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Issue: 2394

Dated: 11 Mar 2014

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Lawrence report exposes rotten heart of Met police

A review into police corruption in the original Stephen Lawrence murder investigation has put the establishment into crisis management mode.

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'Payments' to Blakelock witnesses

Key witnesses in the trial of Nicky Jacobs for the murder of PC Keith Blakelock received perks from police including payments, a court has heard.

Tories launch new attack on Independent Living Fund

The government last week announced plans to push ahead with the closure of the Independent Living Fund (ILF).

Over 1,000 join protest to say no to fracking

An anti-fracking camp faces eviction despite a big demonstration in its support, reports Katrina Lawrie

Events in London and Sheffield mark 30 years on from the Miners’ Strike

Hundreds of people attended events in London and Sheffield to mark the 30th anniversary of the Great Miners’ strike.

Soas strikers demand justice and equality

Cleaners at London’s School of Oriental and African Studies (Soas) ended a solid 48-hour strike on Wednesday of last week.

Anger at plans to cut mental health care in Stockport

Some 180 people including workers, carers and service users packed into the council chamber at Stockport Town Hall on Thursday of last week.

Sit in over health cuts in Cambridgeshire

A sit-in protest was staged at an NHS clinic in Cambridge by campaigners trying to stop a mental health service being cut.

Shift dispute continues on Yorkshire Ambulances

Yorkshire Ambulance workers struck for five hours on Monday of this week in a row over shift patterns.

Activists gather at Unite the Resistance conference in London

Around 90 trade union activists gathered on Monday of this week at a London Unite the Resistance forum.

Doncaster care workers vote for new seven-day strike

Care UK workers in Doncaster have unanimously for more strikes against pay cuts

Tribunal rules against Ineos at Grangemouth

An interim employment tribunal has ruled against Ineos’s oil refinery bosses and in favour of Unite union convenor Mark Lyon. It ruled Mark is “likely” to win his case for unfair dismissal and ordered Ineos to pay him full wages until then.

Walkouts at naval bases

Around 700 workers walked out at two Scottish naval bases on Tuesday of this week. More walkouts are expected as well as action short of a strike. The workers at Faslane and Coulport are members of the Unite union employed by Babcock Marine.

Worker dies on Crossrail project

A construction worker on the Crossrail project died after a piece of concrete fell on his head.

Unite cuts its cash to the Labour party

The Unite union’s Executive Council (EC) cut its affiliation fee to the Labour Party in half last week, following Ed Miliband’s changes to the unions’ role in the party.

Environment boss pulls jobs meeting

Environment Agency (EA) boss Paul Leinster pulled out of a meeting last week to discuss job cuts with EA staff unions. These include Unison, GMB, Unite and PCS.

Women’s conference discusses austerity

TUC women’s conference was set to begin on Wednesday of this week in central London. Delegates will discuss the Tory assault on working class women and resistance to it.

Death on Camera film to be screened about death of Christopher Alder

In collaboration with the Justice for Christopher Alder campaign, the Northern Police Monitoring Project is hosting a free film screening of Death on Camera. A Q&A with Christopher’s sister, Janet Alder will follow.

Conspiracy made killers 'untouchable'

A few days after detective sergeant John Davidson was questioned in the Macpherson inquiry in 1998, Doreen Lawrence made a statement.

Glasgow care workers' strikes force council to offer a sweetener

The Unison union has suspended the first two of three 72-hour strikes by residential care workers in Glasgow. The first walkout was set to start on Friday of last week.

Teachers’ strike can beat hated Tory Michael Gove

Teachers took to the streets across Britain last weekend to publicise an upcoming strike.

Tories try to bury report that busts racist myth

Politicians are scrambling to claim migrants take away jobs or drive down wages, reports Ken Olende

University of Central Lancashire workers' strike challenges bosses’ ‘pig headed’ profit agenda

UCU union members at the University of Central Lancashire (Uclan) struck on Thursday and Friday of last week over 52 job cuts. 

Good vote for left in UCU poll

Left wing candidates got big votes in recent UCU union elections.

Kingston University workers and students protest to save school under threat

About 70 Kingston University students and workers joined a protest on Wednesday of last week outside the board of governors meeting. They were protesting against the decision to close the University’s School of Surveying and Planning.

Hundreds attend People’s Assembly rallies

Around 250 people came to the launch meeting of Lancashire People’s Assembly on Tuesday of last week. Activists plan to launch local People’s Assembly groups across the region.

Cardiff march challenges anti-abortion bigots

Over 100 pro choice activists marched through Cardiff on International Women’s Day to protest against anti-abortion group 40 Days for Life.

Things they say...

Former News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks in court last week

Duggan family to challenge cops

The family of Mark Duggan are to challenge police procedure used after his shooting in August 2011.

Campaign calls cops to account

Over 90 people attended a meeting on Friday of last week held by Defend the Right to Protest and Soas Students’ Union on policing, the killing of Mark Duggan and deaths in custody.

Solid start to 7-day strike at Ealing hospital

Some 150 workers at Ealing hospital began a seven day strike today, Friday, to demand better pay.


Leading miner arrested in South Africa as bosses face strike wave

Makhanya Siphamandla, an important leader in South Africa’s national strike of platinum miners, has been arrested and charged with attempted murder.

Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan to challenge witness

Two British citizens who were extradited to the US on terrorism charges are challenging a witness.

Neither the West nor Russia - No to imperialist war games over Ukraine statement by the International Socialist Tendency

The International Socialist Tendency—which the Socialist Workers Party is part of—has issued a statement on the Ukraine crisis.

International round-up

International Women's Day protests defend abortion rights in Spain | Anger after Nazi knifings in Sweden | Freed ex-Black Panther criticises trial | Clashes continue in Venezuela

Imperial shifts over Ukraine

The war of words from world leaders continued this week as Russia tightened its grip on Crimea.

Anger in Sweden at Nazi knifings

Anti-fascist demonstrations took place across Sweden last Sunday in protest at a violent knife attack on four people returning from an International Women’s Day march in Malmo.

Protests defend abortion in Spain

Mass demonstrations took place around the Spanish state last Saturday to mark International Women’s Day. 

Ex-Black Panther Eddie Conway is free at last

Former Black Panther Eddie Conway has been released after almost 44 years in prison. 

Clashes continue in Venezuela

Protests and violent clashes continue in Venezuela. 


The West hesitated over Ukraine due to links with Russia

Apocalypse seems to have been postponed in Ukraine. In his press conference on Tuesday of last week Vladimir Putin seemed to rule out extending Russia’s occupation of Crimea to eastern Ukraine.


Ukraine's taste of freedom

Ukraine has been a pawn in the imperial games of more powerful nations for centuries—but the 1917 Russian revolution offered a glimpse of hope, writes Ken Olende

After scandal of police corruption in Lawrence case - Cop corruption kills

Undercover cops, corrupt links to informants, shredded evidence and a murdered detective add up to a toxic scandal for London’s Met police. Simon Basketter investigates


Up close with medics - but NHS cuts are left untreated

Long-running hospital TV dramas are flatlining. But the new crop of documentary rivals are misdiagnosing part of the story, says Yuri Prasad

Keywords - an exhibition that lacks the clarity of its inspiration

Raymond Williams, who died in 1988, was a leading left-wing cultural critic whose work explored the connections between art, politics and society. 

Hard Rain - a moving depiction of LGBT experience

A Hard Rain is an intimate and moving depiction of the experience of LGBT people in the run up to the Stonewall riots.

A sensational staging of Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men

John Steinbeck’s powerful drama of the Great Depression, gets a wonderful staging in this production. 

What We Think

Cops spied on Stephen Lawrence campaign because they feared the truth

There had already been a series of racist murders in south east London when Stephen Lawrence was stabbed to death in Well Hall Road over two decades ago.

Tory health warning: Cancer and terminal care contracts offered to mega rich

The Tories’ latest plans for cancer and terminal care in Staffordshire exposes their vision for the future of the NHS.

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Phil Evans 1946-2014

Phil Evans, who drew cartoons for Socialist Worker, died last week. Roger Huddle takes a look at his work and politics

Tony Benn 1925-2014 - Inspiring socialist who moved left through his life

Tony Benn, who died today Friday, was one of the most important figures on the socialist left in Britain throughout the last four decades.


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Bonuses - a perfect reward for success, failure, etc, etc

Bankers' bonuses; School dinners; Pope makes woman cry; Racist Tories aped by Labour; Lib Dem losers; On safari in Deptford; Teather loves cuts but hates hunger

Nordic laws will make the sex trade more dangerous

Proposals to prosecute men who buy sex will not help women, says Sadie Robinson. In Sweden it seems to have driven prostitution underground

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