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Issue: 2416

Dated: 12 Aug 2014

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‘We will resist until we free Gaza’ - Palestinians defiant after Israel's attacks

Teacher Mohammed Soliman says Gaza’s spirit of resistance is unbroken

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Workplace and protests round-up

St Pancras station cleaners; East Coast rail cleaners; Petrit Mihaj and Sodexho; hotel workers; Deaths in custody and detention

Anti-fascists in Batley protest against EDL

Anti-racists rallied to stop the English Defence League last Saturday

Display of anger from museum staff in Wales

Thousands of visitors were turned away from three Welsh museums last Saturday as staff stage a series of half day walkouts over pay and pensions.

Anti-fracking direct action camp called in Blackpool, Lancashire

Hundreds of activists from around Britain were expected to converge on Blackpool, Lancashire, this weekend, for discussions, protests and direct action against fracking.

Lambeth College dispute set to restart as new term begins

The dispute at Lambeth College in south London is likely to resume in the new term. Staff start back at work on Monday 18 August.

East London doctors stand up to funding cuts

Doctors and patients handed in a petition to Downing Street on Wednesday of last week to protest at threats to 22 surgeries across east London. 

Care UK strikers visit Stafford hospital protest camp

More than 30 striking care workers from Care UK in Doncaster visited the protest camp outside Stafford Hospital on Wednesday of last week. 

'Peace scarf' ties Berkshire atom plants in a knot

More than 1,000 peace activists protested against the nuclear arms industry last Saturday in Berkshire. 

Packed meeting to save Devon's Torrington Community Hospital

A packed meeting of Save The Irreplaceable Torrington Community Hospital last Saturday voted to reject a six-month evaluation report.

Solidarity fills the streets in global day of protest for Gaza

Global solidarity as protests fill the streets for Gaza

Family of Habib Ullah vow to fight on after CPS says cops won't face charges

The family of Habib “Paps” Ullah say they will continue fighting after the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) announced it will not bring charges over his death.

Striking firefighters turn up the heat on the Tories

Firefighters are at a crucial stage of their fight against Tory attacks on their pensions. Firefighters in the FBU union in England and Wales began a series of strikes on Saturday of last week.

Tories want to dump their toxic waste to save the union

David Cameron might want his “star players” to be “on the pitch”. But in the Scottish independence referendum, worried Tories desperately want him off it.

Defiant Doncaster Care UK workers vote for more strikes over pay

Strikers at Care UK in Doncaster ended a two-week strike on Monday of this week and overwhelmingly voted for more strikes at a mass meeting.

Walkouts at One Housing for sacked rep Bryan Kennedy

One Housing Group workers in London struck from Friday of last week to Monday of this week, with pickets at the organisation’s headquarters in Camden.

Andy Coulson faces perjury trial over Tommy Sheridan case

Lawyers for disgraced former Tory spin doctor and News of the World editor Andy Coulson were back in court on his behalf last week. Coulson is charged with three counts of perjury.

EDF workers’ walkouts win improved pay deal

The Unite union has declared victory in a pay dispute at EDF Energy, which involved a series of strikes by 500 workers.

Kirklees council workers return big vote for action

UNISON members working for Kirklees Council, West Yorkshire, have voted in an indicative ballot for branch wide industrial action.

No votes for homeless in Scot's referendum

Patriotic celebrities might be welcome to wade into the Scottish independence debate. But if you’re homeless in Glasgow it’s another matter.

Barnsley Freedom Riders put rail bosses on the back foot

About 80 Freedom Riders protested outside Barnsley station on Monday of this week demanding the right to free train travel.

Woman dies after benefits cut off - but Tory calls for new attacks

Annette Francis was owed hundreds of pounds due to the backlog caused by the government's move from Disability Living Allowance to Personal Independence Payment. An inquest heard that the financial pressure led to her committing suicide. Now Work and Pensions Secretary Ian Duncan Smith is calling for even harsher changes to the benefit system.


Investors eye profits while poor die of Ebola

The outbreak could have been contained if people had access to basic hygeine

Bombing Iraq will only intensify a crisis caused by imperialism

The rise of sectarianism and the Islamic State is a direct result of the US’s divide and rule strategy—more intervention will only make the problem it created worse, writes Judith Orr

Full scale of Gaza attack is revealed as families return home

A 72-hour ceasefire began at midnight on Monday of this week, but the death toll from Israel’s brutal assault on Gaza now exceeds 1,900 people. The majority were civilians, including nearly 500 children. 

Human Right Watch report slams Egypt’s regime

A Human Rights Watch report published this week states that the Egyptian military deliberately planned the deadly assault on unarmed protesters in August 2013. 


'Zionism erased our Jewish-Arab identities'

With the savage attacks on Gaza by Israel it is not surprising many see the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians to be eternal and unsolvable. 

Scotland's currency row masks ruling class fears of independence

The British ruling class are trying to scare voters away from a yes vote by raising questions over a future Scottish currency.

Criticism of Israel does not equal antisemitism

On the back of Israel’s vicious assault on Gaza, there has been growing debate about whether we are witnessing a rise in antisemitism.


Hatreds spawned by the West - the myth of the intolerant Middle East

Violence in the Middle East is often blamed on age old religious hatred. But the region's history is of coexistence—until imperialist superpowers tore it apart, argues Ken Olende

Tipping points - Are we too late to save the climate?

There are alarming signs that global warming may have passed ‘tipping points’ of no return. This is a cause for urgent action, not despair, writes Dave Sewell


Miners Shot Down - film exposes murder and collusion in South Africa

Rehad Desai, director of the Miners Shot Down film, talked to Socialist Worker about why it’s a must-see for trade unionists

Anti-war comic author Pat Mills talks about new book To End All Wars

Veteran comic strip writer Pat Mills talks to Ken Olende about First World War mutinies and war resisters as a new collection of graphic stories, To End All Wars, is published

Edinburgh Festival Fringe: war works put rulers to shame

Every socialist will have been nauseated by the Commonwealth commemoration of the centenary of the First World War held in Glasgow on 4 August.

The Black Market by Rise Against

This is the seventh studio album by US punk band Rise Against.

The Rover

Fans of post-apocalyptic Australian road movies won’t have to wait for the Mad Max sequel next summer. 

What We Think

The West is only out to protect its interests in Iraq

Everyone who has seen footage of the terrible plight of the Yazidi people trapped on a mountainside in northern Iraq will have been moved. 

Cancer drug row puts greed before need

The row over drugs pricing this week may have wiped six months off the lives of 1,500 women. 

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Israel's bloody assault on Gaza reveals its true colours, plus letters on Hiroshima, Boris Johnson and more

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The week in quotes

Tory election special: Right wing millionaire could take on right wing millionaire

Scores of leading Tories are already campaigning frantically for the election which could decide the future of their careers next year. Not the general election in May—a mere trifle in comparison.

Hard life on The Street

Well done to the group of young boys of Derby Road, Southampton, who chased away the makers of new documentary series Immigration Street with eggs and flour.

Tories vow to protect us from 'Terror Tots'

New Tory education secretary Nicky Morgan is on a mission. She wants to make sure there’s “no place for extremist views anywhere in the education system”.

It's donkeys versus sheep down on the Amazon farm

A standoff over e-book prices took a turn for the surreal last week. 

Toff of the week: Prince William

The helicopter hero can keep his wages... we want his pad

Tories' union review is a Carr crash

The anti-union lawyer tasked with writing an “independent” call for yet more anti-union laws has thrown in the towel.

How prison drives vulnerable young inmates to despair

Suicides behind bars are surging. Annette Mackin looks at the shocking conditions in a prison system that kills the people it’s meant to rehabilitate

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