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Issue: 2415

Dated: 05 Aug 2014

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Israel, Terror State - The West's attack dog has got to go!

As Israel unleashes its state terror against Palestinians in Gaza bombing schools and murdering civilians a wave of revulsion has swept across Britain and the world.

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Reports round-up

Short reports on Freedom Ride protests in south Yorkshire, Tesco/Eddie Stobart lorry drivers in Doncaster, UPS distribution workers prepare national strike ballot, Midlands TUC young workers and the National Union of Students back boycott of Israel.

Families march for Mark Duggan, three years after his killing

Several hundred people marched through Tottenham, north London, to remember Mark Duggan on the third anniversary of his death on Monday of this week.

MOJ shared services workers strike against privatisation

Civil service workers in Bootle, Merseyside, completed a six-day strike against privatisation on Thursday of last week. They provide shared services such as IT and admin for the Ministry of Justice (MOJ)

Huge slump in tribunal claims after Tories hike up fees

There have been 70 percent fewer claims against bosses at employment tribunals since the Tories introduced £1,200 fees. A recent TUC report, At What Price Justice, exposes the dramatic impact this has had.

New walkout to defend Unite union rep at One Housing

Workers at One Housing Group in London were set to strike for four days from Friday of this week.

Cop in Hillsborough control room changed his statement

The Hillsborough inquest heard on Friday of last week that an police officer’s statement was amended.

Bolton Unison reps suspended for actions during 10 July strike

An email leaked to the Bolton News has revealed that “three union representatives, including two high-ranking Unison members, have been suspended from their posts in Bolton council”. 

Zero hours dock battle won after indefinite strike at Tilbury

Tilbury Dockers have returned to work after winning the battle against employer SCA Logistics’ attempts to impose zero hours contracts. 

Transport news round-up

Reinstate Sodexho rep Petrit Mihaj | Cleaners strikes at London St Pancras and East Coast rail | RMT votes on new general secretary

Protesters pitch up at Stafford hospital against services transfer

Protesters who have pitched up more than 50 tents outside Stafford Hospital are calling on NHS campaigners to join them for a day of protest this Saturday.

Support sacked firefighter Ashley Brown

Pressure is mounting on Hertfordshire County Council to reinstate a firefighter who was sacked for discussing strikes on social media.

Roma and Travellers remember Holocaust

Roma people, Travellers and their supporters gathered in Hyde Park, central London, on Saturday of last week to remember Roma murdered during the Holocaust.

Strikes got Ritzy workers new offer—now calling more can win full demands

Workers at the Ritzy Picturehouse cinema in Brixton, south London have forced an improved pay offer from their bosses.The offer comes after eleven strikes this year demanding the London Living Wage of £8.80 an hour. 

New firefighters' walkouts will hit the Tories

The FBU firefighters’ union announced their latest round of action on Thursday of last week. 

Doncaster Care UK workers strike against low pay and attacks on NHS

Doncaster Care UK workers are in their second week of a two-week strike. 

Kincora abuse investigation halted by MI5, says former intelligence officer

The MI5 security service covered up child abuse in the Kincora Boys’ Home, Northern Ireland, a former army intelligence officer has said. Brian Gemmell, a former captain in the Intelligence Corps, revealed that in 1975 he submitted reports to MI5’s Northern Ireland head Ian Cameron.

Tories to be hit by fresh walkout in pay battle

It’s crucial that the momentum built up after the 10 July strike is not lost, argues Raymie Kiernan

News in brief

Britain tries to hide rendition torture role | Cuts to refuges creating crisis | Tories deport Isabella Acevedo at night | Prison deaths on the increase

‘Israeli bombs massacred 11 of my family in Gaza’

Sheffield-based Palestinian activist Musheir El-Farra told Socialist Worker how his sleeping relatives became an example of Israel’s ‘collective punishment’

Thousands take to streets for Palestine

Israel’s assault on Gaza has provoked demonstrations in every town and city in Britain. Last weekend saw local protests across the country.

Arms factory occupation and Palestine protests heap pressure on Cameron

The occupation of an Israeli-owned drone factory in Staffordshire came to an end last night as police scaled the roof to arrest the protesters.

London sees its biggest ever demonstration in support of Palestinians

More than 150,000 people marched through London today, Saturday, in Britain’s biggest protest ever against Israel’s oppression of Gaza. They came on coaches, trains and minibuses from round the country. The march gathered outside the BBC, angry at the appalling coverage of Israel’s massacre of nearly 2,000 Palestinians.


Outrage as Greek court acquits farm bosses who shot down migrants

A court in the western city of Patras stunned Greece on Thursday of last week, acquitting farm bosses who shot immigrant strawberry pickers last year.  

South African bosses try to back out of deal with metal workers

Some of South Africa’s bosses are already trying to renege on an agreement made with metal workers’ union Numsa last week.    

International round-up

New sovereign debt default for Argentina | French state attacks migrants and protesters

Israel drops bombs on sheltering refugees

Israel keeps on killing and keeps on trying to avoid responsibility, writes Adam Cochrane

US bombs will make Iraq's crisis worse

US forces launched a new bombing campaign on northern Iraq today, Friday.


Greg Philo: 'Media support for Israel isn’t about bias. It’s about power structures'

Professor Greg Philo from the Glasgow Media Group explains how and why the mainstream media favours Israel

Palestinian resistance is wearing down Israel's might

No one should be under any illusion that the latest fighting in Gaza is anything but an episode in a much longer war between Israel and the Palestinians. Overt bouts of fighting come and go, but the war is permanent.


Israel—the state built for murder

Decades of US military investment helped make Israel the monster it is today. Anne Alexander examines the special relationship at the heart of imperialism in the Middle East

How can Palestine rise from the ashes?

Egyptian revolutionary socialist Hossam el-Hamalawy looks at protests for Palestine in the broader Middle East, while Palestinian activists argue for a real solution there


A Bright Room Called Day: Enthralling fable of fascism is still relevant for us today

A Bright Room Called Day doesn’t prick at the conscience so much as stab at the heart as it warns us how the Nazis gained power, writes Chris Kelly

Artists captured the senseless horror of the First World War

The Imperial War Museum reopened last month just in time to join the First World War centenary. Its Truth and Memory exhibition is based on art commissioned by the British war memorials committee.

Guardians of the Galaxy: A wise-cracking, summer blockbuster

Marvel’s newest caper Guardians of the Galaxy abounds with slapstick and wise-cracking comedy.

What We Think

Only workers can end our rulers’ barbaric world of war

The news has been dominated by the outbreak of the First World War and Israel’s assault on Gaza.

Politicians unite in bigotry against migrants

David Cameron and Tory home secretary Theresa May posed for TV cameras last week in a house that the UK Border Agency had just raided.

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Solidarity with Gaza from students and a cricketer, Islamophobia from Tories and bankers, and a new attack on women's rights to choose

Rich are proud of sacrificing the poor for First World War

The Royals' insincere mourning for the war dead, and other tales of the rotten ruling class

TTIP - Stop the bosses’ transatlantic treaty tearing up our rights

Transatlantic deal TTIP could give bosses a green light to attack workers’ rights, public services and the environment

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