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Issue: 2396

Dated: 25 Mar 2014

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Fight to stop the NHS vultures

Roger Hutt, a Care UK striker, is clear about the Tories’ aims for the health service. “Our society is defined by how we look after the most vulnerable,” he said. “But this lot want to erode our NHS and the welfare state.”

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Thousands of marchers tell racists to get lost

Trade unionists and migrants took to the streets of London, Glasgow and Cardiff, reports Ken Olende

Pictures from the Stand up to Racism and Fascism protests

Thousands of people joined protests against racism and fascism across Britain last Saturday

Living wage won at last at Kings College London

Cleaners and other outsourced workers at King’s College London are finally to be paid the London Living Wage of £8.80. The university initially agreed to pay staff the living wage in November 2010.

Angry lobby over cuts to Sandwell youth services

Some 200 people gathered at Sandwell Council in the West Midlands to lobby against significant cuts to youth services on Wednesday of last week.

Glasgow care workers accept an improved offer

Unison union members in Glasgow City Council’s residential homes for older people have voted to accept an improved offer by 69 percent to 31 percent. 

Local government unions set to begin consultation over 1 percent pay offer

Unison, Unite and GMB, the local government unions, are to begin an immediate consultation of their members over employers’ lousy 1 percent pay offer.

Three-day stoppage at Homes and Communities Agency

Staff in the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) in London and Manchester began a three-day strike on Tuesday of this week.

Workers rally against privatisation of probation service

More than 100 probation workers in the Napo and Unison unions rallied in the centre of Sheffield on Thursday of last week against privatisation.

Homerton staff refuse to scab on Ealing Medirest strike

Some 150 workers at Ealing Hospital completed a seven-day strike on Friday of last week.

Lambeth College workers to strike over contracts and closure plans

UCU union members at Lambeth College in south London have called a strike for Tuesday of next week.

79 percent fewer disputes reach Employment Tribunals because of cost

Some 79 percent fewer workplace disputes reached Employment Tribunals in the final quarter of last year compared to the same period in 2012.

Lifeworks occupation still going strong

An occupation by up to 30 mental health service users at Lifeworks in Cambridge was entering its third week as Socialist Worker went to press.

Bristol health workers say, 'we will fight pay attack'

Bristol health workers in the Unite union met last week in the wake of new attacks on our pay.

Specialist lab staff balloted to strike at Reading hospital

Pathology staff at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, are set to be balloted to strike in a dispute over reduced staffing levels and patient safety.

Yorkshire Ambulance workers walk out to stop shift changes

Yorkshire Ambulance workers have struck for a fifth and sixth time in a long-running dispute over working hours and patient and staff safety.

Demand legal aid in Cherry Groce case

The family of Cherry Groce has launched a petition demanding that legal aid be granted for an inquest into her death.

Meeting demands justice for Mark Duggan

Carole Duggan spoke at a meeting in King’s College London on her nephew Mark Duggan’s killing and the injustice of the system, on Friday of last week. Around 70 people attended the meeting, where speakers also included author Paul Gilroy.

Journalists strike against falling pay

NUJ union members at the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health struck for an hour on Tuesday of this week after rejecting a 1 percent pay increase.

March remembers fallen miners

Over 300 miners and their families marched from South Kirkby to South Elmsall in west Yorkshire last Saturday.

Greek left meeting on economic crisis

Antarsya uk was set to host an open meeting on crisis and the European Union this Saturday.

‘If Care UK gets away with it here, God help the NHS’, says Doncaster striker

A firm at the forefront of NHS privatisation faces a rebellion from its own staff. Workers who care for adults with learning disabilities in Doncaster ended their second seven-day strike in a month on Tuesday of this week.

New day of action for fast food rights

The Fast Food Rights Campaign was set to hold a day of action this Saturday to demand rights for fast food workers.

Teachers' strikes can beat hated Tory Michael Gove's attacks

Tory education secretary Michael Gove is weak. The first national teachers’ strike since 2011 is a chance to turn the tide on him, writes Sadie Robinson

Tories drain health service, says new report

The Tories have drained £3 billion out of the NHS, a new report reveals.

News in-brief

Protesters slam cops over policing of fracking protests, tuition fees in shambles, G4S guards face death charge over Jimmy Mubenga

Trade unionists gather for the funeral of Bob Crow

Trade unionists gathered in London on Monday of this week for the funeral of former RMT union leader Bob Crow

Numsa marches for jobs across South Africa

The South African metal workers’ union Numsa held a day of action on Wednesday of last week against unemployment.

News round-up

In-brief stories on books for prisoners, GPs want early retirement due to cuts, new job losses at Royal Mail, and cuts to specialist diabetes nurses

Tory budget means axe will fall on the poorest

A cap to the welfare budget means more cuts to make up the targets, reports Simon Basketter

List of banners on the Stand Up to Racism and Fascism demonstration in London

Banners spotted on the Stand up to Racism and Fascism demonstration in London

National teachers’ strike demands a future for education

Teachers across England and Wales are out on strike today, Wednesday, in a battle against hated Tory education secretary Michael Gove.

Photos of the NUT teachers' strike on 26 March 2014

Photos of strikers from around England and Wales

Protesters rally to defend Lambeth College

More than 100 people gathered in Brixton tonight, Thursday, to protest against the selloff of a local Lambeth College site.


A great day for anti-fascists in Greece

Tens of thousands of people protested against racism and fascism in Greece last Saturday

Masses in Madrid call for an end to austerity

New protests against cuts in Spain are uniting social movements and trade unions, reports Dave Sewell

Rulers’ squabble as new deal means deep cuts for working class people in Ukraine

Russia was booted out of the elite club of rich economies on Monday of this week. 

Islamophobia has fuelled the rise of the Nazi Front National in France

The latest gains for the fascist Front National (FN) come against a backdrop of years of attacks on Muslims without real opposition.

French fascists make gains in election as voters punish Francois Hollande

The fascist Front National (FN) achieved its best ever results in a first round of France’s local elections last weekend.

Repression deepens in Egypt but strikes continue

An Egyptian court sentenced 529 Muslim Brotherhood supporters with the death penalty on Monday of last week after a two day trial. 

Fresh protests in Thailand as election is ruled invalid

New anti-government protests of royalist and middle class “yellow shirts” broke out in Thailand on Monday of this week.


Al-Sweady inquiry: Did British soldiers shoot dead their Iraqi prisoners?

The Al-Sweady inquiry has heard clear evidence of torture at Camp Abu Najah in Iraq, writes Simon Basketter


Home Truths: Housing and how the stinking rich drive us out of the city

Geographer Danny Dorling spoke to Dave Sewell about his new book All That is Solid: The Great Housing Disaster, and how government housing policy is creating problems, not solving them. Dorling argues for the return of council housing and the abolition of the bedroom tax

Poisoned by profit: how the banana trade shaped history

In the first of a new series on commodities that shaped history, Simon Basketter looks at banana giant United Fruit Company


Starred Up: Britain’s brutal prison system summed up in one sentence

Starred Up, a powerful film by a former prison therapist, exposes a barbaric world that breaks more people than it rehabilitates, says Antony Hamilton

Blank Project: Neneh Cherry's comeback is worth the wait

Neneh Cherry has said Blank Project, her first new album since 1996, was the creative outlet she needed after the death of her mother. Cherry is known as much for her style as her hits. And she has not lost the attitude or confidence that in 1988 propelled her on to Top of the Pops seven months pregnant in a Lycra mini-skirt, exciting a storm of tabloid outrage.

Pronoun - a play where young actors explore transition and identity

This roller coaster of a play will have you crying one minute then howling with laughter a few minutes later.

W1A - skewering bureaucracy, but establishment let off lightly

This spin-off of spoof Olympics documentary Twenty Twelve takes on the BBC. There’s fun skewering of bureaucracy’s love of jargon, particularly from narrator David Tennant, and of petty workplace tyrants. But W1A might be letting a scandal-ridden institution of the establishment off too lightly. The first episode even pokes fun at those who speak out about discrimination.

Punk rock trio re-record anti-Tory hit

Punk rock trio S*M*A*S*H made a song about killing the hated and discredited Tory government into a top 30 hit 20 years ago.

What We Think

Labour has a bigger problem than Ed Miliband

Labour party leader Ed Miliband has said that he “relishes” the close fight with the Tories in the run-up to next year’s general election. Some polls now put Labour and the Tories only one point apart. This is after four years of devastating cuts by a government of millionaires regularly seen to be acting in the interest of millionaires. 

A whole rotten barrel of cops

The crisis over police corruption won’t go away. Revelations that a lorry-load of secret files detailing corruption was shredded have kept police chiefs in the spotlight. Former Met commissioners Lord Stevens and Lord Blair have been asked by the Home Affairs Select Committee how much they knew about the shredding.

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The Things They Say

Things that they say

A corker of a budget bingo ad goes wrong for Tory toffs

The post-Budget bingo poster blamed on not so poor Grant Shapps, the Tory chairman, was designed in the Treasury and signed off by bungling baron George Osborne. After the advertisement highlighting cuts to bingo tax and beer duty was issued it was dubbed a condescending public relations disaster.

Budget brought more for the rich and cuts for us

George Osborne used the budget last week to push through further attacks on ordinary people. Simon Basketter looks at the facts and figures

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