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Issue: 2428

Dated: 04 Nov 2014

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The rich could stop Ebola in a day

The Ebola crisis which has already killed 5,000 people in west Africa could be halted with £600 million - and the world's top 85 billionaires are getting £50,000 a second

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Councillors confronted by Barnsley Freedom Riders

Nearly 50 pensioners held an angry protest outside the South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive meeting in Barnlsey on Monday of this week. 

Victory in Greenwich libraries walkout

Library workers in Greenwich, south east London, have beaten private bosses’ attacks on bosses and pay.

Students get set to march for free education

Students are set to march through central London on Wednesday 19 November. 

New strike ballot at Lambeth College

Workers at Lambeth College are balloting for strikes to defend their terms and conditions.

University marking boycott begins to defend staff pensions

Lecturers in 69 universities across Britain were set to begin a marking boycott on Thursday of this week.

Ballot set for Post Office

Some 2,000 Post Office workers are set to receive their strike ballot papers on Saturday of this week after pay talks broke down with bosses. 

Ritzy in job losses U-turn

Bosses at Picturehouse cinemas announced last week “there will be no redundancies at this time” at the Ritzy. The U-turn came less than a week after it said it planned to sack 34 workers at the south London cinema.

More DSG action on cards

Defence Support Group (DSG) workers struck on Thursday of last week at the Ministry of Defence bases at Colchester, Warminster and Bovington.

Sheffield bins strike goes all out to win

Recycling workers in the GMB union in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, began an indefinite strike last Saturday.

Racism is not just about colour

Some argue that discrimination against eastern Europeans is not racist because they are white. But, as Ken Olende explains, racism goes beyond colour prejudices

Police 'sanitised' Hillsborough disaster evidence, says former detective inspector

A detective inspector on duty during the Hillsborough football disaster has agreed that South Yorkshire Police solicitors directed police to “sanitise” evidence.

No helicopter safety inquiry

The government said last week that there would be no independent public inquiry into offshore helicopter safety. 

Ukip loses South Yorkshire election

Ukip lost an election for South Yorkshire police and crime commissioner (PCC) last week.

Reports round-up

York remembers the slaughter of war | Leon Briggs death anniversary vigil | Defend the Right to Protest conference | Protest over Orgreave delays | Huddersfield health demonstration

Labour left gets critical at Class conference

Around 500 people attended the Class think tank’s 2014 conference What Britain Needs last Saturday at the TUC in London.

Campaigners call for inquiry to support Rotherham abuse victims

Barrister Michael Mansfield QC has backed a People’s Inquiry into the child sex abuse scandal in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

Racist Britain First blocked in Rochester

As many as 200 people lined the streets in Rochester last Saturday to stop around 50 fascists from Britain First marching through the town.

Cranes action will close building sites

Crane drivers working for HTC Plant were set to strike on Friday of this week and shut major construction sites.

All out for ten days in St Mungo’s Broadway next strike

Unite union members at homelessness charity St Mungo’s Broadway were set to begin a ten-day strike from 8am on Wednesday of this week.

Can divided Labour ever recover in Scotland?

The party faces a general election disaster as well as a bitter leadership race, reports Raymie Kiernan

More unions join the NHS pay revolt as fresh strikes are called

Health workers across nine unions in England are set to strike for four hours on Monday 24 November.

Workers demand more action as bosses target striking firefighter

Firefighters have reacted with fury after bosses sacked a leading union activist for striking against attacks on workers’ pensions.

Scientists issue urgent warning over climate change

A United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report last Sunday warned of “severe, pervasive and irreversible” effects of global warming.

Cops ‘capped’ arrests over Rochdale child abuse

The police in Rochdale put a “cap” on the number of child abusers they would arrest, according to a social worker.

'For a world without war—stop backing oppressors', says Abu Bakr Deghayes

Abu Bakr Deghayes has lost two sons to the war in Syria. Jaffer was killed in Syria last weekend, aged 17, and Abdullah died there in April. Their eldest brother Amer is still fighting.

Child abuse inquiry faces a new crisis after chair resigns

The prospect of an inquiry uncovering the truth about child abusers at the heart of the British establishment grew even weaker this week. 

'Remember war resisters, not generals,' says campaigning author Adam Hochschild

Millions around the world will  remember the war dead on Sunday of this week, with special focus on the 100th anniversary of the First World War.

Unite to build resistance to the Tories’ austerity

Hundreds of union militants will gather at the Unite the Resistance conference later this month to debate how we get united action against the Tories.

News in brief

Holiday pay ruling; Sacked? Now work for free!; Cop charged for student arrest; Masked march on parliament

Reject rotten local government pay proposal

The Unison, GMB and Unite unions are holding a consultative ballot of local government members in England and Wales over pay. 

Workers vote to accept local government deal in Scotland

Local government workers in Scotland have voted by more than two-thirds to accept a revised pay proposal from council bosses.

40,000 Kenyans demand compensation for British atrocities in Mau Mau war


Bosses buckle under strike pressure as St Mungo's Broadway workers win victory

Housing workers at St Mungo’s Broadway (SMB) held a victory rally this morning, Wednesday, after bosses agreed to meet virtually all their demands.


International round-up

Beijing set for Hong Kong demo | Putin calls talks after election | Podemos tops poll in Spain

Protests intensify over ‘disappeared’ Mexican students

Mexican students have called a three-day walkout to shut down the education sector from Wednesday of this week to demand the return of 43 “disappeared” students.

Mass revolt over water charges sweeps Ireland

An extraordinary wave of protest swept across every town in Ireland last Saturday. 

Masses force president to flee Burkina Faso

Blaise Compaore ruled over Burkina Faso in West Africa as a dictator for 27 years. But mass demonstrations in the country’s capital Ouagadougou last week forced him to resign and flee the country.


'Prison made me more determined to resist’--Egyptian revolutionary

Mahienour el-Massry spoke to Socialist Worker about her time in jail and the Egyptian military’s ongoing clampdown

Rising markets are sign of deep malaise

Faced with disaster on almost every front, David Cameron and George Osborne are desperately talking up the British economy. 


Revolutions of 1989: how the old regime was torn down

Revolt swept across Eastern Europe 25 years ago, toppling the Berlin Wall and the Stalinists who built it. The real socialists were cheering, argues Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Revolutions of 1989: 'there was lots of shock and not much therapy'

Socialist Worker spoke to Jane Hardy, a socialist activist and writer specialising in global political economy. Her book, Poland’s New Capitalism (2009) was translated into Polish and has been read by the new left there.


David Edgar interview: The Iron Curtain Trilogy and lessons for today

Playwright David Edgar spoke to Judith Orr about the trilogy of plays he wrote after the 1989 revolutions—which are currently being revived in London

The Sensory War: Powerful exhibition showing there’s no glory in war

This exhibition depicts the horrific and brutal history of warfare during the last 100 years.

The Curing Room: A fine production, but we can challenge it's assumptions

Retreating German troops lock nine Russian soldiers into a monastery basement in Poland in 1944.

What We Think

Wealth gap shows why we need a better world

There are more than twice as many billionaires in the world today as there were five years ago. 

No to nuclear nonsense

Leaked photos have revealed a decaying nuclear waste dump at Sellafield in Cumbria.

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After referendum - unite against austerity, social reasons for drugs, the market and Ebola, stop racist clampdown, don't sow confusion, lax care rules, endless war, giving up on Labour, miners still inspire a fight

MPs’ expenses scandal ends after evidence is shredded

MPs expenses have been shredded (Pic: Wikimedia Commons)

Fortress Europe—leaving refugees to drown at sea

European government ministers’ calls to end patrols in the Mediterranean to rescue migrants stranded at sea is just business as usual, argues Annette Mackin

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