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Issue: 1883

Dated: 10 Jan 2004

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Let's come together to bury Blair

THERE IS a message of hope for all those who want an end to war, privatisation and racism in the new year.

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Backing Unite, Cold facts, Benefit assault

THE NEW organisation launched to stop the British National Party, Unite Against Fascism, is gaining wide support.

Help be a thorn in Blair's side

I'M SURE all Socialist Worker readers will have gained some Yuletide cheer from the problems which were so clearly stacking up under Blair's Christmas tree.

Facts go walkabout on 'health tourism'

MINISTERS WERE caught out in their attempt to whip up a scare story about healthcare and asylum seekers over Christmas.

Working for a degree



A SMALL but powerful group of workers took strike action at Heathrow over Christmas.


CLEANING AND catering workers at Neath hospital in South Wales staged a one-day strike on 22 December.

Bosses discover that workers are defiant

WORKERS AT Land Rover in Solihull enforced their overtime ban in a militant fashion over the holiday period, with lively pickets of up to 150 on Saturday and Sunday mornings while the plant has been on holiday shutdown.

Depot workers hit Sainsbury's

AROUND 800 Sainsbury's depot workers in north west England struck just after Christmas after rejecting a pay deal.

Rail Workers

TRAM DRIVERS in Manchester welcomed in the new year by going on strike for union recognition.

Council workers

NEWHAM COUNCIL workers in the Unison union have overwhelmingly backed a call to launch a strike ballot to defend their union.


I AM one of a group of electricians working on the Piccadilly No 1 project in Manchester.

Cleansing Hackney of council pay cuts

REFUSE AND street cleansing workers in Hackney, east London, are involved in a bitter dispute against wage-cutting by the Labour council.

Post Office

POSTAL WORKERS across Britain start a ballot on Monday on whether to accept a major new deal on pay and conditions.

Bus drivers say they don't do reverse gear

ANGER OVER pay is continuing to make itself felt among Britain's low paid bus workers.

University lecturers

THE AUT higher education union has announced that it will ballot its 47,000 members on strike action.

Striking unity in Northern Ireland

NORTHERN Ireland saw its biggest civil servants' strike in 16 years in December as thousands struck against poverty wages.

Vote on for pay battle

OVER 100,000 civil servants have had enough of appalling pay, imposed by the government.


The common cause behind patterns of disaster

THE SYMPATHY of ordinary people across the globe for the victims of the Iranian earthquake was matched only by the cynicism of Western leaders and their supporters.

Standing up to a decadent dictatorship

THE EGYPTIAN state is persecuting anti-war activists it claims are part of the Revolutionary Socialists group.

Refusing to submit to the market

'OUR EXPULSIONS are the result of a process of deep change that the PT has been undergoing. The PT is no longer a left wing party. It has been transformed into a party which attacks the working class.


Two weaknesses faced by the US

THERE IS a general consensus in the media that George Bush and Tony Blair entered 2004 in a much stronger position than seemed likely even a few weeks earlier.

Seize this chance to redraw the political map

THE NATIONAL convention to found an alternative to New Labour on 25 January will see the launch of a new force in British politics. Every trade unionist, anti-war campaigner and activist should be there.

Can't we win change through parliament?

Why insist on the need for revolution? Surely, there must be a better way? Why not set out to elect socialist MPs who can legally and constitutionally vote in the principles of a new society? Wouldn't that be more in line with British political traditions? Wouldn't it save a lot of unnecessary violence?

When half is not an equal share

RICHARD BRANSON (Virgin), Richard Baker (Boots), Richard Wagoner (General Motors), Richard Cheney... OK, you don't have to be a Dick to be a captain of industry, but it certainly looks like you have to have one.


What Hutton inquiry should lay bare

Blair was at key meeting

Poverty is the weapon of mass destruction

<LI>$130 BILLION spent by the United States on the war on Iraq and homeland security over the last year

How strikes dealt killer blow to government

'THE COUNTRY is facing its gravest crisis since the Second World War.\&quot;


Irresistible Revolutionaries

Do you think there has been a radicalisation in music in the US?

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New asylum law would have been my death warrant

ASYLUM SEEKERS are a vulnerable group who are being scapegoated.

Terror crimes of the British state

BLAIR CLAIMS to be fighting a "war against terrorism" alongside Bush. But the British state has played a dirty role over terrorism in Ireland.

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