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Issue: 2400

Dated: 22 Apr 2014

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Reality of Tory Britain: ‘I can't afford to eat"

Benefits cuts leave Angela on just £1 a day and relying on food bank. Yet the right wing press has launched a vicious attack on food banks after it emerged last week more than one million people in Britain rely on them because of low wages and benefit cuts

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Victory to the Tube strikers

London Underground workers plan five days of strikes over cuts to jobs, ticket offices and safety.

Soas cleaners win first round in battle for equality

Cleaners at London’s School of Oriental and African Studies (Soas) have won improved holidays, sick pay and pensions from outsourcing giant ISS.

Health workers should not quit Unison

The branch secretary of Waltham Forest Unison Health branch, in east London, and six other stewards resigned from the union last week.

Vote for the alternative to scapegoating of migrants

Candidates for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition are taking on austerity and racism in the local elections around England. Socialist Worker reports

Ritzy pickets say, 'Everything is going up... except wages'

The Ritzy cinema in Brixton, south London, was shut down by striking workers last weekend—for the second week running.

'Calm before storm' at CWU union conference after Royal Mail sell off

The CWU union conference which begins on Sunday of this week will be the first since Royal Mail was privatised by the government.

Construction workers round up

Blacklisting; Agency workers; Workers' Memorial Day

Care UK workers plan two-week strike as bosses offer bribes

Doncaster strikers are stepping up their fight against Care UK bosses, reports Raymie Kiernan

Freedom riders pile the pressure on South Yorkshire councils

Over 100 Freedom Ride protesters continued their protests on Tuesday of this week against the axing of free train travel for older and disabled people.

Panic over ‘Islamists’ in Birmingham schools is blatant racism

A wave of Islamophobic panic has followed claims that “Islamists” are plotting to take over Birmingham schools. Includes link to petition to stop the racist witch hunt in Birmingham schools

NUT conference: Teachers vote for June strike and vow to defend education

Full report of NUT conference including debate on national strikes. Delegates also discussed privatisation, stress, Ofsted, free schools, the Tories' immigration bill, international solidarity, and inclusive education for disabled people

UCU reports round-up

Lambeth College lecturers ready to strike | Protest and ballot against job cuts at Dundee University | reject the national Higher Education pay deal

Coppers accused in Elm House abuse scandal

An undercover cop investigating child abuse allegations had sex with a teenage boy, according to new claims.

Urgent call to save ‘lifeline’ in job centres

Management at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) want to get rid of customer phones in job centres and eventually replace them with computers. They also plan to downgrade and cut the floor walker role.

News in brief

Tories want to slash poor fund | Radioactive waste could contaminate Cumbria’s coast | No requirement to build “affordable” housing in new garden cities | Companies could “frack” for shale gas under private land more easily

Concerns over Unite and PCS merger plan

No objection in principle, but this doesn't seem to be about striking together

Reports round-up

Protest to defend One Housing rep Bryan Kennedy | Ballot result due at First Great Western | London protest for South African Amplats miners | Anti-bedroom tax campaign calls meeting | Occupational therapists challenge 'bullying' in Greenwhich | Petition against Barts Health advocacy cuts in Tower Hamlets

CBI crisis over support for troubled Scottish No campaign

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) suffered several high profile resignations in Scotland since it declared last week against independence. 

Ukip posters are out to divide us

Ukip has launched its campaign for the European elections in May with a series of offensive billboards. 

Nicky Jacobs slams police over Broadwater Farm riot

Nicky Jacobs, recently found not guilty of the murder of PC Keith Blakelock, has spoken about his 29-year ordeal with police. Blakelock was killed during the 1985 Broadwater Farm riot in north London.

Tory lies on pay won’t wash as workers gear up for walkouts

The Tories were gloating last week after figures appeared to suggest that workers are enjoying an above-inflation rise in wages.

Lambeth College workers vote unanimously to begin an indefinite strike


We have the chance for strikes of a million or more - now turn potential into reality

There has been an important shift in the potential for fightback by the working class. 

Solid Tube strike defies London Underground bosses and brings stations to a halt

London Underground (LU) workers in the RMT union struck solidly for 48 hours from Monday of this week to defend jobs, ticket offices and safety.


Victory for anti-fascist movement in Greece as murderers are jailed

The jailing of two Nazis for a racist murder will have wider implications writes Thanasis Kampagiannis

Clashes in Ukraine’s east could lead to split

The imperial powers’ brinkmanship in Ukraine continues despite their peace deal, writes Simon Basketter

Britain threatens Muslims who fight Assad as Syria's regime goes on the offensive

Reports that Abdullah Deghayes, an 18 year old from Brighton, had died in a gun battle in Syria led to renewed media panic about what they term British “jihadis”.

Statement by the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists on the presidential elections 27 April 2014

The Revolutionary Socialists see participation in the election, and not a boycott, as the appropriate decision for the current political situation, seizing the chance to campaign against the candidate of the counter-revolution, in order to expose him and Mubarak’s cronies and the opportunistic boot-lickers who stand behind him.


Vote left where you can, Labour where you must—and prepare to fight after the election

Who should we vote for in the European elections on 22 May? It’s not the most crucial question workers face, but it needs an answer writes Charlie Kimber


40 years since Portugal's 'Carnation Revolution'

40 years after the Carnation Revolution, Sadie Robinson looks at a struggle that put workers’ power on the agenda

35 years since they murdered Blair Peach, cops still get away with murder

On 23 April 1979 the fascist National Front (NF) called a public meeting in Southall town hall, west London.The meeting was in support of its general election candidate J Fairhurst.


Rubin "The Hurricane" Carter: An extraordinary fighter who took on injustice—and won

After the death of US boxer Rubin Carter, Ken Olende looks at how he refused to be beaten by a racist state determined to fit him up

We are the best - Swedish pupils’ musical rebellion is a joy to watch

We are the Best is undoubtedly one of the best films that I have seen so far this year. It is a hilarious and heartwarming film commanded by three convincing and memorable young protagonists in 1980s Sweden.

Reviews round up

Book review of Glenn Patterson's The rest just follows, plus looking ahead to Season 2 of Boss coming back to Channel 4 and the 4th annual London Labour Film Festival

What We Think

As billboards spout lies about immigrants - stand up to Ukip’s racist scapegoating

Giant billboards spouting racist lies about immigrant workers will be appearing around Britain this week. Ukip is responsible for the ads—and it is on the offensive. Ukip sees the polls rising in its favour and is confident of making gains with by constantly bashing migrant workers. 

Abortion: a woman's right to choose

Some of the tabloids are attacking model and escort Josie Cunningham for wanting an abortion. She has judged that having another child will get in the way of her career. She’s right. And that’s the real problem.

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This weeks letters are on the Anti-Fascist 5 who were arrested at a UAF demo against the BNP last summer, Ukip attacks on cyclists, a former GP explains why "open all hours" clinics are a bad idea and the latest from the Save Torrington Hospital campaign

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The week's news in their own words

Offshore buy-to-let minister avoids the taxing questions

The Troublemaker takes on City minister Andrea Leadsom who avoids tax, meets spindoctor David Axelrod and engages a gunslinging Tory councillor

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