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Issue: 2438

Dated: 27 Jan 2015

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As Greece rejects austerity - we can do it here

The Greek election result is an inspiring boost to everyone fighting the warped priorities of the bosses and the Tories. 

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Tusc conference builds a left alternative to austerity

Election candidates and campaigners gathered in London for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) conference last Saturday.

Meet Angela McCormick the TUSC candidate for Glasgow North

Angela McCormick is standing in Glasgow North for TUSC. She told Socialist Worker that the argument to vote Labour to keep the Tories out doesn’t cut in Scotland, especially since both parties united to campaign against independence.

New powers for Scotland won't undercut support for independence

Tory prime minister David Cameron announced new powers for Scotland last week.

Anti-nuclear protesters surround Ministry of Defence

Up to 2,000 people marched through London last Saturday against the renewal of Britain’s Trident nuclear weapons.

March in Oxford and Dudley to keep Nazis in the gutter

Anti-fascists are organising to take to the streets. Europe’s leading Nazi and leader of the French Front National, Marine Le Pen, is set to speak at the Oxford Union on Thursday 5 February.

London bus drivers are up for a fight against transport bosses

The Unite union’s campaign for equal pay for drivers across London’s 18 bus companies is expected to take a step forward.

Freedom Riders keep up the fight over travel fares

Some 30 South Yorkshire Freedom Riders protested at the Barnsley offices of Stagecoach bus managers on Monday of this week.

Soas cleaners' campaign set for week of action

The Justice for Cleaners campaign at the School of Oriental and African Studies (Soas) in central London was to launch a week of action on Thursday of this week.

Reports round-up

Including student protests, strike ballot at ITV and anti-Nazi protest in Wales

We must defend PCS from the Tories' assault on our democracy

The PCS is under attack. We are being subjected to a vicious assault from the Tories aimed at breaking our union.

Workers resist the squeeze of juice giant

More than 400 workers at the Bridgwater based juice giant Refresco Gerber, in south west England, struck for 36 hours from Tuesday of this week.

New deal at DSG but strikes can win more

Defence support Group (DSG) bosses made workers a new offer on Monday of this week in the hope of ending a dispute that saw 16 days of strikes at the end of last year.

Fracking moratorium defeated in parliament

Calls for a moratorium on fracking were defeated in parliament this week by 308 votes to 52. Most Labour MPs abstained in the vote.

Barnsley College pay fight resumes

Workers at Barnsley College were set to begin a three-day strike on Thursday of this week.

Education round-up

Lecturers vote to accept offer | Kevin Courtney re-elected as NUT deputy general secretary

'We need to stand up to racism and fascism in Europe'

When anti-racists march in Britain on Saturday 21 March, they will be joining an international movement—particularly important in Greece.

Anti-racists mobilise against Ukip as fresh scandals hit the party

It’s been a bad week for the racist Ukip party. Senior MEP Amjad Bashir defected to the Tories—prompting claims from Ukip that it had suspended him.

'We are fighting the same battles,' says Al Sharpton

More than 200, mostly black, people came to hear US civil rights activist Al Sharpton address Operation Black Vote’s general election campaign launch meeting last Saturday.

Ferguson Solidarity meetings discuss how to get justice

Some 150 people attended the launch of the Ferguson Solidarity tour in Brixton, south London, last Saturday.

Hundreds join vigil in Mold

More than 200 people joined a candlelit vigil on Thursday of last week in Mold, north Wales, following a “vicious racist” attack.

Ed Miliband's response to Syriza victory is shameful

There were no congratulations for Syriza from Labour leader Ed Miliband.

March for security in our housing

Activists from the West Hendon estate plan to join thousands of other campaigners surrounding London’s City Hall in protest at the capital’s housing crisis this Saturday.

Keep up the fight to save the NHS

Half a million health workers were set to strike this Thursday, 29 January, but union leaders were set to call it off writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Frustration as unions call off health strikes

Many health workers in England are frustrated that unions have called off strikes planned for this Thursday and next month.

Classes cancelled as Barnsley College workers begin three-day walkout

Workers at Barnsley College began a three-day strike today, Thursday, to defend their jobs and conditions.

London bus drivers announce new strike dates

The Unite union has announced a series of 24-hour walkouts on London buses starting on Thursday of next week, 5 February, by over 20,000 bus drivers. This will be followed by strikes on 13 and 16 February.

Thousands march for homes and demand decent housing in London

Over 4,000 Londoners defied freezing rain today, Saturday, to march on City Hall in protest at the deepening housing crisis.


Brutal crackdown on anniversary of Egypt’s revolution as state forces kill socialist

Government forces opened fire on people commemorating the 2011 revolution, writes Charlie Kimber

Palestinians strike and protests after funeral death

Palestinians in Israel held a three-day general strike last week following the killing of a protester by Israeli police.

Government falls in Yemen

Houthi fighters forced Yemen’s president Abd-Rabbuh Mansour Hadi and government to resign last week.

Greece - from hope to real change?

Dave Sewell reports from Athens on people’s hopes for change after the election of the anti-austerity party Syriza

'Syriza win means hope has arrived in Greece'

Voters in Greece delivered a resounding rejection of austerity in last Sunday’s general election.

Antarsya candidate on where next after Greece's election

Giorgos Pittas, a candidate for the anti?capitalist coalition Antarsya, spoke to Socialist Worker about the key priorities after Sunday’s election.

Who are the Independent Greeks?

Syriza’s new coalition partner, the Independent Greeks or Anel, is a split from the Tory New Democracy. 


US and Saudi Arabia: Dysfunctional partners depend on each other for survival

Many were nauseated by the sight of the British government flying flags at half mast in honour of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, writes Alex Callinicos


Was Churchill a racist? Oh yes!

As Winston Churchill is fawned over by politicians fifty years after his death, Annette Mackin looks at the legacy of the man who was beaten by Mr Bean in a poll of great Britons


Wolf Hall—putting class back into Tudor intrigue

The new adaptation of Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall lives up to the hype and gives us an insight into the ferment of 16th century Britain, writes Sasha Simic

Ex Machina: A robot movie that doesn’t quite break the mould

This tense science fiction thriller looks at artificial intelligence (AI) using just four characters –one with no lines – set in one location.

Reviews round-up

PJ Harvey | Stanley Spencer | Sleater-Kinney

What We Think

Rulers want Chilcot inquiry to hide their crimes in Iraq

The stench of a cover-up surrounding the Iraq war inquiry is growing ever stronger. Inquiry chairman Sir John Chilcot confirmed to David Cameron last week that his report would not be ready until after the general election.

Blame the system for abuse

When former Tory home secretary Lord Brittan died last week, the cops were investigating him over multiple allegations of sexually abusing children.

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Leading on better LGBT integration in schools and including letters on Nigeria and religion

Should fascists be allowed freedom of speech?

Socialist Worker believes that Nazis should never be allowed to speak publicly or organise openly.

Things they say - Greece

‘In normal times, and in a normal country, Syriza would be a joke party on the furthest fringes of the ultra-Left’

Lambeth College win shows that bosses can be beaten

Lambeth College workers in south London have scored an important victory in a dispute which saw them strike for 42 days. They spoke to Sadie Robinson about their experience

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