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Issue: 2436

Dated: 13 Jan 2015

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After horror of Paris attacks—say no to racist backlash

Tim cartoon points to hypocrisy of leaders (Pic: Tim Sanders)

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New Samba band looking for members

It will be based in Tottenham and all interested socialists who can practice once a week are invited to join

Essex firefighters fight back against cuts and attacks on service

Firefighters and control staff in Essex were set to begin a series of walkouts on Wednesday of this week over job cuts and conditions.

Post Office supply chain workers still face job loss threat

Details of an agreement between Post Office bosses and the Communication Workers Union (CWU) following a dispute over job cuts have been released.

Call for left unity in Unison

Left activists in the Unison union will be meeting this Saturday at a very important time.

Vote Kevin Courtney in NUT election

Voting has begun in the election for deputy general secretary of the NUT teachers’ union. Socialist Worker is supporting current deputy general secretary Kevin Courtney in the election.

Walkout at Merrill Academy in Derby

NASUWT union members at Merrill Academy in Derby struck on Tuesday of this week to defend their conditions.

Three key events for anti-racists

As politicians and the press whip up racism in the wake of the Paris killings, here are three key events for anti-racists in Britain:

Big backing to strike to save Sheffield College jobs

UCU union members at Sheffield College have overwhelmingly voted to strike to save jobs.

Airline staff vote to strike over pay

Cabin crew for Japan Airlines at London Heathrow are to ballot for strikes after rejecting a pay offer by 82 percent.

Ballot of Ferry workers due to end

A strike ballot of ship crew, electricians and road traffic teams who run the Woolwich ferry service in London ends of Friday of this week.

Vote rank and file candidate Frank Morris for the Unite executive

The ballot for the Unite union executive council seat for construction closes on 30 January. Socialist Worker is calling for a vote for rank and file electrician Frank Morris.

Lambeth College strikes put bosses on the back foot

Lambeth College workers began a three-day strike on Tuesday of this week in a battle to defend their contracts.

Taking on austerity and racism in the general election - meet a TUSC candidate

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) candidates will be putting forward an alternative to the racism and austerity of the main parties in May’s general election.

Londoners prepare to march for housing

London’s housing crisis is fuelling demand for bringing back rent controls.

Tory privatisation could bring threat to DSG jobs

The government is pushing ahead with the sale of Defence Support Group (DSG) land division to private firm Babcock Marine on 31 March.

Trade unionists protest at Charlotte Monro tribunal

Also: Jeremy Hunt not welcome at the Whittington

Luton police station shuts as protest demands justice

Luton police station shut down last Sunday as hundreds of people marched through the town calling for justice against police brutality.

National Gallery workers plan new strike ballot after privatisation

Private company CIS will be brought in to take over a third of services at the National Gallery on Monday of next week.

Barbour’s bosses face a solid strike

Workers at Barbour Jackets in Gateshead have entered their second week of a four-week strike over changes to shift patterns.

Some Hillsborough victims went to temporary mortuary due to lack of resources

A consultant has described how some victims of the Hillsborough disaster were taken to a temporary mortuary because there weren’t enough resources to treat them.

Anti-racist on trial for book and song criticising France speaks out

There are limits to freedom of expression in France. Sociologist Said Bouamama explains why he and rapper Saidou are up in court next week for their book and song "Fuck France: the duty to be insolent"

London bus strike hits back at the bosses

Defiant picket lines during London’s bus walkout showed that workers have the power and confidence to win their pay dispute, reports Raymie Kiernan

Back vital strikes in the NHS

The Tories have upped the stakes in the run-up to health strikes across England on 29 January and 25 February. 

Sickening hypocrisy of leaders' response to Paris attack

Repressive politicians rushed to grandstand on freedom of expression in Paris, writes Charlie Kimber

France is in political turmoil after the Paris massacre

A week of political turmoil has gripped France in the wake of the terrorist attacks that killed 17 people in Paris last week. Troops have been deployed on to the streets. 

Jim Cronin 1942-2014: a celebration of his life

Saturday 7 February 2015, 3pm,

Essex firefighters take three days of strikes

Firefighters and control room staff in Essex began a three day strike today, Wednesday, against job cuts and attacks on conditions.

Barbour bosses forced to back down as strikers accept improved deal

Workers at Barbour Jackets in Gateshead have voted to end their strike after winning significant concessions from management.

Striking Essex firefighters locked out by bosses

Striking firefighters and control staff in Essex have been locked out by fire bosses.

Support Lambeth College workers' indefinite strike from Monday

Workers at Lambeth College in south London are preparing to begin an indefinite strike on Monday of next week. They have called a solidarity rally for 12 noon on the day–and are appealing for everyone who can to get there.

Striking Lambeth College workers win new offer from bosses

Workers at Lambeth College have forced a new offer from bosses in a bitter row over new contracts. They began an indefinite strike against the contracts, which slash sick pay, cut holidays and impose longer working hours, today, Monday.


Greece’s rulers get desperate as left party Syriza leads ahead of election

Radical left Syriza MP Dimitris Tsoukalas spoke to Dave Sewell about what a left government would do to break with austerity—and how it would stand up to Europe’s bosses and bankers


How we're fighting back against Pegida and Islamophobia in Germany

Anti-racist activist Jules El-Khatib talks about organising against Germany’s new Islamophobic protest group Pegida

Charlie Hebdo bridges an uncomfortable divide

Charlie Hebdo is a strange combination—a left wing paper that’s become notorious for its racist attacks on Muslims.

Paris attacks are a legacy of imperialism

What happened in Paris last week has happened in Europe before—in Madrid in March 2004 and in London in July 2005. The infernal cycle of imperialist intervention in the Muslim world and Islamist terrorism continues.


Freedom, religion and Marx

In the aftermath of the horrific Paris killings, Ken Olende looks at the Marxist attitude to satire, free expression and the role of religion

Striking to stop NHS meltdown

Health workers spoke to Tomáš Tengely-Evans about the crisis that’s gripping hospitals across Britain—and why their strike is the best chance to save the health service


Spiral exposes unpleasant and utterly corrupt system

Season five of the French TV crime drama retains the quality of earlier series even if it does leave you feeling a bit dirty for watching, writes Ken Olende

D’Angelo’s new album Black Messiah rages against racism in the US

Modern soul genius D’Angelo hadn’t released an album for 14 years until the killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

London short film festival 2015

The London Short Film Festival returns for its 12th year.

What We Think

Islamophobic panic hides the real brutality of the West

Many liberals reacted to the demonisation of Muslims following the Paris attacks by rightly pointing out that we are all individuals with different characteristics. 

We need an alternative to racist scapegoating

Our rulers are using last week’s Paris shootings to ramp up Islamophobia and racist attacks on migrant workers. This comes against a backdrop of ongoing Islamophobia and racism in Britain. But ordinary people can play a role in challenging their racist lies.

Terrorism is no answer to horrors of imperialism and capitalism

The people who carried out the murders in Paris will have seen themselves as striking a blow against Western imperialism.

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Mark Davies 1971-2015

Comrades in South Wales are deeply saddened to learn of the untimely and sudden loss of Mark Davies on 9 January.


Including letters on Labour and NHS crisis

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‘I’m not particularly interested in this civil liberties stuff’

The Troublemaker

The Troublemaker looks at Tory plans to make it harder to strike, Cameron's green credentials and slurs on the football fans who died at Hillsborough

What will Labour really do about the Tories’ austerity?

Labour denies they would reverse cuts or increase spending

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