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Issue: 2414

Dated: 29 Jul 2014

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Israel: serial killer state since 1948

Israel has blood on its hands. The murder of over 1,000 Palestinians in recent weeks is not its first massacre.

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'I won't stop campaigning' - Talha Ahsan's brother Hamja speaks out

The families of Talha Ahsan and Babar Ahmad, British citizens extradited to the US in 2012 and recently sentenced, have never stopped fighting for their release.

Hillsborough cop recalls attitudes towards fans based on 'public order' concern

A former police officer has said that some police attitudes towards fans during the Hillsborough football disaster flowed from a preoccupation with “public order”. 

New injustice in Christopher Alder case as no cops will face inquiry for using his body for training

Police have admitted they may have used the body of Christopher Alder for “training purposes” for years after his family believed they had buried him.

News in-brief

New benefit cut for migrants, police dropped reported rapes, fees for claims help the bosses, bailout scam fine for Lloyds

Construction workers down tools over pay and safety at Sullom Voe gas plant

More than 900 workers at Total’s Sullom Voe gas plant in the Shetland Isles downed tools on Wednesday of last week in a dispute over pay.

Herne report into spying protects the police

The Operation Herne report on the conduct of officers from Scotland Yard’s Special Demonstration Squad (SDS) is a whitewash.

Passport Office staff strike back at backlog

Thousands of workers at Passport Offices around Britain struck on Monday of this week over poor pay and low staffing levels.

Protesters camp out at threatened Stafford Hospital

A new protest camp has caught the imagination of NHS campaigners around Britain, reports Annette Mackin

Ministry of Justice workers strike back against privatisation

Civil service workers in the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) in Bootle, Merseyside, struck for six days from Friday of last week over privatisation.

Barnsley freedom riders say, 'prepare for Autumn action'

Nearly 100 disabled and older people arrived at Barnsley Rail Station on Monday of this week for the latest Freedom Ride.

Local government workers call fresh strike in September

The Unison union has announced the next strike in the battle for public sector pay - in the middle of the Tory party conference

Anti-fascists oppose National Front in Oxford

Three anti-fascists were held by police. Oxford UAF will campaign for any charges to be dropped.

Stop victimisation of campus activists

Alexis Wearmouth is a UCU union rep for fractional teaching staff—employed on a fraction of a full contract. Activists accuse bosses of intervening to stop Alexis being re-hired there next year. But after the protest he has been shortlisted for interview.

Over a thousand jobs go at Unipart Automotive

Administrators sacked more than 1,200 people at Unipart Automotive last week, after the car parts supplier collapsed into insolvency.

Tories open up half of Britain for fracking with new round of licences

The government opened up the license bidding process to frack shale gas in about half of Britain on Monday of this week. 

Dockers won’t be moved in Tilbury

Unite members at Tilbury docks in Essex are on their fifth week of an all-out strike. They are striking against their employer SCA Logistics’ attempts to drive down wages through zero hours contracts.

Stoppage at East Midlands Trains

East Midlands Trains maintenance and engineering workers walked out for four days from last Sunday.

Deal ends lockout in Northampton

The Unite union and bosses at Northampton General Hospital have come to an agreement for biomedical scientists to return to work.

Argos workers’ walkout puts pressure on bosses

More than 1,000 workers ended a seven-day strike on Friday of last week. The walkout hit five Argos distribution hubs and was against a “12 point plan” of attacks on their contracts.

Reports round-up

Protest for Charlie Reid Centre | Prisoner's protest over jail conditions | Journalist fury at job cuts

Bailiffs forced to abandon eviction of cancer patient

An eviction was stopped in Nottingham last week after more than 200 people protested outside the home of cancer patient Tom Crawford.

Two-week strike set for Doncaster Care UK staff

Care workers in Doncaster began a two-week strike on Tuesday of this week.

Protesters in France turn out for Palestine and defy ban - again

Between five and ten thousand people defied the police in Paris last Saturday and protested in solidarity with Palestinians.  

Workers defeat Glasgow Life's protest ban

Up to 100 Unison union members and their supporters protested outside Glasgow City Council Chambers and Kelvingrove Art Gallery last week.

'We can’t be even-handed—side with Palestinians,' say protesters

Up to 100,000 people filled the streets of central London last Saturday in protest at Israel’s continuing assault on Gaza.

Care UK pay cuts made me homeless, says Doncaster striker

Care UK workers in Doncaster are fighting pay cuts so devastating that they have already made one woman worker homeless.

Decision to prosecute Azelle Rodney officer creates a crisis for the Met - and raises more questions

A firearms officer will be prosecuted for the murder of Azelle Rodney. The announcement is a huge blow for the Metropolitan Police.

National demonstration for Gaza called as Israel continues slaughter

As Israel's slaughter continues in Gaza, a national demonstration has been called in London for next Saturday.


South Africa strike wins gains for metal workers

Metal and engineering workers in South Africa ended their four-week strike this week having forced bosses to make major concessions.  

International round-up

Nigeria kills five at Gaza demo | Fresh clashes in eastern Ukraine | Libya descends further in chaos

Israel more isolated but refuses to end bloody war on Gaza

Israel has killed over 1,000 people in its latest assault on Gaza—most of them civilians.


Anti-fascists can be proud of getting rid of Nick Griffin

Weyman Bennett, joint secretary of Unite Against Fascism, says hard fought victories led to the BNP sacking its fuhrer Nick Griffin

This is a war Israel may come to regret

There is a ghastly familiarity about Israel’s assault on Gaza. The scenes of carnage and destruction inflicted by the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) recall very similar scenes during Operation Cast Lead in 2008-9.


Surviving Gaza: Palestinian activists speak out

Activists talk to Adam Cochrane about the harsh reality of life under Israeli occupation

‘Get involved in boycott, divestment and sanctions of Israel’

Beesan, an activist in the West Bank, spoke to Socialist Worker

The great betrayal of Palestine by the Arab ruling classes

Arab leaders condemn Israel. But their ties to Western imperialism mean they aren’t real allies in the fight for Palestinian liberation, writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans


Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is a rare blockbuster that challenges its audience

When the film’s prequel Rise of the Planet of the Apes was released in 2011, there was a sense that it truly fitted the period. 

1984 at the Playhouse Theatre - there’s no hope without the ‘proles’

Jeff Jackson argues the theatre adaptation of 1984 is brilliantly produced, but loses much of Orwell’s threatening power by missing a vital part of the book

Reviews round-up

The Mill series 2 on Channel 4 | The Edinburgh Fringe Festival | Bobby Womack in his own words

What We Think

Israel is built on Palestinian oppression

The world is recoiling in horror at Israel’s mass murder in Gaza. More than a million people have marched in anger around the globe. Even some of Israel’s staunchest backers have gone pale at the scale of the bloodshed.

After claims of economic recovery: the great austerity lie

The Tories are boasting that the British economy has bounced back to where it was before the economic crash.

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From Russia with a love of directorships and donors

The Troublemaker looks at some people on Putin's payroll that David Cameron might want to sanction, some politicians' junkets, a few crooked cops and some love nuggets

Birmingham school smears shows the government are the real plotters—not Muslims

The Trojan Horse hoax in Birmingham subjected Muslims to a racist witch hunt—and the recent report is full of contradictions

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