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Issue: 2397

Dated: 01 Apr 2014

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Close this refugee prison, say Yarl’s Wood survivors

Christine Case, a 40 year old woman from Jamaica, died last Sunday while detained at Yarl’s Wood “immigration removal centre” near Bedford. Survivors of Yarl's Wood tell Socialist Worker about their experience and why all refugee prisons must be shut down.

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No prosecutions after family of Christopher Alder were given the wrong body

Christopher Alder’s family is preparing to mark his death as new questions emerge, Janet Alder told Annette Mackin

Court in Nicky Jacobs trial hears that officer 'overlooked lies' about Blakelock murder

A police officer was accused of overlooking “glaring inconsistencies and blatant lies” about PC Keith Blakelock’s murder.

Workers set for a fresh strike against Care UK

Doncaster care workers were set to strike for three days from Sunday of this week in a continuing fight to stop Care UK bosses slashing their pay.

George Eliot hospital selloff scrapped

A planned selloff of George Eliot Hospital in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, has been called off.

Halifax protest against A&E closure

Some 300 people packed into a meeting in Halifax, West Yorkshire, to protest against the proposed closure of an A&E unit.

Yorkshire Ambulance workers strike over safety

Yorkshire ambulance workers struck last Saturday and on Monday of this week.

Medirest workers at Ealing hospital announce further seven-day strike

Some 150 workers at Ealing hospital were set to walk out for a further seven days in a row over pay and holidays.

Cambridge Lifeworks occupation holding firm

An occupation at Lifeworks centre in Cambridge was holding firm as Socialist Worker went to press.

Health round-up

Protest against cuts to mental health in Eccles, London forum on where next for the NHS and Derriford hospital workers in Plymouth protest about cap park charges

Tories target union ‘tactics’

The government has published the terms of reference into its inquiry into trade union tactics.

Vote left in NUT elections

Elections for places on the national executive committee of the NUT teachers’ union end on Wednesday of next week.

EDL is outnumbered in Peterborough

Over 200 anti-fascists marched to oppose the English Defence League (EDL) in Peterborough on Saturday of last week.

People in Harlow stand up to Ukip

Two anti-Ukip events took place in Harlow, Essex, last Saturday after Ukip threatened to visit for a day of action.

Protest march says save Strood Library

Some 150 people marched from Strood Library to Rochester Library in Kent last Saturday.

Go on the offensive for abortion rights

Abortion Rights held a public meeting followed by its annual general meeting in London last Saturday. Some 40 activists took part.

Journalists set to strike over pay deal

Ten workers at London’s Chartered Institute of Environmental Health plan to strike for one hour this Thursday against a 1 percent pay offer. The action follows a one-hour walkout last week by the NUJ union members.

No eviction promise for Kirklees tenants

Members of Kirklees Axe The Tax lobbied the Tory MP for the Colne Valley constituency, Jason McCartney, at Huddersfield Town Hall last Saturday.

News in brief

Latest Scots referendum polls | Hillsborough inquest | Books for prisoners | The Royal Mail selloff

Solicitors and probation workers on two-day strike to demand an end to Tories’ attacks

Solicitors and probation workers in England and Wales walked out on a two-day strike on Monday and Tuesday of this week. Workers in the probation officers’ union Napo struck over Tory plans to outsource 70 percent of the service.

Privatisation vultures want to charges fees to use NHS

A think tank funded by private health firms says people should be forced to pay a £10-a-month “membership charge” to use the NHS. The report from think tank Reform also says prescription fees should be higher and that people staying in hospital overnight should pay “hotel charges”.

HCA Housing agency workers walk out for a fair bonus

Workers struck for three days at the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) from Tuesday to Thursday of last week. The strike involved members of the Unite union at sites in central London and Manchester.

Bombardier workers on 14-day strike

Production workers at Bombardier are on strike against bosses’ attempts to force them to work 70 percent of their shifts at night time.

Ayo: Ticket to the World

Singer songwriter Ayo’s new album is worth a listen. 

Barnsley freedom ride campaign refuses to pay rail fares

More than 120 pensioners and disabled people defied the decision to axe free travel by refusing to pay when they boarded trains on Monday of this week.

Tories bash the poor to give to the rich...again

The new financial year brings new tax cuts for bosses as welfare cuts continue, says Dave Sewell

Bedroom tax costs more than it saves

A year after it was introduced the stated aim of the Tories’ bedroom tax—to free up more homes by attacking the benefits of those they deemed to have a “spare” room—has failed.

Brighton school students say Gove must go as they walk out

Up to 75 students from Vardean School in Brighton staged a walkout on Thursday of last week.

Atos judged not ‘fit for work’

The government confirmed last week that Atos Healthcare would no longer be carrying out “fit for work” tests on sick and disabled people.

Reports round-up

Firefighters protest in Hull and Barnsley | Fast food rights protests | Merseyrail strike planned

Lambeth College workers go for strike to beat new attack by bosses

Union members at Lambeth college are furious at new contracts. But their dispute is about the community they serve too, says Sadie Robinson

Richmond College workers plan more strikes

UCU union members at Richmond College in south west London struck on Wednesday of last week over pay cuts and workloads. Bosses want to cut pay by 3 percent on top of the national pay freeze.

New climate report calls for drastic action

Climate change is already having an impact and unless we do something to stop it the worst is yet to come, scientists have warned.

Demonstrations around Britain on anniversary of bedroom tax

Protesters took to the streets against the bedroom tax in dozens of marches, rallies and actions around Britain yesterday, Saturday.


Mass protests against austerity in Greece as workers prepare for a general strike

Tens of thousands of people demonstrated in Syntagma Square outside Greece’s parliament on Sunday. 

Disillusion with Francois Hollande pushes up fascist vote in France

The fascists have won high votes in France—and mainstream parties helped them, says Dave Sewell

Ukraine - phoney war continues as savage cuts and price rises push up poverty

The West and Russia are continuing their phoney war over Ukraine.

Egypt’s army chief resigns in a bid to become president

Egyptian army chief Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has resigned from the army in order to stand in presidential elections due on 

Good result for ruling party hides deep anger in Turkey

Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s AKP party did well in local elections last week. 

Student walkouts in Spain

Over two million students stayed away from class and more than 100,000 took to the streets across the Spanish state last week.


The Tories and Labour are wrong on welfare

Nasty cuts need nasty lies to justify them—and to divide opposition to the pain and suffering they cause. So scapegoating unemployed people on benefits has been central to the government’s plans to drive through austerity.

Will big bucks get in the way of Big Bang discoveries?

John Parrington says recent findings open up the potential for new technologies—but the drive for profit brings big risks


Imperialism's game of empires

As Western and Russian rulers rattle sabres, Simon Basketter says we must take on a system that drives the world to war

After national teachers' strike, meet the Govebusters

Last week’s teachers’ strike showed the anger that exists in our schools. Teachers in London and Birmingham told Socialist Worker about the reality of life in education, why they hate Michael Gove—and how to beat him


Urinetown: Musical that’s making a big splash gets its aim wrong

London’s critics love musical comedy Urinetown for its satire—but behind the crude gags lurks a whiff of something nastier, writes Mary Brodbin

Union: A new play that shows how Scotland’s elites sold its independence in 1707

In the year when the union between Scotland and England could be consigned to history, Union looks at the events leading up to the momentous vote in 1707 that established it.

Captain America The Winter Soldier

This sequel grapples with civil liberties, the threat of fascism, drones, and spooks.

What We Think

Don’t throw away the strike momentum—escalate

The success of the NUT union’s national teachers’ strike last week shows what’s possible when workers get organised. There was a mood of confidence and defiance on picket lines, rallies and demos in many towns and cities.

Equal marriage is still far from equality

The first same sex marriages in Britain took place last week after it was finally legalised. Thousands of LGBT people will have celebrated after years of being denied the right to take part in a ritual that is held up as the greatest thing two people can aspire to, simply on the basis of their sexuality.

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Support protests in Taiwan, criminals, Scottish independence and a request for books

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Quotes from the week's news

Noxious Nick and foul Farage vomit up opinions - twice

Lib Dem Nick Clegg, whose party was beaten by Elvis in a recent by-election, challenged Ukip’s Nigel Farage to debate him.

Don’t let Nazis Griffin and Brons represent us in Brussels

Fascists Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons are campaigning to keep their seats in the European parliament. Annette Mackin recalls their unpleasant histories

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