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Issue: 2420

Dated: 09 Sep 2014

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Let's get David Cameron out - Vote yes in Scotland, join pay strikes and protests

It wasn’t supposed to be like this for Britain's political elite. Less than year ago the unionist Better Together campaign in Scotland felt assured of victory. Now it is hanging by a thread

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Protest in Doncaster outside Ukip’s conference and stand up to racists

Activists across Britain are organising to take on the anti-immigrant, pro-rich Ukip party later this month.

Union leaders promise action at the TUC conference - now let’s hold them to it

Trade unionists from across Britain gathered in Liverpool this week for the conference of the Trades Union Congress (TUC).

Turn fury at the Tories into big strike votes, say NHS workers

Attacks on pay and conditions have created enormous anger among health workers—but union leaders need to do more to build action that can stop them, writes Annette Mackin

After Rotherham abuse horror - don't let the Nazis divide us

The English Defence League (EDL) is trying to whip up racism in Rotherham following the horrific child abuse detailed in a recent report.

Detention centre protest in Lincolnshire after inmate's death

At least 30 detainees rose up at Morton Hall immigration detention centre in Lincolnshire last Saturday, after the death of an inmate. 

Care workers in Barnet and Doncaster strike together against low pay

Striking care workers in Doncaster and London brought their struggles together on Tuesday of this week in their fight against low pay and privatisation.

NUT union should join October pay strike

The national executive committee of the NUT union last week voted by 26 to 12 against striking over pay on 14 October. That’s the day Unison union members in schools and local councils are set to walk out.

Optimistic rallies for Yes campaign held across Scotland

Yes campaigners in Glasgow were boosted by socialists from England and Wales last weekend to push the case for independence.

Local government strike ballot gets underway in Scotland

A strike ballot of 70,000 local government workers in Scotland began on Tuesday. The Unison union is recommending a yes vote.  

Ruling class panics after Yes campaign takes lead in Scottish independence poll

The No campaign is in trouble with the Scottish independence vote too close to call, writes Raymie Kiernan

Voices from the Yes campaign - how independence vote is stirring up debate

The referendum campaign has unleashed an unprecedented level of debate in Scotland.

Industrial and political news in brief

Police tasers; Barnsley Freedom Riders; West London traffic wardens; North London Palestine festival; Azelle Rodney

Stop David Cameron's plan to join US bombing of Iraq

David Cameron, backed by Labour Party leaders and the Lib Dems, is preparing to bomb Iraq again. It will only make matters worse if he does order a return to British attacks.

Protest against Tory attacks on benefit claimants

Campaigners were set to target major job centres and government buildings in a day of action against benefit sanctions on Thursday of this week.

Civil servants' PCS union must name the day for autumn action

The PCS union executive met last week and agreed to look to coordinate action with other unions in October. But no date has yet been agreed.

Strikes can win in firefighters' row

Firefighters launched a nationwide tour to highlight the devastating effect Tory cuts are having on the fire service at the TUC conference this week.

Tories suffer defeat over bedroom tax

The government was humiliated as it lost a vote on the bedroom tax last week. A private members’ bill from a Lib Dem backbencher got support from 304 MPs to 267.

News in-brief

Jewish man flees home, train fare rises, from care to B&Bs

London Underground action is suspended for talks

The Tube workers’ RMT union called off an overtime ban due to begin on Wednesday of last week. It was set to be the first action by Tube workers since a 72-hour strike was suspended in May for talks.

European radical left to debate democracy at London meeting

Hundreds of activists were expected to join the first international debate hosted by the London branch of new Spanish radical left party Podemos this Saturday.

Why we are voting Yes in the Scottish referendum

Five reasons why we need to push for a Yes vote in Scotland

Scotland special - all out to win a Yes vote

The leaders of the main Westminster parties, panicked this week, cancelled their plans and rushed to Scotland.

Fear and loathing in Scottish referendum campaign

In one of the most coordinated and brazen campaigns in recent times, business, politicians, the media, multinational corporations and international bankers have united in order to bully Scottish voters into voting No in the independence referendum.


Workers march in Greece

Workers from across Greece marched in the northern city of Thessalonica last Saturday against the government’s austerity programme.

Ebola nurses strike in Liberia to get protective gear

Nurses at the JFK hospital in Liberia’s capital Monrovia have gone on strike demanding better protection against Ebola.

Fast food strikers shake the US with civil disobedience

Fast food workers across the US struck on Thursday of last week. The action was part of an escalating campaign for $15 (£9.30) an hour wages and the right to join a trade union.

Pakistan protests demand change - but will the leaders deliver?

Geoff Brown argues the protests represent real anger, but the movement has to look to its own strength, not the leadership

Tories send a fence to help French state repress refugees in Calais

The right wing mayor of Calais, northern France, has been demanding the British government show it isn’t “soft” on immigration.


US power is in crisis from Iraq to Ukraine

Amid the hubbub of media and official commentary on and denunciation of the jihadi Islamic State (Isis), only one thing is clear—no one has a clue what to do.


The limits of Scottish nationalism

The Scottish National Party is making headway as the independence referendum nears, but, says Iain Ferguson, the party is trapped by its attempt to please both the rich and the poor at the same time

Clacton by-election - the Tories, Ukip and the last resort

Tory MP Douglas Carswell defected to Ukip and is standing for re-election in the seaside constituency of Clacton. Dave Sewell visited the town and spoke to people hit by the crisis

Former Labour councillors in Hull say 'Socialists need to take a stand against cuts'

Labour is not providing an alternative to the misery and anger that the Tories’ cuts are creating, say two former Labour Party councillors.


Little Revolution: Riot play shines a light on the class divide in British society

Voices from people in Hackney make Little Revolution, about the 2011 riots, an antidote to those who dismissed them as ‘criminality’, argues Brian Richardson

Two Days, One Night - a moving tale of how we can change through struggle

Just about anyone who has experienced workplace life will relate to the Dardenne brothers’ brilliant new film.

A Dark Cloud Over the Woollen Industry: Wool, war and Wales

This exhibition looks at the impact of the First World War and its aftermath on the Welsh wool industry.

Steve White and Graham Larkbey tracks celebrate anti-fascist victory

These new tracks are a celebration of “Walthamstow One” when 4,000 anti-fascists humiliated the English Defence League in east London in 2012.

Radical writing publication Black and Blue look for writers

Black & Blue is a radical writing publication that aims to publish previously unpublished writers.

What We Think

Our rulers fear the unity we take pride in

Pride, a new film about Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners, is on general release from this week. 

Other Categories

Ian Paisley: good riddance to a vile bigot

One of the vilest bigots these islands have produced is dead.


Politicians' abuse hypocrisy, back strikes to beat debt, Iraq lies, painting solidarity, best warmonger, how to fight, voting Yes is anti-racist, more irony than sense

The Things They Say

Quotes from the week

Stop the press!! A woman is going to have another baby

How can any Scot want to leave Britain after news that another royal scrounger is on the way?

Joint enterprise: The law that can lock you away for being a witness

Campaigners explain why they're fighting against joint enterprise convictions

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