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Issue: 2382

Dated: 03 Dec 2013

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Bankers pay on the up, workers pay goes down: There's no recovery for us

Tory chancellor George Osborne says Britain is booming. He wants us to believe that his austerity plans are working and the economy is out of crisis.

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Higher and further education workers strike for decent pay

Reports from picket lines around the country report strong turnouts and lots of support from students

Pictures from the higher and further education workers strike Tuesday 3 December

Picket line pictures

Post workers set to strike in West-Super-Mare

Post workers in Weston-Super-Mare in Somerset were set to strike on Thursday of this week. 

Shetland bosses launch a lockout over action ballot by construction workers

Bosses have locked out construction workers building a £500 million gas plant on Shetland.

Strike hits callous St Mungo's homeless charity

Six workers at St Mungo’s North Herts Sanctuary in Hitchin began a seven-day strike last Saturday. 

Progress on the ‘3 Cosas’ for University of London cleaners

Cleaners at University of London working for Balfour Beatty have been offered improved sick pay and up to 33 days holiday after three years after their two day strike last week.

Reports round-up

Mitie cleaners consider new offer | Defend union rep Charlotte Monro | March celebrates victory at Hovis | Action in Glasgow wins concessions | Ballot due over attack on shifts | Anti-racists block EDL in Hartlepool

Reports round-up 2

Tube drivers set to strike for a day | Firefighters’ ballot draws to an end | Hewlett Packard workers balloted | Gatwick staff vote to strike over pay |

More pictures from the higher and further education workers strike Tuesday 3 December

Pictures from the strike rallies and more from the picket lines

Cyclists stage die-in after deaths on road

Around 1,000 cyclists in London held a “die-in” protest at the headquarters of Transport for London on Friday evening of last week.

Teachers hound hated Gove

Teachers and other trade unionists protested outside a local Tory party meeting due to be addressed by Michael Gove on Friday of last week.

The inquest into Mark Duggan's shooting draws to a close

The inquest into the death of Mark Duggan heard final, important evidence as Socialist Worker went to press.

'Bedroom tax threats drove me from my home'

One young family will be spending Christmas crammed in a one bedroom flat—after a death brought the bedroom tax onto them.

Resisting the frackers in Eccles

Around 60 people came together to resist the plans of iGas to extract coal methane and then begin fracking at Barton Moss in Eccles, Greater Manchester.

Students occupy and join workers' picket lines

Students occupied several universities in solidarity with the strike, and turned out in big numbers to support picket lines across Britain.

Bedroom tax eviction hearing protests

Supporters of Hands off our Homes demonstrated outside the Leeds County Court on Thursday of last week as a tenant was brought in for failing to pay the bedroom tax.

Save Barnsley Central Library campaign

Some 50 people demonstrated in Barnsley town centre on Monday of last week against plans to close the Central Library.

Grangemouth bosses announce new job cuts

Bosses at the Grangemouth petrochemical complex in Falkirk announced vicious new cuts on Monday of this week.

British government tries to deport desperately ill hunger striker Isa Muazu

Theresa May’s latest attempt to look tough on immigration has failed—for now, writes Ken Olende

Egyptian steel workers stage sit-in

Hundreds of steel workers in Helwan were continuing their sit-in to demand payment of bonuses and government investment on Monday of this week. 

Tax revolt in France

The French government is caught in a battle over who should pay tax. 

Hundreds attend conference to launch a new Left Unity party

Around 500 people attended the launch of the new party Left Unity in central London last Saturday. 

Protesters shake government in Ukraine

Mass Protests were loosening president Viktor Yanukovych’s control of Ukraine as Socialist Worker went to press. 

Hundreds attend Stop the War conference in London

Over 400 attended the Stop the War (StW) Coalition International conference in London last Saturday. Speakers included Labour MP Diane Abbott who talked about the opposition in parliament to David Cameron’s plan to bomb Syria. 

Angolan rulers 'ban' Islam

The Angolan government is accused of “banning” Islam as a clampdown on the Muslim minority intensifies.

Lines of control: 100 years after Ford's first automated assembly line

100 years after Ford’s first automated assembly line, Simon Basketter looks at a workplace model that bosses still follow today

Reactionary protests attempt to force a coup in Thailand

Giles Ji Ungpakorn looks at what’s behind the new wave of monarchist protests

Firefighters say no more cuts after helicopter crashes into Glasgow pub

Nine people were killed when a police helicopter crashed through the roof of a packed Glasgow pub, the Clutha, as a band was in full flow on Friday evening last week.

Concerns over safety of helicopter in Glasgow crash

The police helicopter that crashed, a Eurocopter EC135 Type 2, was the subject of safety checks in July but was not withdrawn from service. 

News in brief

Theresa May makes man stateless - again | Police failed to protect victim of vigilantes | Man guilty of Grimsby mosque bomb | Back to work scheme fails

Sussex students suspended for taking part in occupation

Five students have been suspended from Sussex University after taking part in the occupation there.

Osborne announces more cuts and more tax breaks for bosses

Tory chancellor George Osborne claimed “Britain's economic plan is working”.

Students resist police and university bosses' crackdown on protests

Students at Sussex and in colleges at the University of London are resisting a crackdown on protests and occupations by police and university bosses.

Egypt's Revolution deepens in the face of state repression

Egyptian Revolutionary Socialist and labour lawyer Haitham Mohamedain is a leading activist in the struggles against the military’s new “protest law”. He writes from Cairo on why this resistance shows that the revolution continues


Socialists in Greece face crucial court case from the Nazi Golden Dawn

Workers are rallying to defend our newspaper and take on the Golden Dawn Nazis, says Panos Garganas

Far left triples vote in Danish council elections

Local council election results in Denmark showed a surge in support for the far left Unity List (EL). Also known as the Red-Green Alliance, EL includes members of the Socialist Worker Party’s sister organisation the International Socialists.

David Cameron's chums in China

100 toffs and bosses joined David Cameron on his trip to China


Tory recovery is another debt boom

George Osborne's Autumn Statement on Thursday of this week is no doubt set to continue the tactical adjustments that a coalition that is fundamentally on the defensive has been pursuing.


JSOC exposed: How Britain’s SAS helped set up the US president’s private army

Investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill looks at the shadowy Joint Special Operations Command in his new film Dirty Wars

Jeremy Scahill talks about his film Dirty Wars: finding the names and faces of the West's victims

Investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill set out to put names, faces and stories to the victims of the Western military in his new film Dirty Wars. He spoke to Judith Orr about his journey to expose the slaughter of the “war on terror”


All That's Solid Melts into Air: Jeremy Deller shows how conflicts in the workplace have shaped our culture

Exhibition shows a culture born in mills, mines and zero hours contracts says Emma Martin

Carrie remake wastes much of the original's power

The story of Carrie was always linked to women’s liberation. Steven King, whose book both versions of the film are based on, described it as about women “finding their channels of power”.

Burial Rights: Life and death of an Icelandic peasant

This novel imagines the last months of Agnes Magnusdottir who was beheaded for arson and murder in Iceland in 1830

Paul Waplington exhibition: depicting workers and their families from the industrial Midlands

This great exhibition opens with a picture of a May Day march through Nottingham in the 1970s.

Leviathan: following the modern day fishing trawlers

This extraordinary vivid film returns to the US fishing port of New Bedford, over 150 years after the classic novel Moby Dick.

What We Think

Take the power from greedy energy bosses

Politicians are playing games with energy. Millions of ordinary people are outraged at the hike in fuel bills while the big six power companies rake in massive profits. 

Grangemouth - a betrayal foretold

Billionaire petrochemicals boss Jim Ratcliffe is adding insult to injury for workers at Grangemouth.

Other Categories

Nelson Mandela 1918-2013

Nelson Mandela's fight against apartheid inspired millions of people across the world. Charlie Kimber looks back on his life and the struggle he helped lead


Including letters on why Hull should be both a city of culture but also resistance, supporting left wing Turkish lawyers and Bargee travellers and organising against anti-abortion bigots on campus.


Boris Johnson attacks the poor, media whipping up racism against migrants, how the rich slum it in style, high wire act comes to Heathrow

Operation Legacy: When Britain burned the paper trail of its imperial crimes

Britain burned a huge number of damning documents in secret to hide the shame of its brutal empire. Ken Olende looks at Operation Legacy

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