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Issue: 2418

Dated: 26 Aug 2014

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Eyewitness Ferguson - Fear and Fury at Michael Brown's funeral

Judith Orr reports from the US city where cops murdered black teenager Michael Brown and speaks to its people about race, class and repression.

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Reports round-up

BBC engineers strike; food inspectors walk out over pay; union hold talks with Argos bosses; Scottish power workers; GMB union ballots refuse workers

Freedom riders’ week of action turns up the pressure on Northern Rail bosses

South Yorkshire freedom riders held another lively week of protest last week. 

2 Sisters Food Group plans to cut 420 jobs in Dronfield

Bosses at Gunstones bakery in Dronfield near Sheffield announced a devastating 420 redundancies last week.

Fast Food Rights Campaign set to hold protests this week

Protests were set to take place on Thursday of this week to demand better pay and union rights for fast food workers.

Midlands TUC calls demo against Tory conference

Midlands region TUC will hold a demonstration at the Tory Party conference in Birmingham on 28 September.

Doncaster strikers say union should spread Care UK fightback

Doncaster Care UK workers began a three-week strike on Monday of this week. 

Shambles for racists in Bournemouth as their rally ends with infighting

Over 500 people demonstrated against a English Defence League (EDL) march and rally last Saturday in Bournemouth.

Solidarity action in support of Harlow Travellers’ site

Around 20 people attended a Travellers’ site at Harlow in Essex last Saturday to show solidarity with the residents.

Local government workers stage pay protests

Local government and school workers took part in a day of action over pay on Wednesday of last week.

Vote yes for strikes to defend the NHS

As strike ballots begin in the health service activists are already organising to win a big yes vote—and are finding a mood to fight, reports Dave Sewell

Welsh museum workers strike for third weekend in a row

PCS union members in Wales struck for the third time last weekend over pay and pensions.

Support Lambeth College lecturers

Workers at Lambeth College remain in dispute over hated new contracts.

New plan for NHS 'doctors on the cheap'

Thousands of NHS patients will soon be treated by staff with just two years of intensive training rather than by a fully qualified doctor.

Protest in support of the Elbit Nine

Protesters held a demonstration in support of the Elbit Nine in Cannock, Staffordshire, on Wednesday of last week.

Scottish independence - Alex Salmond's tack left is good news for the yes vote

Working class issues trump financial nitpicking, argues Carlo Morelli

Tories look to target Muslims with new ‘extremism’ laws

Home secretary Theresa May is looking at bringing in new laws to tackle “Islamic extremism”. 

Scottish shipyard workers don't swallow the lie that independence will cost jobs

The “Better Together” campaign is trying to blackmail shipyard workers into voting no to Scottish independence.

West plans more raids as Iraq sinks in violence

As warmongers gather at Nato talks, the mess they created in Iraq leads to a new wave of sectarian killings

Stop and search laws to be tightened

Home Secretary Theresa May announced measures this week to restrict the use of police stop and search powers but not before mass arrests at Notting Hill carnival

News in brief

Hillsborough—‘not disorderly’ | Councils cut youth spending | Migrants in lorry detained | New rules on zero hours

Third weekend of strikes in battle of Welsh museums

PCS union members in Wales struck for the third time last weekend over pay and pensions.

What's behind the child abuse horror in Rotherham?

A new report has further revealed the horrific extent of child sex abuse in Rotherham, South Yorkshire—and how the authorities turned a blind eye for years.

Ritzy strikers reject offer and hold out for London Living Wage

Workers in the Bectu union at the Ritzy Picturehouse cinema in Brixton, south London have rejected an improved pay offer from bosses.


State clamps down on the poor as Ebola crisis spreads to Liberia

Thousands blockaded in slums as west African government can’t cope with epidemic, writes Dave Sewell

Socialist Party government resigns in France after splits over austerity

France’s Labour-type Socialist Party government resigned on Monday of this week.

Second Russian convoy due in Ukraine

Russia will send another “humanitarian aid” convoy to Ukraine in the next few days, foreign minister Sergey Lavrov has said. 


Killing the bedroom tax can help us beat other attacks on benefits

Benefit cuts are causing misery and despair—but we should be confident about fighting back, argues Eileen Short

There is resistance to this frenzy of Islamophobia

Hassan Mahamdallie, co-director of the Muslim Institute, looks at the hypocrisy and racist scaremongering that followed the death of US photojournalist James Foley


When the war comes home - the US National Guard

The National Guard is on the streets of the US once again. Ken Olende looks at four key moments when troops were used to combat struggle at home—and how they reveal our rulers’ fear of resistance


Black Cultural Archives give a living history of racism—and resistance

It’s been a long awaited move—but the wait is over. From 24 July the Black Cultural Archives (BCA) has had a new, prominent location in the heart of Brixton, south London.

The Great British Bake Off - A conservative fantasy of cup cake capitalism

Escaping from austerity is been sold back to us as austerity chic with irony.

I’m Not Bossy, I'm the Boss—Sinead O'Connor latest album

Sinead O'Connor's latest album is still interesting musically and rails against inequality

What We Think

A warning from France not to wait for Miliband

The political turmoil in France sends us a chilling warning about what we could face in Britain under a Labour government led by Ed Miliband.

Ukip's policy proposals show they are a party for the rich

Ukip announced details of proposed polices last week. They include tax cuts for the wealthy and retaining the benefit cap which makes ordinary people suffer.

Other Categories


NHS fight; prisons and capitalism; Abortion in Ireland; and supporting Gaza at work

Seven warships move in to stop Newport rising at Nato summit

Police have promised Britain’s biggest ever security operation when Nato warmongers descend on Newport next week. 

How Israel has set about the destruction of Gaza

The explosive power of the bombs dropped in Israel’s current assault on Gaza is equivalent to the atomic bomb the US dropped on Hiroshima in 1945.

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