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Issue: 2393

Dated: 04 Mar 2014

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Ukraine in crisis - say no to imperialist war games

The arrival of Russian troops on the streets of Crimea is producing an ­ever?­escalating war of words from global political leaders.

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Blow for Tory ticket office plans

Tory plans to close ticket offices and cut nearly 1,000 Tube workers’ jobs on London Underground (LU) has suffered a blow. 

Local government unions fury at lack of pay offer

Local government workers in Unison, GMB and Unite unions are furious at bosses’ failure to make a pay offer for this year.

Teachers prepare to strike on 26 March

Teachers in the NUT union are preparing to strike on Wednesday 26 March to defend their pay, pensions and conditions.

Defend schools from Gove

Around 150 people came to an Education Question Time in south London on Wednesday of last week.

Lecturers at University of Central Lancs prepare to strike

UCU MEMBERS at the University of Central Lancashire were set to strike for 48 hours, starting on Thursday of this week to save jobs. 

Lawyers walk out in historic strike to defend Legal Aid

Courts across England and Wales shut down today, Friday, as barristers and solicitors walked out in an historic strike.

New offer on the table as Glasgow care workers prepare to strike

Glasgow residential care workers were set to meet on Wednesday and Thursday of this week to consider an improved offer from bosses.

Stafford Hospital cuts put patients’ lives in danger

Vital services are to be stripped at Stafford Hospital after Tory health secretary Jeremy Hunt announced the troubled Mid Staffs NHS trust will be dissolved.

No to mental health cuts in Stockport

Campaigners publicising a Stop Mental Health Cuts launch meeting set to take place on Thursday of this week at 7pm at Stockport Town Hall 

Protest against bed closures at Hellesdon Psychiatric Hospital

The Campaign to save Mental Health Services in Norfolk and Suffolk held a protest against bed closures at Hellesdon Psychiatric Hospital last Saturday. The support from passing public was vociferous.

Defend East London cancer services

Health workers and activists held a lively public meeting in Whitechapel on Wednesday of last week to discuss changes to local specialist cancer services.

New challenge over Mark Duggan inquest

Mark Duggan’s mother Pamela has launched a legal challenge against the judge who presided over the inquest into Mark’s death.

Azelle Rodney gun cop loses legal challenge

The police marksman who shot and killed Azelle Rodney has lost his appeal against a public inquiry’s finding that the shooting was unlawful.

Anger at Moazzam Begg ‘terrorism related’ charges

Geoff Dexter and Ken Olende report on the anger at news of the detention of Moazzam Begg

Migrant cleaners walk out for equal rights at Soas

Cleaners at London’s School of Oriental and African Studies (Soas) began a 48-hour strike on Tuesday of this week after a 100 percent vote for action.

Nicky Jacobs' trial begins over PC Blakelock killing at Broadwater Farm

The trial of Nicky Jacobs, the seventh person charged with the killing of PC Blakelock during the 1985 Broadwater Farm riot began at the Old Bailey on Monday of this week.

Floods haven’t gone, but job cuts continue at the Environment Agency

Fresh flood warnings were issued for the whole South West coast of England this week. Most of the Somerset Levels have remained underwater for yet another month. Many homes are still flooded.

News in brief round-up

Gender pay gap higher in Britain | London fire station closure "caused death" | Childcare costs rocket | Redefinition of child poverty postponed

Stand Up to Racism and Fascism day is a chance to defend immigrants

As politicians stir up scapegoating, anti-racists tell Ken Olende about plans to rally on Saturday 22 March

Imperialist rivals push Ukraine to brink of war

Intervention in Crimea has escalated a deadly game between Russia and the West, writes Simon Basketter

West relies on Russian trade

Europe depends heavily on commerce with Russia, especially on energy. 

Loan sharks and fascists circle Kiev

The Ukrainian parliament ratified an agreement on Tuesday to receive £500 million in loans from the EU.

Tatars fear the return of oppressive Russian rule

Crimea is best known in Britain for the ill-fated Charge of the Light Brigade during the Battle of Balaclava in 1854.

Industrial and political news in brief

Scottish independence | McVitie’s | Socialist Workers Party’s Rough Guide to Marxism dayschool | Manjeet Kaur | Focus E15 | Hellesden Psychiatric Hospital protest

Doncaster carers stage 7-day walkout against Care UK pay cuts

Over 150 care workers in Doncaster are taking on private firm Care UK after the firm announced pay cuts of up to 50 percent. Julie Sherry, Trev Jones and Jim Board report from the strike

Frackers under pressure from campaigning

Socialist Workers Party member and author Martin Empson was set to debate officials from fracking firm Cuadrilla on Monday of this week

Man ‘starved’ after an Atos ruling stopped his benefits

A disabled man starved to death in David Cameron’s constituency last year, four months after his benefits were cut, a coroners court heard last week. Atos Healthcare declared Mark Wood “fit for work” despite the fact that he had serious health problems.

Lawyers to walk out in defence of legal aid

Solicitors and barristers were set to bring the court system to a halt on Friday of this week in a strike against attacks on legal aid.

Tory cuts fuel food banks

Tory benefit cuts and low wages have driven up food poverty across Britain. 


Workers in Egypt show resistance still possible

Workers’ strikes continued after the shock resignation of Egypt’s government on Tuesday of last week.

Government supporters protest in Venezuela to mark uprising of 1989

Supporters of the Venezuelan government rallied in Caracas last week to mark 25 years since the “Caracazo” uprising of 1989.

No immunity for Bloody Sunday soldiers

Calls to drop prosecutions against British soldiers involved in Bloody Sunday in Northern Ireland have been met with anger by family campaigners.

South African platinum strikers to march

Thousands of striking platinum miners were set to march on South Africa’s parliament on Thursday of this week.

Demonstration surrounds Greek finance ministry

Protesters surrounded the Greek finance ministry building in Athens on Thursday of last week, as officials met with Greece’s “Troika” of international creditors.


Debate: Should the left vote Yes in the Scottish independence referendum?

Is Socialist Worker right to argue for a Yes vote? Two Labour Party members in Scotland, Vince Mills and Bob Thomson, debate how the left should vote in September’s poll

Who will benefit from gene breakthrough?

New gene editing technology offers humanity new ways to better treat disease, explains John Parrington


How the Miners' Strike could have won

Mike Simons, who was Socialist Worker's journalist covering the dispute, takes issue with those who say the fight was doomed—and explains how Thatcher could have been beaten

Women, work and the First World War

How women got a taste of their power during the First World War by Judith Orr


For the trumpets shall sound

This short and sweet play is about two First World War soldiers who have a gay relationship.

Spitting Image: Years haven’t dulled sharp satire that politicians hated

Old Tories feign affection for their Spitting Image puppet selves. The show’s 30th anniversary exhibition reminds us they are lying, says Annette Mackin

BBC's Mind The Gap: bosses’ toady sees a gap, but not the one that counts

Dragon’s Den presenter Evan Davis goes from the manager’s entrance at Battersea Power Station to the first class check-in of Liverpool’s dilapidated docks. He looks at the question of a north-south divide from the comfortable position of the boardroom.

The Threepenny Opera

German dramatist Bertolt Brecht wrote this musical in 1928 during a capitalist crisis. This production updates it with modern references, even including Jimmy Savile.

What We Think

Miliband continues what Blair started

Labour party leader Ed Miliband tried to pitch last week’s special conference as a great historic moment in Labour’s history.

Not just a coincidence

The smear campaign in the right wing media against Labour over associations with paedophiles in the 1970s appears in a new light this week.

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Bob Crow, 1961-2014

The sad news of Bob Crow’s death is a deep shock to trade unionists and socialists everywhere. 


Justice for the victims of Atos, be clear about fascism, fight for migrant rights

The Things They Say

The news in their own words

Ukip whines about speaking English to whip up racism

Troublemaker feels sorry for people sharing a train with Ukip's Nigel Farage, says 'let them pick strawberries and worries about the management structure of Mexican drug gangs

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