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Get the corporations off our backs
"PEOPLE ARE on the streets here because the process since the Rio Earth Summit has clearly failed. We don't need more promises to tackle poverty and environmental destruction. We need action - action to regulate polluting multinational corporations - and we need redistribution of wealth.

Protesters brand summit a sham
SOUTH AFRICAN workers, landless labourers, campaigners and activists are preparing a massive demonstration outside the Earth Summit in Johannesburg. Inside the plush corridors of the conference complex in Sandton, surrounded by police and barbed wire, politicians and businessmen will be meeting from Monday.

How low will Labour go?
A nurse, a mechanic, a four year old and a six year old. They fled to Britain from the horror of Afghanistan. Blunkett tells them to get out.

Bush wants war at any price
Inspections offer rejected TWICE

Build the movement to stop war on Iraq
"IT COULD not be clearer. George Bush is going ahead with his invasion of Iraq. Tony Blair is his closest ally in this deadly operation. Blair has, according to some newspaper reports, already agreed to back the US. He plans to avoid a vote in parliament and wants to pretend that most people in Britain agree with him.

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