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Issue: 2423

Dated: 30 Sep 2014

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As British jets join raids on Iraq - Protest against the war

British warplanes joined the third attack on Iraq in less than 25 years after a vote in Westminster on Friday of last week.

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Union recognition for Wincanton Argos drivers

The Unite union last week signed a union recognition agreement with haulage firm Wincanton.

Doncaster Care UK strikers need national backing for their pay fight

Doncaster Care UK workers launched a fresh three-week strike on Monday of this week. 

Wandsworth parking attendants demand more pay

Parking attendants in Wandsworth, south west London, have voted by 92 percent to strike over pay. 

Brighton bin workers’ action set for this week

Two days of strikes by refuse and recycling drivers in Brighton and Hove were suspended last week for talks. 

Freedom Riders lobby councillors

Some 30 Barnsley Freedom Riders protested outside a Barnsley Labour council meeting on Thursday of last week. They demanded the council reinstate free train travel for older people, which it cut from April. 

Vote TUSC in north London by-election

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) is standing a candidate in a council by-election in Haringey, north London.

Final judgement for Mark Duggan?

Justice campaigners were set to meet this Saturday at a public meeting organised by the Justice for Mark Duggan campaign.

St Mungo’s new bosses face strike ballot

More than 500 workers at housing charity St Mungo’s Broadway are being balloted for strikes. 

Action off for Arriva Wales train drivers

A 24-hour strike by Arriva Wales train drivers set for Friday of last week was suspended after unions said progress was made in talks with management.

RMT reps consult for action in London Underground dispute

The RMT Tube workers’ union is this week consulting its reps for a two-day strike on 14 and 15 October.

Meeting to oppose academies

The Anti Academies Alliance (AAA) is holding an open steering committee on Saturday 11 October.

University workers prepare to fight over pensions

The UCU union is balloting workers in 67 universities for action against attacks on the USS pension scheme.

Barnet care row reveals cash flaws in Tory business plan

Tory-run Barnet Council in north London is giving preferential treatment to private firms over its own local authority trading company, Your Choice Barnet (YCB).

New ballot for strikes at Lambeth College

Workers at Lambeth College in South London have begun a new ballot for strikes in a long-running dispute with management.

Blacklisting protest at High Court

Anti-blacklisting campaigners met outside the High Court on Friday of last week.

No Nazis in Birmingham, don’t let the racists divide us

The racist English Defence League (EDL) plans a demonstration in Birmingham on Saturday of next week.

Firefighters' union warns of war as London fire boss plans to lock out workers

London Fire Brigade Comissioner Ron Dobson has provoked outrage by recommending striking firefighters be locked out.

Farage guns for Labour, but makes policies fit for Tories in Ukip conference speech

Ukip’s conference was all about bashing immigrants and backing the rich— not workers, reports Sadie Robinson

Strike back to beat Tory pay cuts

A series of successful strikes by workers across different unions can boost confidence to take on the Tories—and counter pressure on union leaders to retreat, says Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Unison rejected poor pay proposal - Unite and GMB should too and build the strike

Some 15 ballots of Unison union members in academy schools all backed strikes—and they will join the local government walkout on 14 October.

Mass rallies discuss next steps in Scotland

The movement in Scotland continues as hundreds join rallies and pack out meetings, reports Raymie Kiernan

‘More Hillsborough fans could have survived with better medical care’

A former police officer who was on duty during the Hillsborough football disaster has said more fans could have survived with better medical attention.

New attack on workers cheers up party faithful at Tory conference

While resignations and scandal swirled round them, the Tories wallowed in their plans for more attacks on workers.

News round-up

Wages could continue to fall for years to come; disabled child aged ten had to sleep in a dog cage; construction workers win improved toilet facilities after an unofficial strike

Report slams South Yorkshire cops on child abuse

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) published a report into South Yorkshire Police this week.

Protests across Britain against war on Iraq and Syria

Protesters took to the streets at the news of a new war on Iraq in cities across Britain from Glasgow to Portsmouth.

Protests in Britain support Hong Kong demonstrations

More than 1,500 people protested outside the Chinese Embassy in central London yesterday, Wednesday, as part of a day of global solidarity with the Occupy Central movement in Hong Kong. Another 500 protested in Manchester.

Hillsborough: Top cop says claim that fans forced gate a ‘wicked lie’

The superintendent in charge of Liverpool football fans at Hillsborough has admitted that police contributed to the 1989 disaster.

London marchers say no to new Iraq war

More than 2,000 people marched through London in the driving rain today, Saturday, against the bombing of Iraq.


International news round-up

The ruling Labour-type Socialist Party lost control of the French senate to the right in an election this week. A police officer shot and killed 14 year old Cameron Tillman in the southern US state of Louisiana on Tuesday of last week. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai was confirmed president of Afghanistan last week.

Greek Tory government appeals to Troika for time-out to stem workers' opposition

Greece’s right wing prime minister Antonis Samaras has appealed to the German government for “breathing space” from austerity.

A new borders agreement for Gaza

Palestinian groups Hamas and Fatah last week came to an agreement that will place border crossings from Gaza to Israel under the Palestinian Authority’s control. 

Pro-democracy protests spread across Hong Kong as unions threaten strikes

Thousands of pro-democracy protesters remained on the streets of Hong Kong as Socialist Worker went to press.

Statement in support of protesters in Hong Kong

We, the undersigned support the right of Hong Kong citizens to decide who they want to vote for Chief Executive rather than just have a choice of candidates who are vetted and approved by Beijing


Imagination helps us understand the world - and change it

Imaginative vision isn’t the preserve of a creative few—and mass struggles can unleash its potential, writes John Parrington

US imperialism is still in crisis—build opposition to Obama’s messy war

The West 's rulers are preparing for a long war in the Middle, but there’s no prospect of a simple rerun of the George W Bush years


The soldiers that Empire forgot

Troops from Europe’s empires who fought in the First World War were quickly erased from official histories. They are remembered by John Siblon

The truth about bombing Iraq

As Britain and the US lead yet another assault on Iraq, Socialist Worker takes apart some of the warmongers’ key arguments for intervention


Exhibitions round-up

Expressionism: The Total Artwork in Leicester | An Idiosyncratic A to Z of the Human Condition in London

The Riot Club is a tale of ruling class privilege to make you furious

The Riot Club is an adaptation of Laura Wade’s 2010 play Posh.  

The Black Chronicles II: Photographs bear witness to Britain’s colonial history

With over 200 photographs on show the Black Chronicles II exhibtion reveals a piece of Britain’s past that’s long been hidden, argues Michelle Adhémar

What We Think

Tories won't stop until we put up a fight

 Austerity is now permanent, according to the Tories at their annual conference. Chancellor George Osborne rallied the faithful around a new and vicious assault on welfare benefits. 

Tories want payment cards to stigmatise the poor

 The Tories used their conference this week to propose more nasty attacks on poor people. 

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I was among other health workers who protested outside the employment tribunal for sacked health worker Charlotte Monro on Tuesday of last week. 

Things they say

‘You simply do not know how good you have it’

The Tories launch Operation Milk to try and hide their posh lifestyles

Never let it be said that the Tories are out of touch with ordinary people. 

Property vultures are set for a killing on council homes

The rich plan to snap up even more public land at the Mipim UK 2014 property fair - with the help of councillors

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