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Why can't energy firms pick up the bill?
"British economy grinds to a halt" cried the headlines last weekend. Charles Bean, the deputy governor of the Bank of England, said the current economic downturn could "drag on for some considerable time" – especially since there always seemed to be "another grenade" waiting to explode in the financial markets.

Fighting to put food on the table
Everything is going up in price. Inflation is up to 4.4 percent, even on the figures that the government uses. That’s more than twice what Gordon Brown insists public sector workers’ pay rises should be.

Caucasus conflict: Bloody cost of the new world order
The outbreak of war in the Caucasus over the past week has stunned the world. More fighting, more bombing, thousands dead and tens of thousands of refugees are the daily scenes on our television screens.

Turn up the heat on energy bosses
Households will soon be paying £100 a month to heat and light their homes – thanks to the decision by energy bosses to raise utility bills by over 50 percent this year so far.

Tax the energy giants and cut fuel bills
Millions of people across Britain are struggling with soaring household energy bills. The government could act to ease the pain by taxing oil and gas firms, or imposing a limit on price rises. Instead it refuses to do anything that would harm profits.

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