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Issue: 2389

Dated: 04 Feb 2014

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Scottish campaigners say, 'We beat the Bedroom Tax'

 A year of protests has forced the Scottish government to banish the bedroom tax

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News in brief

Habib “Paps” Ullah; Tories attack pensioners; Heart attack during work capability test; Train disaster

Viktor Yanukovych returns in Ukraine as protesters demand his resignation

Protesters filled the streets of Ukraine’s capital Kiev on Monday of this week demanding the resignation of president Viktor Yanukovych.

Teachers strike after bosses break their word

Teachers at Stem 6 academy in Islington, north London, struck today, Wednesday, after bosses reneged on an agreement to recognise their union.

Solid strike on London Underground brings city to a halt

Central London transport ground to a halt as workers on London Underground struck for 48 hours from Tuesday evening of this week.

University workers' strike brings together four unions to demand decent pay

Workers in universities across Britain struck today, Thursday, to demand decent pay. The walkout brought together four unions – the UCU, Unison, Unite and the EIS in Scotland.

Teachers' union calls national strike against Michael Gove

The National Union of Teachers announced today, Friday, plans for a national strike across schools in England and Wales for Wednesday 26 March. 

Dallas Buyers Club: from bigot to activist

This hotly-tipped Oscar contender shows the transition of cowboy Ron Woodroof from bigot to activist after he is diagnosed with HIV.

Teachers’ strikes can hit back at hated Michael Gove

Action to stop the Tories’ attacks on teachers can boost a fight to defend education, writes Sadie Robinson

Plan to ‘refund’ bedroom tax in Scotland is huge blow to Tories

A plan to put aside millions to help those affected by the bedroom tax in Scotland is a major victory for campaigners, reports Dave Sewell

Angry and determined picket lines as university workers walk out over pay

Workers in higher education across Britain were set to walk out on Thursday of this week. The strike is the latest action in a long?running campaign to win decent pay.

Ambulance workers walk out in Yorkshire

Ambulance workers in Yorkshire struck for four hours on Monday of this week over derecognition of their union, downgrading of jobs and attacks on conditions.

Students protest over privatisation

Up to 350 students joined a demonstration at the University of Birmingham under the banner of free education on Wednesday of last week.

Protesters defend Barnsley Library

Up to 70 chanting protesters encircled the entrances to Barnsley Town Hall on Wednesday of last week.

TUSC prepares for the polls

Some 200 supporters of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) met last Saturday to discuss the council elections in England on 22 May.

Exam regulators strike over sacking

Over 30 exam regulators working for Ofqual in Coventry struck for half a day in support of a sacked workmate on Wednesday of last week.

Wardens walk out in dispute over pay

Traffic wardens in the Unite union in Portsmouth were set to strike for 24 hours on Wednesday of this week.

Journalists vote for strikes to save jobs

Journalists on Newsquest titles in Darlington have voted to strike against job losses.

Drivers in Dorset set strike dates

The Unite union has called two 24-hour strikes over pay for bus drivers at First Hampshire and Dorset “if negotiations break down”.

Welsh students call anti-cuts protest

Students at Ysgol Gyfun Rhydywaun school held a protest in Merthyr, South Wales, last Saturday against cuts that could stop them learning in Welsh.

Firefighters plan rally against job losses

The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) has called a rally against cuts planned by Cleveland Fire Brigade.

Strikes are back on after Stem 6 school bosses renege on union recognition agreement

Teachers at a north London free school were set to strike on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

Hundreds turn out in Slough to oppose racist EDL, but face police crackdown

The racist thugs of the English Defence League (EDL) failed to bring division to Slough on Saturday of last week.

Campaigning around the North West to get Nazi Nick Griffin out

Unite Against Fascism (UAF) supporters were out campaigning in the North West on Saturday of last week as part of the Nick Griffin Must Go campaign.

Union deal with Royal Mail will not benefit workers in the long term

The membership ballot over whether to accept the agreement the CWU union has reached with Royal Mail was due to end on Wednesday of this week.

Public meeting calls for justice for Mark Duggan

Up to 200 people attended a public meeting calling for justice for Mark Duggan in Tottenham, north London on Thursday of last week.

Teacher's at National Autistic Society schools strike back over attacks on conditions

Teachers at four schools run by the National Autistic Society (NAS) struck for three days last week.

Education round-up

Henley College in Oxfordshire are set to strike on Thursday of next week. Parents, teachers and others have organised an education Question Time in south London, EIS union members at Edinburgh College have voted by 92 percent for strikes over pay

Immigration Bill debate gets even more toxic

MPs passed the third reading of the government’s draconian Immigration Bill in parliament last week. The media has focused on a number of Tory amendments that tried to drag it even further to the right. 

Tube workers walk out to defend jobs

London Underground workers were set to strike for 48 hours from Tuesday evening of this week.

Tories are gunning for union leader Bob Crow because they fear strikes

Tory London mayor Boris Johnson blames the Tube strike on political manipulation by RMT leader Bob Crow. 

Over 120 join meeting to plan for Stand Up to Racism and Fascism protest

More than 120 people attended a planning meeting at the Finsbury Park Mosque in north London for the Stand Up to Racism and Fascism protest.

Don't deport Manjeet Kaur

Afghan refugee Manjeet Kaur has had her asylum case refused by the Home Office. Her appeal against the decision is likely to be held in early March.

Council workers are fed up of 'peanuts' pay

Local government workers across Britain joined protests for a decent pay rise on Tuesday of this week.

Did cops fake Hillsborough statements?

More survivors of the Hillsborough football disaster have said police versions of their evidence are inaccurate.


Thousands protest in Spain against plan to ban abortion

Tens of thousands of protesters from all over the Spanish state marched in Madrid last Saturday against government attacks on the right to abortion.

Olympic construction workers beaten in Russia

The people who worked to prepare for the Winter Olympics in Sochi were subjected to beatings, intimidation and little pay.

Total oil workers strike in South Yemen

Strikes have forced oil and gas company Total to stop oil production, in South Yemen’ s biggest oil and gas district of Hadramout.

LGBT activists in Russia vow to defy Putin’s homophobic lies and laws

The Russian government has provoked and legitimised a wave of homophobia in the run-up to the Winter Olympics.

Fury in Greece as police tow migrants out to drown

Around 2,000 people—including many Syrian, Afghan and Pakistani immigrants—marched on European Union (EU) offices in Athens on Thursday of last week.


An olympic struggle between oligarchs of West and East

The Winter Olympics in Sochi start this week amid a welter of controversies. Radical lawyer Bill Bowring summed them up—corruption and cronyism surrounding the construction of Olympic facilities, the war between Moscow and Central Asian jihadis, Russia’s anti-LGBT law, and so on.


Sexuality, class and control

As part of LGBT History Month, Sue Caldwell looks at how ideas of what is an acceptable expression of desire have changed as class society developed

Not going Underground: Cuts mean disabled access on Tube will be worse

Boris Johnson and the Tube bosses say that new technology allows them to sack hundreds of workers and close all ticket offices. But disabled people and Tube workers told Raymie Kiernan that getting rid of workers will make a system that’s already hard to navigate even harder. And it will force some of the capital’s most vulnerable people into isolation

How a battle for union rights at Coors pushed back homophobia

Josh Hollands looks back on a US strike that brought trade unionists and LGBT activists together—and strengthened both


Babylon’s keystone coppers lack their dark side

A police officer guns down an unarmed civilian in the streets but is restored to duty after completing a basic questionnaire.

Dark Days: powerful documentary about crack in New York society

This award-winning documentary about homeless people who live underground in New York follows the everyday lives of people who live in a crack in society.

What We Think

As Michael Gove and Boris Johnson eye up the top job - give the Tories a fight

Boris Johnson and Michael Gove are in competition. They think David Cameron looks weak and they each have their eye on the top job in the Tory party.

Ed Miliband's manoeuvre is an attack on unions

Ed Miliband is pushing ahead with his plan to weaken the union link to Labour. The proposals need agreement at a special conference but it’s pretty much a done deal.

Other Categories

Arthur Johnson 1926 - 2013

Socialists in Newport, South Wales, were very saddened to learn of the death of our comrade Arthur shortly before Christmas.


Former miner says Labour has a lot to answer for, a 13 year old explains how a shopping centre banned her for something she didn't do, a Polish writer says there are bad conditions at Sports Direct and a letter writer celebrates annoying Ukip

Lobbyists are unconvincing over the minister for fracking

This weeks Troublemaker with stories on fracking, a former spy fallen on hard times, Philip Hammond's war weariness and much more

Tories’ planning policies are behind flooding crisis

Tory environment secretary Owen Paterson has slashed grants to poor farmers while increasing grants for clearing land, writes Dave Sewell

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