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Issue: 2437

Dated: 20 Jan 2015

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Rage against racism—don't let politicians and the media divide us

We should blame the super-wealthy and the powerful for the problems in society, not immigrants and Muslims

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Barbour strikers win concessions on shifts

Workers at Barbour Jackets in Gateshead voted to end their strike on Monday of last week after winning significant concessions from management

Unison left unity meeting discusses the way forward

Around 130 Unison union activists attended a left unity meeting in Manchester last Saturday to discuss campaigning and to organise a united left challenge at forthcoming union elections.

Your Choice Barnet workers set for more walkouts over pay

Care workers at Your Choice Barnet (YCB) in north London were set to strike on Thursday and Friday of this week in a long-running dispute over pay.

National Gallery staff protest against privatisation

Around 80 workers in the PCS union protested against privatisation outside the National Gallery in central London on Monday

Reports round up

Including Operation Black Vote, TTIP, Shetland action and Somerset refuse workers

Meet Glen Hart the TUSC candidate for Croydon North

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) is standing parliamentary candidates across Britain in May’s general election.

Strike back to save the NHS

As the Tories launch another attack on NHS pay, building solidarity with the health strikes is crucial for our side to beat them, says Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Stop Nazi Marine Le Pen from spreading hate in Oxford

Europe’s leading Nazi has been invited to spread her poison at the Oxford Union on Thursday 5 February. She must be stopped.

Join the March for Homes to fight London's housing crisis

There is growing and acute housing pressure in London. It’s particularly harsh for young people and people hit by benefit cuts.

Remember the Holocaust 70 years on

Holocaust Memorial Day on Tuesday of next week takes place some 70 years after the genocide of 12 million people, including six million Jews.

News round-up

Scrapping Page 3, still no justice for Anthony Grainger, low skill job on the rise and academies

Journalists debate racism in union meeting

Aound 25 media workers joined a discussion on Charlie Hebdo and freedom of speech on Monday of this week. The meeting was organised by the National Union of Journalists London Magazine branch.

Ferguson solidarity tour comes to Britain

Reverend Osagyefo Sekou, a leading figure in the #blacklivesmatter protests in the US, is coming to Britain this week for a Ferguson solidarity tour.

Teachers in Derby walk out over pay and unfair targets

Also: NUT union deputy general secretary election | Lecturers to strike at Barnsley College | Vote for strike at Sheffield College | UCU members demand pension action

Essex fire bosses’ lockout fails to dampen strike against job cuts

Also: FBU recall conference to debate pensions dispute

'We won’t let the EDL divide us in Dudley'

Anti-fascists in Dudley are organising a counter protest against the racist English Defence League next month, writes Annette Mackin

Defence Support Group workers demand more strikes after Unite union suspends walkout

The Unite union has suspended a planned strike by Defence Support Group (DSG) workers because of the prospect of a new offer. 

Tories ramp up racism to give the cops more powers

The Tories are using the Paris killings to push through further attacks on civil liberties and ramp up Islamophobia.

Birmingham protest says no to Islamophobic bigotry

A street protest was held in Birmingham last Saturday against the rising tide of Islamophobic attacks on Muslims.

Asian man seriously injured in 'racial' attack in North Wales

A man has been charged with attempted murder after an attack on an Asian man in a supermarket.

Lambeth College strikers vote overwhelmingly to accept new offer and return to work

Workers at Lambeth College in south London have overwhelmingly voted to accept a new offer and return to work. The UCU union members began an indefinite strike on Monday of this week against hated new contracts.

Statement of the International Socialist Tendency on the Paris shootings

Issued by The Coordination of the International Socialist Tendency on 21 January 2015

Students win compensation after watchdog probes victimisation at Sussex University

Four student activists from Sussex University have been vindicated after university management agreed to compensate them for their victimisation.

Your Choice Barnet care workers strike back against pay cut

Care workers in north London walked out today, Thursday, to begin a two-day strike against an imposed 9.5 percent pay cut – their fifth strike day in as many months.

Eyewitness in Athens - workers and anti-capitalists discuss fighting austerity

The general election in Greece tomorrow, Sunday, will decide who forms the next Greek government. But it won’t settle the question of who runs Greece. Yet some of the struggles that led to the snap election have posed this bigger question sharply.


Bloodbath in Nigeria shows up state’s hypocrisy and lies

Charity Amnesty International described the recent bloodbath in Baga, Nigeria, as Islamist group Boko Haram’s “deadliest massacre”. Some 2,000 people were killed. 

Workers defy Egyptian regime in Mahalla strike

The repressive Egyptian regime continues its attacks on activists as the fourth anniversary of the start of the 2011 revolution approaches this weekend.

Austrian anti-fascists need funds to stop Freedom Party silencing them

Freedom Party leader Heinz-Christian Strache and his team of lawyers are trying to silence the anti-fascist movement by pressing charges against the socialist paper Linkswende in several law suits.

US interference in Afghanistan leaves thousands living in misery

Six months after his turbulent election president Ashraf Ghani has finally formed a government in Afghanistan.

Left gains in Greece as rulers fail to panic voters

As the Greek election campaign enters its final stretch, it’s clear that the right’s scare campaign has failed.

Eyewitness report from Syriza rally in Athens as rage spreads across Greece

The crowds surged and the flags swayed in Omomia Square, central Athens, as Alexis Tsipras announced, “Don’t be afraid. It’s time for change”.


A health warning on dynamism and dirt

John Parrington says antibiotic research needs proper state funding to remove the threat of dangerous industry practices

Deflation is driving the currency chaos

The global financial system suffered an unexpected jolt last week


How radical are the Greens?

The Green Party’s left wing policies are winning it more support. But the party’s record in office shows that it can’t be relied on to stand up for workers, writes Nick Clark

Muslims in Paris speak out—‘We are not sorry for being Muslim’

As a wave of Islamophobia sweeps France following the Charlie Hebdo killings, Muslims in Paris spoke to Dave Sewell about being at the heart of a racist reaction


Whiplash and Birdman: Two films that shine a light on the emotional toll of success

Whiplash and Birdman are two films that ask serious and relevant questions about the human costs of artistic achievement, writes Nick Grant

Street art stands in a radical tradition

Street art has often been dismissed as glorified graffiti. Other critics vilify it as a sign of gentrification.

Sunny Afternoon: Authentic feel of the Kinks

This musical tells the story of pioneering north London rockers The Kinks.

What We Think

Bosses fear that crisis will create revolt

Alarm is growing among the ruling class as cracks in the old political order deepen. They know that more and more people are questioning their system and looking for an alternative.

Don’t ignore Trident

Britain’s MPs had the chance to scrap the country’s most barbaric weapons of mass destruction this week. And to their shame most Labour MPs failed to even show their faces.

Other Categories

Mike Marqusee 1953-2015

Socialists will be saddened to learn of the death of the writer and activist Mike Marqusee at just 61.

Ged Peck 1947-2015

Accomplished Marxist and caring friend, with an encyclopaedic intelligence of our class’s history, Ged Peck passed away on 10 January from a blood illness, aged 67


Responses to the racist backlash after Paris killings and workplace solidarity

The rich—£1,268 a second better off than a year ago

Troublemaker leads on the rich getting richer and more

Bus worker speaks out—all the controllers say is, 'Why are you late?'

Mostafa, a bus driver, spoke to Raymie Kiernan about the pressures of work

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