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Issue: 2384

Dated: 17 Dec 2013

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Heartless council bosses' greeting to tenants: 'Merry Christmas - You're Evicted'

The Tory bedroom tax and rocketing energy prices have made it impossible for thousands of poor council tenants to make ends meet. But heartless council bosses are hounding them with threats of eviction.

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Things they say

‘Please buy 20 on Amazon, 10 at Waterstones’

Charity workers walk out on 12 days of Christmas strike

Workers at a homeless people's hostel in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, have walked out for a 12 day strike over Christmas. They are members of the Unite union employed by charity St Mungo's.

Firefighters out on strike on Christmas Eve

Firefighters in England and Wales walked out on strike on Christmas Eve, Tuesday, over government attacks on their pensions.

Firefighters see in the new year with a strike

Firefighters in England and Wales in the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) went on strike last night, New Years Eve, over government attacks on their pensions.

A 12-day strike against St Mungo's charity bosses who refuse to cough up sick pay

Workers at a homeless hostel in Hertfordshire were set to strike for 12 days over Christmas to win terms and conditions they say they were promised.

Trade unionists rally to defend shipbuilding in Portsmouth

Some 200 workers from the GMB, Unite and Prospect unions in Portsmouth dockyard held a march and rally on Saturday of last week to save shipbuilding in Portsmouth.

Anti-fracking campers defy the cops in Eccles

Protesters blocking the entrance to a fracking test site near Eccles, Greater Manchester, added a giant wind turbine blade to their camp on Monday of this week.

Cleaners’ campaign beats Conel wage cut

Cleaners at the College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London (Conel) have won a dramatic victory over wages.

Middlesbrough football fans anti-racist march to stadium

Over 100 fans of Middlesbrough football club staged an anti-racist protest before a match after other supporters ripped up a copy of the Quran during a game.

West Anglia station workers ballot for strikes

Station workers in the RMT union on Greater Anglia’s West Anglia are balloting for strikes and action short of a strike.

Pay walkout for Mettis Aerospace staff

Around 300 workers were set to strike at Mettis Aerospace in Redditch.

Justice for Habib "Paps" Ullah vigil

The family and supporters of the Justice for Habib “Paps” Ullah campaign were set to hold a vigil outside High Wycombe police station on Friday of this week.

UPS strike called off after rep returns to work

The Unite union has called off a planned strike at UPS Parcels in central London.

Send donations to support sacked electrician Steve Acheson

Activists in the Unite and Ucatt unions protested with Steve Acheson outside Fiddlers Ferry power station.

Firefighters' union announces more strikes at Christmas and New Year

Firefighters in England and Wales have called strikes during two of the busiest periods of the Christmas holidays.

Teachers say no to cuts in pay and conditions

Teachers at schools run by the National Autistic Society (NAS) went on strike on Thursday of last week. 

Ford’s Visteon pension betrayal criticised

MPs called on Ford to honour its responsibilities to former Visteon workers in a debate in parliament last week.

Mark Duggan inquest jury retires after hearing 'contradictory' evidence

The jury in the inquest into the death of Mark Duggan was still deliberating its conclusion as Socialist Worker went to press. 

Campaign launched to save cancer services in east London

Around 70 doctors and consultants launched a campaign in east London last week against NHS England’s new plans to move cancer services out of the area. 

Hillsborough evidence has gone 'missing'

Key police footage of the Hillsborough football disaster is “missing”. 

News round-up

Ucatt workers maintain strike - A new threat to Isa Muazu - Lords in briefly for hundreds - Anti-Zionism is not racist says EU

No-strike deal at Royal Mail would be a disaster

Communication Workers Union (CWU) reps were set to meet at a national briefing as Socialist Worker went to press to discuss a proposed agreement reached with Royal Mail.

SWP conference discusses the way forward for the left

Hundreds of delegates gathered at the Socialist Workers Party’s conference last weekend. The party’s national secretary Charlie Kimber writes on the way forward for revolutionaries

Disabled activists take on Gove with flash occupation

Some 30 disabled activists, parents and teachers stormed the Department for Education last week to protest against government attacks on inclusive education.

Fury at cuts to child benefits

A panicking David Cameron has been forced to deny plans to scrap child benefits and tax credits for families with more than two children.

After defeats and victories - how do we strengthen the struggle?

The SWP conference debated the fightback against the Tories and the bosses and the SWP’s role within it—from the mood in the workplaces to the spectacular new movement against the bedroom tax. 


‘We are not afraid’ - Egyptian Revolutionary Socialist speaks out against state crackdown

Mahienour El-Massry, a lawyer and a member of the Revolutionary Socialists in Egypt, on current struggles and a warrant for her arrest

Trial of socialist journalists in Greece is postponed

The trial of Greek socialist newspaper Workers’ Solidarity is set to be rescheduled for the spring.

Mass protests continue in Ukraine over European Union integration

In the fourth week of protests 200,000 people took to the streets of Kiev on Sunday of last week.

Steel workers in Egypt win strike demands

Striking workers in Egypt’s state-owned iron and steel company have won their promised profit shares and the sacking of the company’s boss.


Lise Meitner - a scientific pioneer who overcame prejudice

Physicist Lise Meitner made major breakthroughs while contending with racism and sexism, explains John Parrington

Attacking immigrants is no good for workers

Restrictions on the ability of Romanians and Bulgarians to work and settle in other European Union (EU) countries are lifted on 1 January 2014. Anti-migrant campaigns are being used by the government and the press to convince people that immigrants are to blame for social problems but this does nothing to help working people.

Afghanistan: mission accomplished?

David Cameron has declared that British troops can leave Afghanistan next year with “heads held high” after 12 years of war and occupation.  After the 9/11 attacks in the US we were told the invasion of Afghanistan, one of the poorest countries in the world, was to halt the growth of Al Qaida. 


Britain's brutal legacy in Kenya

Fifty years after Kenyan independence Ken Olende looks at the crimes of British colonialism, the Mau Mau rebels who fought back, and their betrayal by Kenya’s new rulers

Return to Dale Farm - 'Two years later, we’ve got nothing'

Travellers living in Dale Farm face a bleak winter. It is just over two years since Basildon council evicted them from their land and demolished their homes, reports Sadie Robinson


Protest Song: a play that gives a remarkable account of the Occupy movement

Protest Song is an account of the Occupy movement as seen through the eyes of one of the long-term homeless residents of St. Paul's cathedral in London.

Nelson Mandela's victory is sweeter when it's not sugar-coated

A new biopic is forthright about Nelson Mandela’s role in armed struggle but reduces the movement’s radical hopes to a caricature, says Ayodele Jabbaar

Protest Song writer speaks about the 'wonderful' Occupy camp

Two years after the Occupy camp at St Paul’s cathedral, playwright Tim Price is taking it to the stage in Protest Song.

Reviews round-up

Hora Chilena, (Chilean Time), is a very personal documentary film. Two second generation Chileans take a journey to explore their roots as political refugees in Cambridge in the aftermath of the US-backed 1973 Pinochet coup.

What We Think

Other Categories

Beth Stone 1946-2013

Beth Stone, a lifelong and unwavering fighter against injustice, oppression, racism and all the miseries of capitalism, has sadly died of cancer.


With letters on miners' solidarity and the fightback today, MPs pay rise, Amazon's tax and more

How the royals scrape by at Christmas in Sandringham

This week's Troublemaker featuring a bout of "affluenza", trawling for yachts, the Met's adventures in Romania and much more.

The hidden homeless who councils leave in the cold

A change in the law means more people are being pushed into temporary housing while councils cash in on property prices, reports Sarah Ensor

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