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Issue: 2425

Dated: 14 Oct 2014

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No to austerity, no to racism: Unite to win

British politics is in turmoil. But who will gain? Step up the strikes to win.

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Defence Support Group bosses face month of strikes as action grows

Workers at the Defence Support Group (DSG), the Ministry of Defence equipment repair agency, were set to begin strikes this week over pay.

St Mungo’s housing workers get set for seven-day walkout

Workers at housing charity St Mungo’s Broadway were set to walk out for seven days on Friday of this week.

Protest confronts EDL in Birmingham city centre

Some 300 people joined a demo against the racist EDL in Birmingham called by Unite Against Fascism (UAF).

Bedroom tax victim jailed

Bedroom tax prisoner Michael Hilton was sentenced to ten months in jail last week. There was anger and disbelief in court.

Hundreds protest against bosses TTIP trade deal

Hundreds rallied against the proposed TTIP trade deal in London and around Britain on Saturday of last week as part of a Europe-wide day of action.

Tube action called off for more talks

A 48-hour strike by London Underground workers set for Tuesday of this week was suspended by RMT union leaders a little over 24 hours after it was announced.

Reports round-up

Severfield Steel strike in Bolton | Freedom Riders hold consultation | Packed meeting for People’s Question Time | Library walkouts in Greenwich | ‘Global Frackdown’ targets HSBC | Welsh miners mark gala film screening | Occupy parliament for fairer society | Cardiff marchers say ‘no more war’

Fury as court blocks UCU college lecturers' walkout

Also: UCU pulls Lambeth College ballot | solid strike at Barnsley College | Teachers vote on more strikes

After Clacton - Labour and the Tories let Ukip set the agenda

The blame for last week’s by-election results doesn’t stop with Nigel Farage, says Sadie Robinson

Crunch time in Doncaster Care UK dispute

Also: Your Choice Barnet strike called off

Mainstream parties made a monster in Ukip that is dragging them to the right

Racists across Britain will have cheered the news that Ukip has its first elected MP. The result will make a nasty, racist party appear more legitimate. It will make voting Ukip seem like more than simply a protest vote.

Council workers set to strike across Scotland

Some 80,000 public sector workers plan to strike across Scotland on Tuesday of next week. 

Tory war lies unravel as British ground troops enter Iraq

THE LIE that British troops would not return to Iraq is falling apart.

Western allies kill Kurds

BRITAIN AND the US are supposed to be backing Kurds fighting Islamic State in Kobane in northern Syria.

News in brief round-up

Mark Duggan verdict upheld | Records wrong on secret cops | More terror arrests made | Debates on a better system

Hillsborough: Police lied about Liverpool fans stealing

Police lied about Liverpool football fans in the wake of the Hillsborough football disaster, an inquest has heard.

‘Blame the West’s wars, not Muslims’ says 7/7 survivor

Linda is a 7/7 London bombing survivor, who was injured in the Aldgate Tube bomb on 7 July 2005. 

Mass Hope Over Fear rally shows the chance to build new left in Scotland

Up to 15,000 people rallied in Glasgow’s George Square last Sunday at an event called by the Hope Over Fear campaign initiated by Tommy Sheridan.

NHS strikes show the power to beat Tories

This week’s health strike was a big success—now many want more action, writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Local government strike off but no concessions on pay

A strike over pay by hundreds of thousands of local government workers scheduled for Tuesday of this week was suspended last week.

Unite the Resistance event is a chance to build fightback

The suspension of this week’s local government strike underlines the need for rank and file organisation to hold union leaders to account.

PCS members set to strike on 15 October

Anger at years of pay freezes and attacks on the union is driving the civil service walkout, set to take place on Wednesday of this week.

Angry pickets on Civil Service workers' strike

Thousands of civil service workers walked out of offices today, Wednesday, on a 24-hour strike over pay.

Defence Support Group strikers look to escalation to win 8 percent

The fight for better pay at Defence Support Group (DSG) began in earnest this week.

Lively pickets as radiographers strike over Tories' pay insult

Radiographers across the country walked out of hospitals for four hours today, Monday, in the latest pay strike in the NHS.


Mass protests in Ireland over new water charges

Protesters filled the streets of Dublin last Saturday against the introduction of water charges.

Protests in St Louis after police shooting

A weekend of action against police racism took place across the US city of St Louis, Missouri, last Saturday and Sunday.

Thugs attack Hong Kong demonstrations

Protesters in Hong Kong added cement to their barricades on Monday of this week to stop pro-government thugs from dispersing them.

Activists in Greece call international anti-racist day

Anti-fascist groups from across Europe met in Athens on Sunday of last week. They called for an international day of protests against racism and fascism on Saturday 21 March 2015.

Evo Morales wins third term in Bolivia

Bolivians overwhelmingly re-elected Evo Morales as president for a third term last Sunday with over 60 percent of the vote.


Black history month: They want us to forget the history we fought to make

Brian Richardson argues that the history of black workers’ struggles from the past can arm militants fighting today

The left must unite to be an alternative

The media cliche machine has been in overdrive since the by-elections on Thursday of last week. Tedious though this is, undoubtedly something big has happened.


The West is no friend of the Kurds

Kurdish oppression has been made and perpetuated by imperialism, and liberation will not be brought by its arms or compromises with it, writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans

West Africa's Ebola crisis is a symptom of capitalism

The Ebola outbreak in west Africa has cost thousands of lives. Ken Olende looks at how inequality and the legacy of colonialism lie behind the crisis. Marcia, an aid worker in Sierra Leone, writes exclusively from the front line


Bypass - An intense evocation of urban decay and alienation

The new film Bypass on youth poverty and crime avoids both blaming the poor and looking like a liberal reality show, argues Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Reviews round-up

Mrs Barbour’s Daughters at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh | The Coup at the Camden Jazz Cafe | We’re not going back, Red Ladder Theatre

My People by Duke Ellington - An historic record brought back to life

In 1963, with the Civil Rights Movement in full swing, Duke Ellington made an historic record that history went on to forget. 

What We Think

Palestine vote: a small step forward

The British parliament has finally voted to recognise the Palestine as a state. The vote was overwhelming on Monday of this week—with 274 votes to 12.

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Nick Wyatt 1950-2014

The late 1970s were not the easiest of times for socialists and trade union activists. 


Campaigning against injustice, welcoming migrants, and defending our history

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Donors who have £22 billion have a dinner with ministers| Mind your manners with Her Majesty

Rail privatisation is the express route for profits

Rail bosses are rubbing their hands at lucrative new deals as spineless politicians let them tighten their grip

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