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Issue: 2383

Dated: 10 Dec 2013

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Cash for them, cuts for us: MPs' pay hiked while workers' pay cut

MPs’ hypocrisy over wage cuts while earning treble the average should be a spur to action, says Judith Orr

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Firefighters’ strikes need to ‘escalate to win’ on pensions

The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) has announced two further strikes in the row over pensions.

Get ready to stand up to racism across Europe

A coalition of activists plans to organise a Stand Up to Racism demonstration next spring.

Veteran Tory faces abuse questioning

A former Tory cabinet minister is to be questioned by the Metropolitan Police over allegations of child abuse.

Ofsted lines up with hated Michael Gove

The hated schools inspectorate Ofsted was set to publish its annual report as Socialist Worker went to press.

News in brief

Victory for Trenton Oldfield, Iain Duncan-Smith in a debacle and the economic recovery

Sean Rigg's family get IPCC investigation reopened

Family continue their fight for justice after IPCC announced it will reopen the investigation to Sean Rigg's death in custody

Lawyer in Mark Duggan inquest asks cop if an officer 'planted' gun

The coroner in the inquest into the police shooting of Mark Duggan began his summing up this week.

LGBT protesters say Pride not profit

A small demonstration took place in Manchester’s Gay Village last Saturday to reclaim Pride, the annual LGBT festival.

Don’t force Elton Community Primary School to become an academy

About 120 people demonstrated outside Elton Community Primary School in Bury on 2 December against it being forced into becoming an academy. 

Royal Mail workers should reject this damaging deal

The CWU union has announced it has reached an agreement with Royal Mail after weeks of talks. 

Copland High school Santa strike


UCU higher education committee discusses further action

The lecturers’ UCU union held a special higher education committee on Friday of last week. It followed a successful walkout by UCU, Unison, EIS and Unite union members on Tuesday of last week.

People's Assemblies get organised to take on Tory austerity

The People’s Assembly held its first national meeting for representatives of local groups last Saturday. 

Reinstate sacked hospital rep Charlotte Monro

Over 80 health workers and NHS activists protested outside Royal London Hospital, east London, on Wednesday of last week against the sacking of Charlotte Monro.

'Bedroom tax, my arse'

Ricky Tomlinson at anti bedroom tax social | Ashfield debates bedroom tax evictions

Hengrove Play Park Protest

Nearly 200 people—including children, parents and grandparents—marched around the brilliant Hengrove Play Park in Bristol. 

Mass meeting shows mood to stop Sheffield council pay cut

More than 400 council workers attended a mass meeting on Monday of this week to discuss a proposed pay cut by Sheffield council. 

Students continue to stand up to clampdown on protests

University bosses are using the courts, police and disciplinary measures to clamp down on student protest at the University of Sussex and the University of London.

Witness threatened with deportation

Afolashade Lamidi is being held at Yarl’s Wood detention centre near Bedford. 

Reports round-up

Join Portsmouth march for shipbuilding jobs | Rentokil cleaners come out for a living wage | ‘3 Cosas’ strikers call new dates | Cleaners' meeting demands Justice for Christmas | Progress on tube suspends action | Vote yes in London Underground ticket office closure ballot

Unions back camp against fracking

Around 250 protesters turned out to support those camping at Barton Moss in Salford against exploratory drilling for shale gas. 

Still no justice as Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan change pleas

Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan, two British men extradited to the US in October last year after long court cases, appeared in court in New Haven yesterday, Tuesday, and changed their pleas to guilty.

Students protest against police harassment

Over 2,000 students joined a "cops off campus" demo today, Wednesday, at the University of London's central London campuses.


France deploys more than 1,600 troops into Central African Republic

Over 1,600 French troops are now deployed in the Central African Republic (CAR).

Riot cops surround Ukrainian parliament as confrontation comes to a head

The confrontation in Kiev is coming to a head and the opposition is divided, writes Simon Basketter

Support socialist journalists in Greece as court case against Workers Solidarity begins

Support has poured in from across Greece for the newspaper Workers Solidarity, Socialist Worker’s sister publication.

Steel workers hold sit-ins and strikes in Egypt

Over 300 iron and steel workers demonstrated in central Cairo, Egypt’s capital city, on Monday of this week.

Walkouts for wages hit fast food chains across the US

Fast food workers in cities across the US struck on Thursday of last week against poverty pay and for the right to be in a union.

Thailand government forced to call general elections in Thailand

The government in Thailand has called a general election for 2 February following mass protests.


Tories talk up a crisis in education then try to make it worse

Michael Gove thinks an international survey shows a need for exams—but that’s not what it says at all, writes Ralph Tebbutt

New struggles rock South Africa today

The death of Nelson Mandela has made the South African political establishment look at its own aims and record. Compared to the ideals of 1994 and the sacrifice of Mandela, their aspirations fall very short of what the mass of South Africa’s people want.


Land and Labour: for a sustainable solution to the ecological crises

Martin Empson, author of a new book on ecology and human history, argues that human action is key to the possibility of a sustainable solution to ecological crises


Kill Your Darlings - a tragic Beats biopic that reveals a love worth howling about

A new film looks at Allen Ginsberg’s relationship with Lucien Carr, which inspired some of the last century’s most radical poetry, writes Emma Davis

Beyond El Dorado - the looted treasures of a civilisation drowned in blood

The beginning of the modern country of Colombia was the end of a much longer history.

Humbug - a darkly comic tale for Christmas

Victorian London is replaced by modern Cardiff in this darkly comic interpretation of Charles Dickens’ classic redemption tale A Christmas Carol by the Leftfield Theatre Company.

Happy Lands competition result

Thanks to all who entered our competition to win a copy of The Happy Lands on DVD. We asked when the 1926 general strike began, and many of you correctly answered 3 May.

What We Think

We have the power to fight and win - and our rulers know it

Nelson Mandela was born into a country where he was deemed a second class citizen simply because of the colour of his skin.

World Trade Organisation agreement is a deal for the rich

Ministers from 159 countries have signed up to the World Trade Organisation’s first global trade deal. It followed 12 years of negotiations.

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Chris Maguire 1952-2013

It is with sadness that we report the suicide of Chris Maguire.


Featuring letters on the bedroom tax, the Turner Prize, Scottish Independence and more. Plus details to send holiday greetings and solidarity to prisoners.

Send holiday greetings and solidarity to prisoners

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This week's Troublemaker

Drive for profit puts cyclists in danger on the roads

Following the deaths of six cyclists in London, Raymie Kiernan looks at why roads are now less safe and the reality of Boris Johnson’s ‘cycling revolution’

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