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Issue: 2406

Dated: 03 Jun 2014

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Politicians’ racism makes migrants live in fear - ‘Illegal’ worker speaks out on raids and attacks

Noluvuyo is a migrant worker who worked illegally in Britain after fleeing domestic violence in South Africa. She’s just one of thousands of migrant workers who has lived the reality behind politicians’ racist rhetoric.

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Desperate bosses try new bribe at Care UK

Care UK workers are preparing to resume their battle against a savage attack on their pay and conditions.

100 percent strike vote to stop pay cuts at Your Choice Barnet

Care workers in Barnet, north London, have delivered a thumping 100 percent vote to strike.

Victory for RMT rep Mark Harding as he is found not guilty

London Underground RMT union rep Mark Harding was found not guilty of charges brought against him under the Tory anti-union laws on Monday of this week.

Heathrow Express workers to strike over cuts

RMT members at Heathrow Express were set to strike again on Wednesday of this week for 24 hours from 3am.

Join the Freedom Rides' Tour de South Yorkshire

About 40 campaigners lobbied Barnsley Council on Thursday of last week demanding that free travel for older people be reinstated.

Strikes planned to defend One Housing rep Bryan Kennedy

Workers at One Housing Group in London were set to strike from Friday of this week until Tuesday of next week.

Annual TUC disabled workers' conference backs action

Almost 200 delegates attended the annual TUC disabled workers conference in London last week.

Tilbury dock workers strike against zero hours contracts

Workers for SCA Logistics at the Port of Tilbury, Essex, struck for two days last week against plans to bring in zero hours contracts.

Family vows to fight after new bedroom tax ruling

A High Court judge last week ruled that families of severely disabled children must pay the bedroom tax on rooms for carers.

Lambeth College workers begin all-out strike against vicious new contracts

Workers at Lambeth College in south London are on all-out strike from today, Tuesday—and they need your support.

Obama’s new emissions plan is a trick that will let the planet burn

US president Barack Obama announced major new regulations on pollution on Monday of this week.

UCU union leaders feel the heat at short Congress

The UCU union’s annual congress and sector conferences in Manchester last week were shaped by a debate over what kind of resistance is possible. They took place days before UCU members at Lambeth College began an all-out strike against attacks on their conditions.

Workers vote for strikes to save jobs at Dundee university

Dundee University UCU members have voted by 69 percent for strikes on a 38 percent turnout against threats of compulsory redundancy. 

NHS staff plan protests over pay

Health workers in the Unison union plan a day of action around Britain on Thursday of this week as part of a national pay campaign.

Optare workers walk out - and plan more strikes

Workers at Optare, a Leeds-based supplier to bus and coach companies, struck for 24 hours on Monday of this week.

Leadership election begins in NUT teachers' union

Voting begins this week in the NUT union for the general secretary and deputy general secretary.

Workers angry as profits take off

Workers at Magellan Aerospace in Wrexham have voted by 92 percent to strike against a real terms pay cut.

Civil service workers ballot over cuts

Hundreds of workers in Shared Services and the Ministry of Justice are being balloted over job losses, office closures and offshoring.

March remembers Kingsley Burrell

justice campaigners marched in Birmingham last Saturday demanding answers about the death in police custody of Kingsley Burrell.

Mark Duggan's family prepare for judicial review

The appeal against the inquest jury’s conclusion into Mark Duggan’s death will take place in July.

Climate campaign says, Time to act

Members of the Campaign against Climate Change (CCC) met in central London last Saturday for its annual general meeting.

British Museum workers strike back

Shop workers at the British Museum in London struck for two hours last Saturday. It was the second two-hour strike for the PCS union members, who are fighting for the London Living Wage.

A month to build mass strike on 10 July—and win a pay rise

Public sector workers are fighting for a strike to hit the Tories hard on 10 July, reports?Raymie Kiernan

Top terror cop Richard Walton facing Stephen Lawrence spy probe

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is to examine the role of undercover cops in the Stephen Lawrence campaign.

School students strike against academy plan at Crown Woods College in Eltham

Students at Crown Woods College in Eltham, south east London, walked out against plans to turn their school into an academy.

No evidence of ‘Muslim plot’ in Birmingham schools

Ofsted reports into a group of schools in Birmingham are expected to confirm little evidence of religious extremism.

News in-brief

CBI cashes in on public money, Cop suspended over Rigg death, Bed cuts mean more sectioned, Iraq war letters won't come out

Thousands join rallies against racism in Belfast and Derry

Thousands of anti-racists rallied in Belfast and Derry last Saturday after a spate of racist attacks in Northern Ireland.

Racist immigration raids mark the start of Tories' Operation Centurion

The Tories’ latest racist ­crackdown on undocumented workers, Operation Centurion, began on Monday of this week. Raids were taking place as Socialist Worker went to press.

Labour’s attacks on immigrants are part of its race to the right

Many Labour Party politicians have used every opportunity since Ukip’s success in the May elections to declare their anti-immigrant credentials.

Support grows for Stand Up to Ukip campaign

Trade union general secretaries have joined Labour MP Diane Abbott and anti-racist activists to officially launch Stand Up to Ukip. 

Asylum seekers march for dignity

Asylum seekers marched the 50 miles from Bristol to Cardiff last week to protest against government attacks on migrants.

We can’t just blame Ukip’s success on media bias

Did the constant presence of Ukip in the media lead to the party’s success? It’s not so simple, argues Ian Taylor

Unison members to join solid Lambeth College strike

Unison union members at Lambeth College have announced a two-day strike on Wednesday and Thursday of next week.

All-out strike is 'very empowering' for workers at Lambeth College

Workers at Lambeth College began their third day of all-out strike today, Thursday. Pickets gathered at all three of the South London college’s sites—and said the action was getting stronger.

Firefighters call their longest strike yet in fight to defend pensions

Firefighters in England and Wales have announced two further strikes in their long running dispute to defend their pensions.

CIA-backed general makes a bid for power in Libya

Western backed general Khalifa Haftar is attempting a coup in Libya. On 18 May he attacked the national parliament and rival militias.

Supporters rally behind all-out Lambeth College strike

Dozens of people rallied in Brixton today, Friday, to support Lambeth College lecturers are on the fourth day of their all out strike.

Lambeth College strikers are determined and defiant one week into their all-out strike

One week into the all-out strike at Lambeth College and strikers only seem to be getting stronger.


Striking platinum miners need support as winter hits South Africa

South Africa’s platinum bosses and the striking Amcu union are both considering a new proposal to end the 18-week strike.

Sham vote held in Syria amid 'ferocious' repression

Presidential elections were taking place in Syria as Socialist Worker went to press.

International round-up

Barcelona riots halt demolition - Clashes on Gezi Park anniversary - Craigavon Two lose their appeal

Mass protests called in France to take on the fascist Front National

The CGT union federation and other organisations have called for a national day of protests and strikes against the Front National (FN).


FT's attack on Piketty is not about numbers

The fact that Thomas Piketty has been able to brush off Chris Giles’s demolition job in the FT so easily is a sign that, thanks to the crisis, a lot of people also believe that rising inequality doesn’t arise from bad policies but from the structural logic of capitalism as a system, argues Alex Callinicos


What kind of a party is Ukip?

People are worried by Ukip’s growth. Mark L Thomas examines the right wing populist party and explains why challenging its racism is central to stopping it

Egypt—resistance in the face of the regime's repression

Prisoners were on hunger strike across Egypt as the world’s media rushed to declare military leader Abdel Fattah el-Sisi president. Judith Orr spoke to activists in Egypt about their struggle to resist their country’s newest dictator


Maya Angelou 1928-2014

Maya Angelou’s voice gave life to the struggle for equality and gave many people the confidence to confront sexism and racism, says Moyra Samuels

Museum of Extraordinary Things is a magical exploration of class and gender in 1900s US

A magical book that has a depth yet lightness of touch which makes it a joy to read.

True to Life?—New Photography from the Middle East

This exhibition investigates the role of contemporary photography in the Middle East.

Playhouse Theatre's powerful new adaptation of 1984

This powerful new stage adaptation of George Orwell’s novel emphasises the uncertainty of Winston’s world, the terror and fear of betrayal and torture.

Some 150 films on show at Sheffield's documentary festival

The Sheffield Doc/Fest is Britain’s biggest documentary event.

What We Think

The US imperialist project failed in Afghanistan

What happened to the “war on terror”? 

Get rid of the monarchy, and the myths that make it

Within hours of vile Spanish monarch Juan Carlos announcing plans to abdicate, tens of thousands took to the streets of Spain protesting for a republic.

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Including letters on the left's victory in Spain, Care UK strikers are fighting for us all, why we should reject the concept of nationality, exposing the care profiteers and why we must support the South African miners in their fight

Lib Dems just can't fathom why nobody likes Nick Clegg

This week's Troublemaker leads on the crisis in the Liberal Democrats and includes articles on bungling baron George Osborne's virtual Buddhist monk, betting scams in Belgium and bosses' bonuses bonanzas

Why we're marching against the Nato gang of warmongers

Imperialists are set to descend on Newport, South Wales, for a Nato summit this August. Tomas Tengely-Evans explains why people should oppose them

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