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Issue: 2381

Dated: 26 Nov 2013

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We can't afford energy profits: Big Six bosses make a killing while pensioners freeze

Energy bosses are making a killing from fuel poverty. The profits of the Big Six companies rocketed by 75 percent last year, as the average gas and electricity bill went up 17 percent.

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Hundreds lobby Scottish parliament for equal marriage

About 200 people lobbied the Scottish Parliament in support of equal marriage on Wednesday of last week.

Anti-fracking protesters set up camp in Eccles

Protesters have set up a camp in Eccles, Greater Manchester, against plans to drill for gas in Barton Moss.

EDL are humiliated in Wakefield

The racist English Defence League (EDL) was humiliated when it marched in Wakefield on Saturday of last week.

Campaigner's prepare to kick out BNP's Nazi Nick Griffin as MEP

Around 80 people attended the Nick Griffin Must Go regional confrerence organised by North West Unite Against Fascism (UAF) in Liverpool last Sunday.

Socialist teachers discuss when to strike in the new year

Around 50 people attended a national meeting of the Socialist Teachers Alliance (STA) in London last Saturday. 

Glasgow Pupil Support Assistants set for fifth strike day

Pupil Support Assistants (PSAs) in Glasgow were set for another city-wide strike on Friday of this week.

New hearing for suspended bus rep Robert Chung

Metroline union rep Robert Chung was set to attend a disciplinary hearing on Wednesday of this week.

Students discuss abortion rights

Students from universities and student unions around Britain came together for a lively Abortion Rights student conference last Saturday.

Protest demands, 'free Shaker Aamer'

“Let the world know what is happening.” The words of Shaker Aamer, the last British prisoner at Guantanamo Bay, came out clearly when he was interviewed recently on television.

Time to speak up for our libraries

Activists from around Britain attended the Speak Up For Libraries conference in London last Saturday.

London Underground staff to vote in strike ballot

A strike ballot over the use of agency staff on the Tube and the casualisation of existing workers is due to end on Monday of next week.

More Mitie strikes keep up the fight for fair pay

Cleaners employed by Mitie working for First Great Western have rejected a management offer of an 8.5 percent wage increase over three years. 

Parents protest to protect Grange respite care for disabled children

Trade unionists and parents campaigning to save Salford’s Grange respite centre were set to protest outside a council meeting as Socialist Worker went to press.

Legal fight to stop fire station closures begins

Earlier this year, London Mayor Boris Johnson gave the go-ahead for plans to axe 550 firefighter jobs, 10 stations and 14 engines as part of a £28.8million cuts drive. On Tuesday of this week Islington Council led a bid for a judicial review into the closures at the High Court in London.

DHL and UPS workers strike over pay and bullying

Around 100 workers in the Unite union struck for 48 hours at the DHL facility at London Heathrow airport on Thursday and Friday of last week. And around 120 drivers, packers and loaders struck at UPS parcel depot in Camden also went on strike.

Witness ‘saw cop move object’ from scene of Duggan shooting

As the inquest into the police shooting of Mark Duggan in August 2011 nears its end, a witness tells the jury she saw a cop run from the scene with an object, says?Annette Mackin

Investigations launched after deaths in custody

A criminal investigation has been launched into eight police officers and two members of police staff after after Terry Smith died in police custody in Surrey. An investigation has also been launched into the death of Kevin McGurty whilst in police custody in Gretna, Scotland.

Veteran activists remember LGBT solidarity with miners

Veterans of Lesbian and Gays Support the Miners (LGSM) met last Friday in London to remember the epic struggles of 30 years ago. 

Cops stonewall investigation into police surveillance of Janet Alder

Two police officers are stonewalling the investigation into the police surveillance of Janet Alder by refusing to answer questions put by investigators.

Hacking prosecutors expose Murdoch press operation

The trial of former News of the World editors Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson, and six others at the Old Bailey entered its fourth week this week.

Migrants speak out after Cameron announces attack on their benefits

David Cameron has announced that he will stop Romanians and Bulgarians from having full rights to claim benefits when European Union (EU) restrictions on their settling in Britain are lifted in January.

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Hunger striker faces deportation | Another Atos related death | Massive cuts in Bristol | Nuclear bosses avoid tax

Scargill calls for investigation of Orgreave arrest

Arthur Scargill has called on the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) to investigate his arrest in May 1984. 

Student loan selloff begins

The government sold a chunk of student loans for less than 20 percent of its value to consortium Erudio Student Loans on Monday of this week.

University and college staff strike to beat attacks on pay

Workers across four unions in colleges and universities are set to strike on Tuesday of next week. This is an escalation of a dispute over pay.

Radical independence campaign argues for Scotland to reject Tory austerity

As the debate around Scottish independence heats up, activists are putting the case for a radical break with Tory austerity and British imperialism.

Gibson and Chilcot reports into torture and war held up

Publication of a report exposing British involvement in rendition and torture has been postponed at the last minute.

Health workers on the front line are under strain

“A&Es were inundated last week with people with coughs, colds and painful throats who couldn’t get an appointment with a GP,” said Sally, a health worker in east London. 

Tories could take even more benefits from the seriously ill by scrapping Work Related Activities Programme

Tory minister Iain Duncan Smith wants to make it easier to slash the benefits of 550,000 seriously ill people, the Observer has claimed.

Osborne makes a U-turn on payday loan sharks

Tory Chancellor George Osborne did a U-turn on payday loans companies last Monday.

Deliveries key in crunch talks at Royal Mail

Talks between Royal Mail and the CWU union were ongoing as Socialist Worker went to press.

University of London cleaners begin 48 hour '3 Cosas' strike for better conditions

Cleaners start two day strike for sick pay, holiday pay and pensions

Unofficial walkout by Crewe postal workers

Some 100 workers at Crewe Delivery Office walked out of work this morning, Friday, on unofficial strike. The workers struck for three hours over allegations of bullying and harassment from management. They have since returned to work.

Protesters defy Egypt's new 'protest law'

Gigi Ibrahim reports from Cairo on the demonstrations which have erupted this week in response to a new anti-protest law. Police have killed a young student and arrested and assaulted many protesters


West plans intervention in Central African Republic

The British press is demanding Western intervention in the Central African Republic (CAR) after stories of atrocities and the threat of genocide.

Mass walkout at UN climate talks in Warsaw

Around 800 people walked out of the United Nations climate change talks in Warsaw, Poland, on Thursday of last week.

Afghan prime minister Hamid Karzai delays US occupation plans

Afghan prime minister Hamid Karzai has delayed signing a deal allowing the US to keep 15,000 occupying troops in Afghanistan for another decade.

Bashar al Assad's regime targeted children to try and break revolt

A new report has revealed the scale of casualties among children in Syria since a revolt began in March 2011.

Scottboro boys finally pardoned - 82 years on

The US state of Alabama has granted posthumous pardons to three black teenagers wrongly accused of raping two white women on a train in 1931.

Anger is rising over attacks on migrants in Saudi Arabia

Hibist Kassa, a socialist in Ethiopia, on the background to the detention of and assaults on Ethiopian migrant workers in Saudi Arabia


Iran deal could let US focus on China

It’s an open question whether or not the deal struck last weekend in Geneva between Iran and the United States, alongside five other “world powers”, will stick, writes Alex Callinicos


How new revolutionary protests are resisting the state in Egypt

As protests return to Cairo’s streets, Judith Orr spoke to Egyptian socialists and activists about the unfolding revolution there and the fight to stop army repression

Meet the real Roma people of Sheffield's Page Hall

Politicians and the media have been peddling lurid horror stories about the Roma people of Page Hall in Sheffield. Sadie Robinson spoke to people about the reality


Collider exhibition - Go behind the scenes of the world's biggest experiment

A new exhibition cuts through the mysterious headlines of God particles and apocalypses to make the Large Hadron Collider feel real, says Dave Sewell

Catching Fire - a tale of revolt which inspires a generation hungry for change

In Catching Fire, we return to Panem, the post apocalyptic dystopia first seen in The Hunger Games. Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) is coming to terms with life after breaking the rules of the brutal Hunger Games in the first film.

Predictable snobbery greets Hull named as City of Culture 2017

Hull has long been suffering the Tory attacks on jobs and welfare. Poverty has reached 30 percent of the population. Tens of thousands of jobs have been lost since 2008 and there is no sign of recovery here.

What We Think

We need resistance to Tories’ winter of misery

The television adverts are already full of sparkly fairy lights, visions of cosy family homes and expensive shopping sprees for Christmas presents.

Israel is the threat

We are told the new deal on controlling nuclear production signed by Iran will make the region and the world a safer place. 

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Including letters on campaigning to ban page three, appreciating NHS staff, cycling deaths and stopping an eviction

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‘At best it suggests closed minds, a certain bigotry. At worst it conveys an image of bovine stupidity’

Conservatives keep donations all in the club

Conservative Party funding | Tories look after their daughters | Tories struggle against reality | Their holidays and ours | Tax reduction for stables we pay to heat | Farepak victims lose £1 million

Those at the top knew about British army's Northern Ireland death squad killings

Simon Basketter looks at part of the history of British army terror tactics in Northern Ireland and what BBC’s Panorama didn’t tell us about death squads.

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