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Issue: 2422

Dated: 23 Sep 2014

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Say no to war on Syria and Iraq

Syrian socialist speaks out against the West's bombs

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Health workers to strike during week of walkouts and protests

Health workers in England are set to walk out on 13 October—and now we have to fight to make it as big as possible and a focus for opposition to the Tories, argues Annette Mackin

Academies schools are grabbing our cash

Academy trusts and their firms are grabbing “very large sums of public money” with little accountability, according to a new report.

Home Office stuffs refugees into hotel as media fans scare stories

The Home Office has crammed nearly 800 asylum seekers at a time into Queen’s Hotel in Crystal Palace, south London. 

Care workers set to coordinate further action with national public sector strikes

Care workers in the Unison union struck last week in their dispute over pay with bosses at Your Choice Barnet (YCB) in north London.

Transport workers round-up

Strikes down the track at Amey Colas | Walkout at Arriva Wales | London Underground overtime ban back on | Mick Cash elected RMT general secretary

Bin workers are back out in Brighton

Brighton and Hove refuse and recycling drivers were set to strike for a further three days as part of an ongoing dispute over pay and allowances.

Ballot over pay for Defence Support Group workers

Defence Support Group (DSG) workers in the Unite union began a national ballot on Friday of last week for strikes over pay. It is set to close on 3 October.

EDL march in central London exploits Rotherham abuse scandal

The racist English Defence League (EDL) attempted to exploit the recent child sex abuse scandals last Saturday in central London.

Britain's rulers win a No vote, but still face a crisis in Scotland

Voters in Scotland rejected independence by 55 to 45 percent last week. The 85 percent turnout was the highest ever in Britain.

Global protests against climate change see massive mobilisations

Hundreds of thousands of people marched for action against climate change last Sunday in a global day of protest that wildly exceeded organisers’ expectations.

Fire strikes can up the pressure on the Tories

The firefighters’ FBU union entered into another round of talks with Tory fire minister Penny Mordaunt last week. The union executive issued a statement to members saying that no further strikes would be called while the talks were ongoing. 

Protest calls for reinstatement of sacked health worker Charlotte Monro

Supporters of sacked health worker Charlotte Monro protested outside her tribunal hearing which began on Tuesday of this week.

Chaos as Tory Legal Aid cuts process found illegal

The Tories’ plans to cut criminal legal aid by £220 million have been thrown into chaos after the consultation process was ruled illegal. 

Birmingham council to axe 6,000 jobs

Birmingham city council has announced it is going to cut 6,000 jobs over the next three years.

Barnsley Freedom Riders' protest targets councillors

Some 60 people protested outside the South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive meeting in Barnsley on Monday of this week.

Education round-up

Lambeth College | Aberystwyth university | Academies | Barnsley College | UCU higher education sector conference

Campaigners set to march against Ukip conference in Doncaster

Ukip leader Nigel Farage hopes to present his racist party as respectable at its national conference, set to begin in Doncaster on Thursday of this week.

Hillsborough cop says deadly crush was avoidable

The 1989 Hillsborough football disaster could have been avoided if police crowd control had been different, according to a former police officer.

Rage at ban for school student who wears niqab

A school in central London has banned a student from attending because she wears a niqab. But more than 300 people have signed a petition calling on Camden School for Girls to “stop its Islamophobia” in the wake of the ban.

Reports in brief

National Gallery privatisation halted | Defend Cops Off Campus protesters | Focus E15 occupation shows up housing crisis | Vote TUSC in Haringey |

Miliband makes promises and commits to cuts in Labour conference speech

The Labour leader’s speech mixed pro-business pledges with vague rhetoric, writes Simon Basketter

Scotland special - We've scared them, now let's beat them

The 1.6 million people who voted Yes in last week’s referendum can be proud of themselves.

Tories prepare to join war after US bombing spreads to Syria

Cruise missiles rained down on Syria from fighter jets, Predator and Reaper drones and from the sea on Tuesday of this week.

MPs vote to start bombing Iraq

Britain is now set to attack Iraq for the third time in less than 25 years, after a vote in Westminster tonight, Friday.

Doncaster stands up to Ukip as 1,000 join anti-racist march

A thousand anti-racists filled the streets of Doncaster today, Saturday. They were marching against Ukip, which is holding its conference in the South Yorkshire town.


Desperation in Detroit: ‘There’s so much tension, something’s going to explode’

People in Detroit face a desperate situation as creditors circle—but their fury has also pushed some to resist, reports Judith Orr

Thousands protest against repression in Hong Kong

Thousands of university and college students in Hong Kong started a week long boycott of classes this week.

International round-up

Greek workers strike; Egyptian socialist Mahienour el-Massry released;Spanish Tories drop plans to overturn abortion rights

US begins sending 3,000 troops to Liberia

The US is sending 3,000 troops to Liberia, west Africa, in the next month. It claims it is to deal with the Ebola crisis, and so far insists that it is just a matter of logistics and engineering.


Scotland after the referendum: we need to back a left alternative not the SNP

The left in Scotland has the sort of opportunity that comes around only very occasionally. 

‘Privatisation has shifted tax burden onto poorest’ says writer James Meek

The Campaign for Real Poverty is what privatisation should be called, argues author James Meek.


An empire bathed in blood: when Britannia ruled the waves

In a desperate bid to head off a Scottish Yes vote, David Cameron evoked a mythical British Empire that had given democracy to the poor and freedom to the slaves. Here Ken Olende looks back at what life was really like when Britannia ruled the waves

Where next after Scotland's vote?

The Scottish independence referendum saw thousands of people getting involved in radical new groups to argue for a Yes vote. 


Glue: Hedonism and murder in a ‘green and pleasant’ land

Despite its presentation of youthful hedonism in rural England, new TV drama Glue’s surrealism takes up important issues, argues Ellie May

Abram Games: a designer whose mission was to provoke

Abram Games was an outstanding graphic designer whose mission was to provoke everyone—even his clients.

Black History Month 2014 events

Events are planned around Britain in October for Black History Month. Here are some highlights. 

What We Think

Don't pour fuel on the fire in Iraq and Syria

Western politicians are beating the drums of war. The US began bombing Syria on Tuesday. It is already bombing Iraq—and Britain could soon join the attacks. 

This is our chance to take on the Tories

The mass movement that emerged around the fight for Scottish independence was driven by working class anger. This rage is not unique to Scotland. 

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Your views on racism against Muslims and Travellers, heartless hipsters, NHS privatisation and the truth about Gordon Brown

The Things They Say

Labour shadow Chancellor Ed Balls takes time out from football to explain that Labour needs to be “tougher “ on immigration

Every extra million unnoticed helps Tesco’s shareholders

Bosses of Britain’s biggest supermarket have found, that when trying to bluff your way out of a profit crisis, every little helps.

Corporate inversions are a whopper of a tax wheeze that's totally bananas

Why has Burger King turned Canadian and Ireland become the world's biggest banana producer?

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