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Issue: 2385

Dated: 07 Jan 2014

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Tory 'hard truths' mean no let-up in war on workers

Tory chancellor George Osborne promised this week that 2014 will be “a year of hard truths”. This means more cuts. 

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Protesters take on rail fare rises

campaigners protested against fare rises at London’s King’s Cross mainline station on Thursday of last week. 

Back strikes on London's DLR - and on London Underground

Transport workers on the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) are balloting for strikes over attacks on pay and conditions.

Traffic wardens say no to ticket targets

Shoppers in Portsmouth enjoyed free parking on Monday 23 December.

New year solidarity from prison protest

Activists joined a protest outside Brixton prison in south London on New Year’s Eve. 

Say no to Royal Mail's no strike deal in ballot

CWU union reps were meeting across Britain to discuss the post-privatisation deal that the union negotiated with Royal Mail as Socialist Worker went to press.

Fracking campaign continues at Barton Moss

Daily protests against exploratory drilling for fracking, or shale gas extraction, are continuing at Barton Moss in Eccles, Greater Manchester. 

Join the campaign to get bankrupt Griffin out of the European Parliament

Nazi British National Party leader Nick Griffin (right) has been declared bankrupt.

Renold workers strike against a pay freeze

More than 30 workers at Renold Hi-Tec Couplings in Halifax struck against a pay freeze on Thursday 19 December.

Council workers in Glasgow and Sheffield prepare for pay action

Social work residential workers in Glasgow were considering plans for industrial action as Socialist Worker went to press.

Kincora scandal papers show links to ‘men in high places’

Newly released secret state documents do nothing to dispel rumours of a child abuse cover-up at the top, explains Simon Basketter

Firefighters say - turn up the heat to beat the bosses

After three more solid strikes, FBU firefighers tell Annette Mackin they need to escalate their action

Tories discussed a Berlin-style Belfast divide

In 1984 the IRA blew up a hotel in Brighton hosting Tories staying for their annual conference.

Barristers sustain objection to Tory legal aid cuts with historic walkout

Barristers walked out of courts in England and Wales on Monday morning of this week. Their half day strike was in protest at Tory attacks on legal aid.

Join the fightback for fast food workers’ rights

Food workers union Bfawu, Unite the Resistance and left wing Labour MP John McDonnell have teamed up to fight for fast food workers’ rights.

Manchester protest against bedroom tax evictions

Anti bedroom tax activists in Manchester were set to protest outside the Civil Justice Centre court on Wednesday of this week. 

Class action against the bedroom tax

Disabled tenants and their families, representing over 500,000 people, will be in London’s Court of Appeal between 20 and 22 January.

Teaching unions must call more strikes

Activists in teaching unions are calling for more action to defend their pay, pensions and conditions.

Migration - a racist scare made of hot air

Bulgarians and Romanians failed to ‘invade’—but that hasn’t stopped the scapegoating, writes Ken Olende

After immigration scare - the myth of 'full up' Britain

Tower Hamlets in London had Britain’s fastest-growing population in the past decade, as Matt Cavanagh pointed out in the Guardian in 2012.

Anti-migrant myths must always be challenged

Anti-migrant stories keep emerging.

Workers create wealth - it's the bosses who drain it

Migrants who come to Britain do not leech off existing wealth like the rich. It is workers who create the wealth—and if there are more workers, more wealth is created.

University lecturers call for more pay strikes

UCU union members are fighting for their union leaders to escalate action in a dispute over pay. They include members of the UCU Left, which Socialist Workers Party members are part of.

Strike ballot at Stem 6 Academy in Islington

Teachers at a privately-run school in north London are voting on whether to strike to demand union recognition.

New solidarity protest called for the Sussex Five students

Students at the University of Sussex are continuing their campaign against bosses’ attempts to discipline five students for their role in an occupation last year.

Amy Jowett - request for witnesses

Amy Jowett’s leg was broken on a demonstration opposing the British National Party (BNP) on 1 June last year in central London (above). She has issued an appeal for information.

'Benefits Street' residents speak out - 'TV firm is making us into scapegoats'

Angry residents in Birmingham’s James Turner Street spoke to Socialist Worker about a new TV show about their lives being broadcast on Channel Four.  

News round-up

New year riots hit two prisons... | ...but Tories want more prisoners | Jobless young feel worthless | NHS union rep Charlotte Munro loses appeal

No justice and no peace for Duggan family after inquest concludes 'lawful killing'

The family of Mark Duggan reacted with shock and fury to the decision of an inquest jury into his killing by police today, Wednesday. 

Protests mark closure of ten London fire stations

Firefighters, trade unionists, campaigners and residents gathered outside London fire stations this morning, Thursday, to mark their closure.

Mark Duggan's family call vigil this Saturday

The family of Mark Duggan have called a vigil for Saturday of this week to remember and respect his life.

Anger and defiance in Tottenham after inquest conclusion into Mark Duggan’s death

A jury inquest conclusion that Mark Duggan was lawfully killed by police has caused anger and defiance on the streets of Tottenham.

One thousand join Tottenham vigil calling for justice for Mark Duggan

Around 1,000 people gathered outside Tottenham police station to remember the life of Mark Duggan yesterday, Saturday. The road outside the station was filled with people who came to stand in solidarity with Mark’s family as they held a vigil to respect his life.


Tax revolts and 'pitchfork protests' - if we don’t fight austerity then other forces will

Sylvestre Jaffard asks if the protests against governments of the centre left in Italy and France are the shape of things to come

Revolutionary activists face arrest in state crackdown in Egypt

The military regime in Egypt is carrying out a serious crackdown on socialists and activists who played leading roles in the 2011 revolution. When the state has attacked revolutionaries in the past international solidarity has made a difference. Such solidarity is vital today.

US intervention in Iraq encouraged growth of Al Qaida

The US is sending advanced weapons to the Iraqi government to help crush a growing rebellion in Anbar province in the west of the country. Anbar was a centre of the resistance against the 2003-2011 US occupation.

South Africa's largest union breaks with ANC and calls for new workers' party

South Africa’s largest union withdrew electoral support for the governing African National Congress (ANC) in a historic move at a special conference last month. It went on to call for a new workers’ party to be set up.

Violent clashes follow election in Bangladesh

Elections in Bangladesh this week have plunged the country deeper into turmoil.

Railway workers strike against privatisation in South Korea

Up to 100,000 rail workers in South Korea struck for three weeks last month against government plans for running a new bullet train service. 

Over 1,000 people killed in South Sudan fighting

The state of South Sudan, created in 2011 after a 30-year civil war in Sudan, is now riven by internal fighting.

Refugee crisis in Central African Republic

The French government said its military intervention in the Central African Republic last month would stop the country collapsing into anarchy. 



A history soaked in blood - the British Empire’s crimes are nothing to celebrate

A century after the First World War our rulers are still trying to peddle patriotic pride. But the British Empire’s crimes are nothing to celebrate.

The killing of Mark Duggan

The jury was out in the inquest into the death of Mark Duggan as Socialist Worker went to press. Mark was shot by police in August 2011. Annette Mackin reviews the evidence given to the inquest—and says it raises questions about the conduct of the police


Remarkable film 12 Years A Slave lays bare the savage hypocrisy of slavery

New film 12 Years A Slave, adapted from the memoirs of Solomon Northup, is a poignant and powerful tale of horrific oppression, writes Ken Olende

Age of Uprising - the bleak epic of a class pulled between two horses

In the wintry woods of medieval France, a rich merchant is stopped by the thugs of a baron who seize two of his finest horses.

Reviews round-up

This is the first major exhibition in Britain of the work by Hannah Hoch, an influential artist in the radical Dada movement in 1920s Germany.

What We Think

Gove sees war through the eyes of his class

The odious Michael Gove wants us all to celebrate the First World War as a “just war”. For him it was a “noble cause” fought to defend “the Western liberal order”.

A chilling thought

The weather has always been difficult to predict. But the past week has been particularly dramatic.

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Leon Kuhn 1954-2013

Leon Kuhn, the socialist and anti-war cartoonist, died shortly before Christmas.

Dogan Tarkan 1948-2013

Alex Callinicos reflects on the life of a Turkish revolutionary socialist who died last month

Stand with migrant workers for good pay and conditions

Our government would have us believe that migrants are bad—especially those from Eastern Europe who may come at a later date.

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Complaints drown out Tory hunt for flood opportunity

Troublemaker finds the Tories making the most of floods, expenses and fox hunting. The police invest in removals, and some people worked very hard for gongs

Secret documents reveal Tories' fears over miners

Newly released documents show how the supposedly invincible Thatcher government reeled from the impact of strikes, writes Simon Basketter

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