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Issue: 2441

Dated: 17 Feb 2015

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We won't let racism divide us - join the 21 March demonstrations

Campaigners across Europe are out to block the rising tide of racism. In Britain there are protests on Saturday 21 March in London, Glasgow and Cardiff.

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Activists get organised to beat back the racists on 21 March - join the protests

Campaigners around Britain are spreading the word about the Stand Up to Racism demonstrations in London, Cardiff and Glasgow on Saturday 21 March.

SNP slams ‘crude’ cuts—and slashes council jobs

Scottish National Party (SNP) leader Nicola Sturgeon called on the Labour Party to abandon austerity in a speech in London last week.

Victory for anti-racists as Ukip loses council seat in Harlow

Campaigning against the racist party pays off as Harlow candidate defeated, reports Sadie Robinson

Cops blamed 'drunken' fans for Hillsborough football disaster

Former Police Federation secretary Paul Middup has said fans’ behaviour helped cause the Hillsborough football disaster.

Time to act and put planet before profit

New research underlines the risk of climate disaster unless there is radical change—adding extra urgency to next month’s Time To Act protest.

Meet Jon Woods the TUSC candidate for Portsmouth North

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) is standing parliamentary candidates across Britain in May’s general election. Jon Woods is the parliamentary candidate for Portsmouth North. 

Tenants fight back against evictions

Resistance to the destruction of London’s council and social housing is picking up.

More strikes can beat London bus bosses

The Unite union suspended two 24-hour London bus strikes last week amid claims of foul play by public regulator Transport for London (TfL).

Unison women's conference shows the thirst for a political alternative

Austerity and the general election dominated discussion as around 700 delegates attended the Unison union’s women’s conference in Southport last week.

Four-day walkout due at Barnsley College

Workers at Barnsley College were set to begin a four-day strike on Monday of next week. 

'Academies in Lewisham? No way!' say strikers, students and parents

NUT union members in four schools in Lewisham, south London, struck against the threat of academy status on Thursday of last week.

Strike is solid at B6 Sixth Form

Teachers at B6 sixth form college in Hackney, east London, struck on Wednesday of last week over workload issues. 

Electrician wins re-employment after London street blockaded

Anti-blacklisting activists took on the Crossrail project in London again this week and won.

'We are stronger after our dispute at DSG'

Defence Support Group (DSG) workers have accepted an improved pay offer.

Reports round up

Aberdeen confronts Nazi street thugs | Brighton and Sussex hospital ballot | Brighton bin strike | Relay for legal aid rights

Firefighters call 24-hour strike

The firefighters’ FBU union has called a 24-hour strike in England starting at 7am on Wednesday of next week. This will coincide with a national protest in London.

Motorway maintenance workers strike

Motorway maintenance workers employed by privateer Amey struck for 24 hours on Friday of last week and Monday of this week.

Support the National Gallery strike - support PCS rep Candy Udwin

Workers at the National Gallery in London have announced their second five-day walkout against privatisation.

Privatisation threatens health service as workers fight to reject pay deal

NHS bosses have awarded private health giant Optum “preferred bidder” status on NHS contracts while the firm is in court for allegedly defrauding US hospices. 

Stop Pegida in Newcastle

Anti-racists are gearing up to oppose a protest by supporters of the Islamophobic group Pegida in Newcastle on 28 February. 

Glasgow council chambers occupied in protest over savage cuts

Members of the Glasgow Care Crisis group occupied Glasgow Council Chambers this morning, Wednesday, in protest at savage cuts to council services.

Stop Tory Bill which uses racism to attack abortion rights

Judith Orr explains how a Tory MP is using the Serious Crime Bill to launch an attack on women’s right to choose


New ceasefire locks Ukraine into its escalating proxy war

European and Ukrainian politicians signed a ceasefire with Russian president Vladimir Putin last week.

20,000 protest against cuts to hospital in Downpatrick

Some 20,000 people attended a rally in Downpatrick in Northern Ireland last Saturday to protest against the reduction of services at the Downe Hospital.

US strikers squeeze bosses as oil row enters third week

Oil refinery workers in the US entered the third week of their most significant strike for decades this week.

North Carolina killings reveal double standards when victims are Muslims

Deah Barakat, Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha and Razan Abu-Salha were shot and killed in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, last week for one reason—they were Muslims.

Europe’s rulers try to force Greece's left government into a climbdown

The European Union’s (EU) rulers and the bosses are determined to make sure last month’s Greek election counts for nothing.

Workers tell Syriza, 'Don't go back'

A wave of protests swept Greece last Sunday. The biggest was outside the Greek parliament in Athens’ Syntagma Square—and the shift in mood was clear.


Ruling ANC uses violence to silence opposition

Activist and filmmaker Anita Khana writes from Johannesburg as the ANC turns on its radical opponents

Social and economic contradictions mean the Arab revolutions will erupt once again

Four years after the fall of Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak, how do the Arab revolutions stand? 


Revealed - Rotherham cops linked to child sexual abuse scandal

We are told that the police failed to investigate child abuse in Rotherham because of ‘political correctness’. But here a victim of child sexual exploitation, a lawyer and an abuse expert tell Sadie Robinson about the links between abusers and the cops in the town

When we invited Malcolm X to Smethwick

Avtar Singh Jouhl invited Malcolm X to Smethwick days before his assassination fifty years ago. He spoke to Ken Olende about the visit’s impact on the fight against racism


Fifty Shades of Grey - A vacuous film that pushes dangerous ideas

For a film that’s supposed to be ‘ground breaking’, Fifty Shades of Grey relies on cliches and amounts to a string of awkward sex scenes, writes Sarah Bates

Grounded - a play that's an antidote to pro-war blockbusters

If you’re looking for an antidote to last month’s sickening pro-war propaganda blockbuster American Sniper, you could do worse than the play Grounded.

Reviews round-up

D'Angelo | Florence and the Machine | A Northern Soul | Joanne Robertson

What We Think

Don't let West ramp up the 'war on terror'

Politicians and the media want to use last week’s killings in Copenhagen to ramp up Islamophobia, extend repressive powers and justify imperialist war. We must not allow this.

No to Tory scapegoating of benefit claimants

The Tories are attacking people on benefits in a vicious campaign to grab votes. Their “welfare week” involved scapegoating one group after another.

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Martin Humphries 1954-2015

We were extremely saddened by the sudden and unexpected death of our friend and comrade Martin Humphries.


I am a cleaner on a council estate that has been sold off.

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‘Ed was personally horrid to me because he was losing’


Dozen Tory donors investigated over tax, energy profits down, everyone hates Ukip, rich get richer - poor get cuts, Lib Dems learn to smile, Gove's Jag

The state creates vicious drama of benefits raids

Dave Sewell examines how the government aims at turning people against the most vulnerable

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