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Issue: 2439

Dated: 03 Feb 2015

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Stop the fuel bill robbery

Energy bosses have robbed £3 billion during the last two years through inflated prices—that’s £145 from every family.

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South Yorkshire Freedom Ride protesters say - it's time to sweep away austerity

Around 40 South Yorkshire Freedom Riders protested in Barnsley on Monday of this week.

Get the strikes back on to defend firefighters' pensions

The FBU union’s recall conference next Tuesday comes at a critical point in the firefighters’ pension dispute.

Vote no to bosses' offer says DSG worker

A ballot of Unite union members at Defence Support Group (DSG) has been extended until Thursday of next week.

Soas cleaners fight ISS 'injustice'

Cleaners at the School of Oriental and African Studies (Soas) are set to protest as the college’s governing body meets on Wednesday of this week. 

Launch of graphic novel to help unionise migrant workers

The Unite union and Implicated Theatre launched graphic novel A Tale of Two Cities on Tuesday of last week. 

Ferguson Solidarity Tour discusses taking on state racism

“What we need to do,” Patrisse Cullors told us, “is to shut shit down”. 

News round-up

Protesters say no to Immigration Street | activists shut down shops in Edinburgh over workfare | new group to challenge social care cuts in Glasgow | ferry strike off after deal

Build demonstrations on 21 March as the right ramps up racism

The mainstream parties and media are continuing to ramp up racist scapegoating ahead of May’s general election.

Meet a TUSC candidate - Rob Punton

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) will stand parliamentary candidates in May’s general election to give an alternative to racism and austerity.

Anti-racists disrupt Ukip events and take on its racist lies

Anti-racists forced Ukip leader Nigel Farage to cancel opening a party campaign office in Herne Bay, Kent, last Saturday. 

Tories 'lose' data on police victims

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has announced that key information relating to three high profile killings has been lost in the post.

Police pushed fans back into deadly crush during Hillsborough disaster, inquest hears

Police pushed fans back into a deadly crush during the 1989 Hillsborough football disaster and threatened others with arrest, an inquest has heard.

Marches and occupation show anger over housing crisis in London

A mass demonstration last Saturday pushed the London housing crisis further up the political agenda. 

Stop new attack on abortion rights

Tory MP Fiona Bruce has launched an attack on abortion rights.

News round-up

cops face new abuse complaints | protest stops deportation | Egypt upholds death sentences

Five-day strike says no to privatisation at London's National Gallery

Workers at the National Gallery in central London began a five-day strike on Tuesday of this week.

Barnsley College workers prepare to escalate their action

Workers at Barnsley College ended a three-day strike on Monday of this week. All three days were well-supported with over 30 members picketing at different times. 

Back the left in UCU elections

Elections are on in the UCU union at a time when further and higher education is under savage attack.

Students protest to demand free education

Students held protests demanding free education in towns and cities across Britain last Saturday.

Boycott law summit says Justice Alliance

The Justice Alliance has called on lawyers to boycott the Global Law Summit in protest at the government’s legal policies.

Unions shouldn't do the work of fracking bosses

Around 250 protesters with a contingent of tractors rallied against fracking outside Lancashire county council in Preston last week.

Offshore oil bosses' cuts put workers at risk

Politicians and offshore bosses met in Aberdeen for a “crisis summit” on Monday of this week to discuss more tax breaks to “save” the industry following a slump in oil prices.

Don’t let shoddy offer stop the fight to save the NHS

Unions were wrong to call off the health strikes but activists say there is still time to resist, writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Defend victimised PCS union rep Candy Udwin

National Gallery bosses in London have suspended PCS union activist Candy Udwin.

Labour is scared of a radical alternative

Labour Party leaders are terrified that millions of people will back more radical candidates at the general election, rather than lining up behind Ed Miliband.

Israel destroys over 500 homes

Israeli forces demolished the homes of 1,177 Palestinians in 2014 in addition to their attack on Gaza, according to a United Nations (UN) report.

Join protests to stop Nazis in Oxford and Dudley

protests in Oxford and Dudley this week will be key in the fightback against racism and Islamophobia.

Escalating strikes for equal pay on buses set to drive bosses up the wall

Over 20,000 London bus drivers were set to strike on Thursday of this week in their campaign to win equal pay across the capital’s 18 bus operators.

Syriza plans for end to austerity—and the rich fight back

 Workers rejoiced in Greece as the new government led by radical left party Syriza announced its first moves last week

Solid London bus strike across 18 companies as workers fight for decent pay

The London Bus service was hit hard today, Thursday, as drivers in the Unite union began a 24-hour strike.

Anti-fascists confront Nazi Marine Le Pen in Oxford

Some 400 anti-fascists turned out to confront Europe’s leading Nazi Marine Le Pen in Oxford yesterday, Thursday.

Nigel Farage blocked by protesters in Rotherham

A lively protest confronted Ukip leader Nigel Farage when he came to Rotherham today, Friday.


The fight to save Rodney Reed from death row

The state of Texas plans to execute Rodney Reed despite overwhelming evidence of his innocence. His brother Rodrick Reed spoke to Annette Mackin about the fight to grant him clemency

Anti-fascists in Germany push back Islamophobic Pegida

Anti-racist campaigners in Germany have pushed the Islamophobic Pegida movement into crisis. Five of Pegida’s leading members resigned in the past week, saying that they were worried the organisation was being taken over by fascists.

Mass rally for Podemos in Spain

Up to 300,000 people rallied in Madrid’s Puerta de Sol square last Saturday in a “March for Change” called by new radical party Podemos.

'Popular rebellion' in Ireland over water charges not over

Thousands of people took to the streets around Ireland last Saturday to demand water charges be scrapped.

Ukraine calls for Western arms

The Ukrainian government is calling for Western military support as fighting with pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine intensifies.

Turkish strike banned by state

Workers marched through the Turkish capital Ankara last Sunday in protest at a government ban on a strike.

Thousands protest in Athens against bullying bankers

Thousands of protesters rallied at short notice outside the Greek parliament in Athens last night, Thursday, against the bullying of Europe’s top banker.



Syriza and the state

Alex Callinicos looks at the challenges facing Greece’s new left government—and the ideas behind its strategy

The civil rights struggle in Selma

A protest for voting rights shows how the Civil Rights movement radicalised and spread even after Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech, as a new film celebrates, writes Ken Olende


A View from the Bridge—migrants find betrayal and solidarity in Cold War US

A new production of Arthur Miller’s play A View from the Bridge in Bolton brings Brooklyn’s migrant community to life, writes Dave Gibson

Reviews round-up

Staying power—Photographs of Black British Experience, 1950s-1990s | Flatpack Film Festival | Picked up, Patched Up and Sent Home—Why I Love the NHS

Selma: politically astute portrait brings a movement to life

The film Selma depicts the events leading up to Dr Martin Luther King’s historic march from Selma, Alabama, to the capital Montgomery.

What We Think

Demand more than the ‘democracy’ of the rich

From Athens to London via Edinburgh there are constant reminders of how the rich try to subvert democracy.

Snipers and 'death cults': who are heroes or murderers?

The Sun newspaper revelled in the unashamed celebration of mass murder on Monday of this week. 

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Should socialists criticise the Greens? Who's ruling class? Tory bill hides roots of terrorism, hypocrites mourn tyrant, debating no platform, rotten Apple, no alternative to Labour

Greek workers shouldn’t pay the bankers’ debts

People in Greece are furious that austerity is being imposed on them in exchange for bailouts of the government’s debt to the bankers.

Things they say

‘Militant is a word we use to describe union leaders, feminists’


Labour chases Ukip, insulin insult, child Labour at heart of Tory campaign, Mandelson moans about mansion tax, Milburn and health profits

'I feel much better after leaving the Labour Party'

Sadie Robinson spoke to former Labour Party members who left the party in disgust at its refusal to take on Tory cuts, and found a new home to fight for an alternative to austerity

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