWU union members at the Soapworks factory in Easterhouse, Glasgow, entered their third week of strike action on Monday.

Now the battle begins

"THIS IS the biggest strike ballot in a generation, involving the whole of the civil service." With those fighting words Mark Serwotka, general secretary of the PCS civil service workers’ union, announced a ballot of 290,000 members.



Drama made out of a crisis

IF YOU want to hear debate about the war in Iraq, look no further than a theatre near you. Blair may have succeeded in closing down debate in parliament, but a record number of plays have as their themes the war and its consequences.


Great welcome for revolutionary film

WE SET up a stall at the brilliant Battleship Potemkin screening in Trafalgar Square.

Dizzying start in Hartlepool

THE HARTLEPOOL by-election has been called for 30 September. The election was sparked when Peter Mandelson MP was given a lucrative job as a European commissioner. It should be a safe Labour seat, but these days there is no such thing.

It was a stunning result for Respect in Millwall

RESPECT STUNNED New Labour in an election in the east London borough of Tower Hamlets last week.

‘I will not be silenced’

His "crime" was to have alerted the world to Israel’s nuclear weapons programme, which he had discovered following his work for nine years at the Dimona nuclear research centre in the Negev desert.

Storm the palace

‘IT’S STARTING to feel like the whole movement is heading to London for the European Social Forum (ESF) in October," says Chris Nineham, who is part of the mobilisation for the event.

Sudan’s rich past

WHICH country has the most pyramids from ancient times? Of course, everyone knows the answer is Egypt—except that actually it’s Sudan.

A key moment for all health workers

IN OCTOBER 450,000 health workers in Unison will be balloted on Agenda for Change following a special conference on 7 October.

The year world history hung in the balance

GERMANY WAS on the brink of revolution after the First World War. A workers’ revolt in this powerful country could have broken the isolation of the Russian Revolution and helped to prevent the rise of Adolf Hitler. It was a turning point in the history of the 20th century.


Homophobia and the Mobo awards

ONE ISSUE has dominated the build-up to the Music of Black Origin (MOBO) awards at the end of this month—the viciously anti-gay lyrics of two of the original nominees.

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Civil liberties abuse

FOR OVER a year we have had the constant presence of British immigration officers working alongside the police and London Underground’s revenue control inspectors on London Underground.

Behind every great fortune is a great crime

A US multinational stands accused of devastating a small fishing village in Indonesia.


Saturday 18 September Stop the War Coalition party, 8pm-3am, Bar Lorca, 261 Brixton Road, London.

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